The Biden Administration is Reading Twitter, Not the Room

It won't do.

It isn’t completely Joe Biden’s fault that he is unable to take control of the party he was just elected to lead. For one thing, he wasn’t elected, not really. Biden did not win over voters with his mandate or any mandate. He was not Trump, he was a DC insider and establishment guy, and he could put the books back on the shelf that Trump had knocked over. He could re-establish order and thus, an alliance was formed between Big Tech, Big Media and Big Money to rig the election in Biden’s favor. That doesn’t mean there was “widespread fraud” or that they “cheated.” But it was a glimpse of just how powerful the establishment really is.

Biden’s inability to lead the party and the Left overall is evident to anyone paying even the slightest bit of attention to politics. Biden says unity, Democrats continue their witch hunts and demonization. Biden says “respect and decency” Democrats trend “rest in piss” on Twitter the day Rush Limbaugh dies. They don’t see Trump supporters as actual humans, and they seem to be flirting with the notion that all white people in America are complicit in systemic racism and that our next four years will be spent rooting out this evil wherever they find it. Yet Biden says nothing. Who is leading the party? Well, Twitter, and those who use it, like AOC.

The second and maybe the biggest problem is that Americans are now being governed by a bait and switch administration. They thought they were voting for a moderate but they got an extreme progressive. They thought they were voting to hold things steady and bring back the economy. Instead, they got an administration that isn’t about any of that but about rooting out “systemic racism” and transphobia and misogyny wherever they may be lurking.

The Biden administration has every reason to believe that this is what the American people want. After all, they just won, right? But did they really win on what they’re now governing on? Or did they win on Trump hate?

Though he was definitely sinking like a stone for many months, Trump did make his 11th hour case in the last weeks of the election, which meant he would have proved to the voters that he was the better option - this, as it was becoming more and more apparent that the Left was becoming much more extreme in its demands for ideological conformity, punishing American heroes for their pasts, and persecuting anyone deemed “problematic.”

For millions of Americans, despite all of Trump’s flaws, he was the safer choice. In fact, had it been down to Election Day Trump would have won. How do we know this? Because Trump won Iowa, Ohio and Florida by large margins. The only other time anyone won those and lost the presidency it was Richard Nixon in 1960 whose televised debate with the magnetic JFK cost him the presidency. That election was a squeaker, though. The opposite of today practically, with red California and blue Texas.

But the massive cabal put in place to make sure Biden won had the votes banked long before Election Day. It had nothing to do with any platform Biden and Harris were selling, but rather the idea that they were the safer choice. The strategy was to have no campaign at all, to keep Biden and Kamala Harris out of the spotlight to prevent them from being covered or vetted. The media happily played along as they saw themselves — and still see themselves — as part of the “resistance.” Heck, who knew the “resistance” would turn out to be, oh you know, the Empire.

The problem is that now the country is stuck with a Biden platform they didn’t really vote for. In fact, if the down ballot races were any indication, they voted against whatever was happening on the left that scared enough of them to choose Trump. The Biden administration is doubling down on the very thing that sent voters running from the Democrats in droves.

That’s because Biden believes he just won a race war. Most Democrats also believe this, and that the riot on January 6 was some kind of last gasp for the White Supremacists to reclaim their country from the clutches of the minorities. This has been the narrative since Trump won: that he rose as a white reactionary response to the nation’s first Black president. This is the story Joe Biden believes. It’s the story Barack and Michelle Obama believe. And it’s the story almost every Democrat I know also believes.

The problem is, the story isn’t true.

Trump’s rise might have started out as a reaction to Obama but to believe that is ignore the much more pressing truth - that it was and remains a class war, a fight for the future of the country not from the “clutches of minorities,” but from the clutches of the 1%, the massive concentrated wealth that has disappeared their jobs and taken over this country. Most of us are just waking up to how little power we really have after we watched 2020 unfold. Now, the power is so overwhelming it seems insurmountable. And honestly, maybe it is. Maybe the fix is in and there is nothing we can do about it.

In the months and weeks leading up to the election, the extremes on the Left were scaring many into voting for Trump. They showed up on Election Day but it wasn’t enough to topple the banked mail-in ballots and to even question this is to be accused of being an insurrectionist and, by extension, a “white supremacist.” But the election was weird and it wasn’t crazy to want a better explanation of what exactly went down.

Trump’s reach was bigger than just the cabal of White Supremacists who were attracted to him. He began to draw anyone who wanted to fight for the principles of American life - freedom of speech, law and order, patriotism. And that is not exclusive to white people. So many in this country are disgusted by, afraid of and want to defeat “cancel culture” and much of what the Left is now selling thanks to the win of Biden.

If Twitter thinks it, it must be true

That the Biden administration keeps directing all of its governing towards fighting an imaginary race war, and “identity politics,” means that he is treating middle class Americans, especially those without a college degree or any sort of power or wealth, like the enemy because they might not be 100% on board with the program. But the reality doesn’t matter as much as how the reality is depicted on social media, which isn’t reality at all. Given all of that, it is shocking that Biden continues to govern such a small segment of the population. Hatred of Trump can only take him so far. At some point, Americans are going to need strong leadership to stand up to the Left, which only seems to be getting more extreme by the day.

Biden says nothing when the San Francisco School Board loses its mind and votes to change the name of schools named after Abraham Lincoln and Dianne Feinstein. He says nothing about the public’s reaction to the antiracism policies being put in place in elementary schools. He says nothing because he genuinely believes this is his calling - to fight systemic racism. This is his entire platform. Surely there are many who agree, but how many more out there don’t? I expect the poll numbers for Biden will begin to shift as more people being to realize exactly what’s going down under the Biden directive.

