Words to Leave Behind in 2021

While there is no doubt that these words that rose to prominence in 2020 will be with us for a while, I for one am hoping they become outdated sooner rather than later. “Normalize” - No word had haunted me on a daily basis than this word. It means “to make normal” that which should not be made normal. Perhaps the intent here was a good one but it turned into a catch-all to excuse any and all bad behavior by collective Twitter and censorship by the press. Because they didn’t want to “normalize” Trump, stories were not reported, not told, not linked to. There was a thick blue line that said nothing good Trump did, nothing good Melania did, nothing good anyone in his administration did was to not be reported or to be reported as a bad thing, even if it benefited the public. It could not be “normalized.” I think I hate that word.

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