The GOP Didn't "Pounce" on Critical Race Theory - The Democrats Handed it to Them

And it won't end well.

Three things are happening on the Left right now.

1) Most people who are moderates within the party do not speak out against the status quo. They are too afraid of being labeled a Trump supporter.

2) The Democrats in power are afraid to go up against those on the Left who have large Twitter platforms and can publicly embarrass them.

3) Operating in a feedback loop that has become not just an echo chamber, but one that has lost touch with the American people.

Everyday, in this soft Civil War, the two sides do battle with each other. Actually, there are more than just two sides. Right now, there are three. The Democrats are mostly unified, the Republicans aren’t. The Trump movement is doing battle with conventional Republicans and all are fighting it out in the media and social media. Wins are measured by which headline ultimately becomes more persuasive. After a while, none of the headlines that bleat out hysteria for each side to use as a “win” actually mean anything.

Critics of Critical Race Theory didn’t start on the right. They started on the left. They started among those smart-minded people out there who see the genuine problem - like the Blocked and Reported podcast, for instance, or John McWharter. It became a thing on the right after Christopher Rufo (video below) appeared on Tucker Carlson. Trump saw the episode and not only banned Critical Race Theory from government but made it one of his most effective election strategies heading into 2020, along with “Cancel Culture” and “law and order.” Democrats have handed these things to the opposition and it will be an easy win for any politician who is not Trump to take it and run with it.

Critical Race Theory is not new because Critical Theory overall isn’t new. It has its roots in Marxist ideology, which must name an oppressor and an oppressed. Whether it’s the patriarchy vs. feminism, white vs. black, rich vs. poor. Hitler used the same ideology to build his Aryan empire, in fact, by painting Germans as oppressed by the Jews, if you can believe it.

Here is an objective explanation of exactly what it is:

On the right, America First is not about race, it’s about class. It’s about power and wealth vs. working class. But on the left they have named the enemy as the racists among us. To them, skin color has to be the thing that separates us because how else can you explain the rise of people like Oprah Winfrey and Barack and Michelle Obama, not to mention other titans from the black community who came from nothing and made names for themselves in the only country in the world that allows for that?

But in order to sell racism as the main thrust of the left, it can’t be about class - it can’t be about poor neighborhoods, high crime, a lack of good nutrition. It has to be about skin color. Meghan Markle is a Duchess but is also oppressed because of her skin color - and it’s true, she was viciously attacked in the UK and it’s hard to know whether that would be true if she was white. Michelle Obama is the most beloved First Lady in recent history and whose memoir has a perfect score of positives on Audible - and President Obama who served two terms and is the most beloved President in my lifetime - are oppressed because of their skin color.

That is what Critical Race Theory teaches. That there is no way out of it. It is a permanent condition that must be addressed from birth because the system itself is about “whiteness” and is thus, corrupt at its core.

And while it’s true that racism continues and no doubt there were racist attacks against the Obamas. I saw them. And so much of that treatment is what is driving the Left’s take on racism now. They believe that the best America was Obama’s America. But that Trump challenged that, leading a “white supremacist” army to take the country back from minority rule. I used to believe this. Maybe it was true once upon a time. But it is no longer true. That isn’t what the Trump - or American First - movement is about. Good luck trying to get any Democrat who watches mainstream news to get that. But it’s important intel for them heading into 2022.

Because Trump has opposed CRT, the Left now feels the need to rise up and double down on defending it, brushing it off as no big deal. In fact, if you bring it up among those on the left they will either mock you, downplay the threat or call you a Trump supporter.

You can’t just type “What is Critical Race Theory” into google and expect you’re going to get any balanced coverage. You won’t. You’ll get gaslighting on the left, “nothing to see here,” “mostly peaceful protesting,” etc. And a panic on the right. What you won’t get is a clear explanation of what exactly it is.

Here is Christopher Rufo’s explanation:

And here is a first hand experience by a parent who took his kid out of a prestigious school in New York because of CRT:

The right has turned Critical Race Theory into something to fear to the extreme. They also seem to have a bit of an exaggerated view of what it is. But this is something the Democrats have handed to them by doing exactly what they did when the “Defund the Police” became a dominant theme on the left. You heard that most Democrats were not in favor of it but clearly they were too afraid to say so publicly. So what good is it? They regretted it when the 2020 election came along.

Now, they are doing exactly the same thing with Critical Race Theory, which is not popular among parents of all backgrounds, skin color, status, etc. Just like Defund the Police wasn’t popular. But the mainstream media, as you can see by doing a quick check of clips on Youtube, must double down on it, defend it and pretend it’s just no big deal. This is a problem for the Democrats. I don’t know if they realize it or not. Joe Biden seems to be 100% on board. The reason being, anyone who criticizes it risks being called a racist - and that is the worst thing you can be called on the Left. It is like being called a witch in 1692.

The Democrats can’t fight this because they will be attacked on Twitter so they must take their chances at the ballot box. For an entire year, the media has been bowing to the Twitter hive. They do this because it is immediate feedback for them, and they assume this reflects how everyone thinks.

Those who read the New York Times or watch CNN or MSNBC are really getting a reflection of the minority of users on Twitter rather than what the American people overall think. This has been true since the George Floyd protests began. They could not say they were violent, so they all pretended they weren’t. They also kept the violent protests off the news, while Fox News showed all of them, over and over again. They then reversed it when January 6th happened and played that over and over again, making them seem like they were violent where people on the left were not. That is another very public example of hypocrisy and gaslighting for anyone who is not in the bubble on the Left.

Now, we’re seeing exactly the same dynamic play out. The fear of the hive mind - of the kind of instant mass panic that can only come from millions of people being connected, for the first time in human history, reacting to something and spreading that reaction like a contagion through the internet.

Note how they are now pretending like it’s only the right that is flipping out when, in fact, it is not popular among Americans overall, and this the left simply can’t see. They have to play to their base - it has to go viral on Twitter. But it only reflects a segment of the left, and not those in neighborhoods all over this country with kids in school.

To me, the problem is not Critical Race Theory itself. It’s more about the silencing of dissenters. When that happens, it no longer becomes and idea that can be debated or discussed in classrooms. It becomes doctrine.

But the public is pushing back. They are organizing and mobilizing - on the left and the right to stop it. More than that, it has given the right something strong to mobilize against. Explained here by Ben Shapiro:

The left, as you can see by this video, has adopted a cult-like obedience to the ideology. It is reminiscent of the cults in the 1970s where the privileged class were seeking deeper meaning in life for a movement that had mostly rejected religion. Clearly, we are a species that needs some kind of religious belief - and for many on the left that has taken shape in politics. Nothing makes that more clear than this video below:

The Democrats should speak up. If, for no other reason, that defending the right to dissent or debate or have an opinion without being called a racist is the right path overall. Another reason, of course, is that it will sink them at the polls.