There is so little pushback against this, it is up to the rare voices out there like John McWhorter, and those on the right to protest it in any way, so great is the fear of being called a racist.

In our times, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and various public-health officials piously refrained from criticizing protesters gathering in close ranks and shouting together in the middle of a pandemic driven by an airborne pestilence, opining that agitation for racial justice was more important than spreading a lethal disease. We must wonder, then, how confidently university leaders will be able to resist the demands that would destroy the very functioning of their institutions.

But awkward and painful as it may be, they must. They must resist destructive demands, even by self-proclaimed representatives of people of color, and even in a society where systemic racism is real. To give in to anti-intellectual, under-considered, disproportionate, or hostile demands is condescending to the signatories and the protesters. It implies that they can do no better, and that authorities must suspend their sense of logic, civility, and progress as some kind of penance for slavery, Jim Crow, redlining, and the deaths of people such as Floyd. That “penance” would hurt only the community in the end, through lower educational quality. [JM]

Twitter “hysteria” bleeds into MSNBC and CNN, which is why we now see a military Green Zone in DC. We’ve never seen our own government make such a Putin-like display to intimidate its own citizens. Remember how they all objected when Trump himself built a fence around the White House? The Green Zone is a psyop that keeps Americans in a state of crippling fear, and sends a message to anyone who voted for Trump that they should be afraid of being thought of as a domestic terrorist. How do they justify this madness? Because they believe that “white supremacists” attacked the Capitol because that is what Twitter believes and if Twitter believes it then it must be true. The most high profile Democrats can simply use their massive platforms to call out anyone who might not be down with this theory and get hundreds of thousands of “likes” to bolster their position.

The Pendulum is Swinging Right

Every other time a candidate has beat a one term President they did so by selling a platform, not with unprecedented help from the “empire.” That has created a massive disconnect between what Biden’s administration actually IS selling and what Americans believe they voted for.

Reagan is your best example of a candidate who overtook a one term president, Jimmy Carter, and then redirected the country in a new direction for the next 12 years. But the country was already moving in that direction, away from JFK’s America.

We could not get to Reagan without the disrupter that Nixon was in 1968. Nixon was as hated and as offensive to the Left back then as Trump was in 2016. Trump, like Nixon, hated the press and felt he was treated unfairly.

But Joe Biden, like Jimmy Carter, is echoing the past, holding onto the last gasp of the Obama era. He sees himself as putting back in place Obama’s legacy that Trump destroyed when took office, much the same way Nixon sought to destroy any hint of JFK. The two men hated each other in the same way Trump and Obama hate each other and are bitter rivals. The culture supported JFK and hated Nixon. They support Obama and hate Trump. But regardless, Carter’s sensibilities were out of step with how the mood of the country was after the long and exhausting war in Vietnam, the rise of the counter culture movements, a crappy economy and a depressed country in the wake of Watergate.

As I watched Joe Biden’s town hall where he said that our COVID nightmare might last all the way through Christmas and maybe into the next year I thought it was, potentially, a Jimmy Carter moment. That is, he told the public what he thought was the truth - the cautionary, freaked out, way too timid truth about the government’s response to COVID: keep us huddled in our homes, kill our businesses, keep children out of school, and sooth a wounded, traumatized nation. That, if anything, was probably Biden’s best selling point while the hurricane that was Trump was still around. But now we need the opposite: we need leadership.

Carter didn’t have a massive media machine helping him every day. The Demographics were very different in 1976-1980. But there were things the Carter and Biden administration have in common. They both were sold as restoring decency after a corrupt president. They both are gentle and kind and seemingly honest. And they both were holding on to a moment in history that was on its way out the door.

By 1980 Americans were ready for the “exceptionalism” and unapologetic patriotism and lust for Capitalism that Reagan was selling. They wanted to feel good and strong and powerful again. That is what Reagan sold to them in 1980 and why Carter could not resonate in a culture that was shifting away from perceived failure and towards something they recognized as success.

The economy is not going to get any better. The despair is not going to get any better. Our division is not going to heal itself. But Biden should not be the one telling us that. We need a cheerleader. We need to have hope. To be inspired. To feel a sense of purpose.

I voted for Biden and remain hopeful that he really can do as promised - bring back the economy, unite the country and take us to a much better place.

We need someone who will stand up against “cancel culture,” and for free speech, confronting the bullies on Twitter who drag people into the virtual public square and shame them everyday. We need someone who will fight for America and someone who advocates for forgiveness, not just of people who make mistakes today but people whose behavior centuries ago doesn’t comport with the ideology of today. We need a leader who will fight for the foundational principles of this country, flawed though they may be.

That is what a leader must do. But Biden remains silent on all of it. Either this is the new normal for the foreseeable future, or the Democrats and Biden aren’t reading the room and they’ll be voted out by a huge margin in 2022 and 2024.

The frustration among citizens is mounting, and Democrats can only use guilt, shame and fear for so long until there are enough brave voices out there to oppose it. Whynot read the room and start pushing back? Why not be the party of sanity and humanity rather than insanity and dehumanization? Can we really live in a climate of self-censorship, corporate authoritarianism and nonstop accusations and public shaming? Let’s hope not.

I, for one, am going to be among those who stand up for those who are fighting back, like Gina Carano, appearing here on Ben Shapiro’s Sunday’s Special.