Elon Musk is more American than our president by proxy. Had he not purchased Twitter and changed it to X, a free speech platform, we'd have few free speech platforms left. The government is angry because Musk can't be bought, and worse, he shutdown their vehicle for narrative control.

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TR talked about the brave "man in the Arena". The guy who fights while the rest of us cower or choose comfort.

I know.. I've chosen comfort over courage many times in my life. I wish I was stronger:(

But Elon? He might really be that guy. The guy who makes life count. Every minute of it.

Easy to do when you have billions you might say. But I would counter than when you have his kind of money, the EASY thing to do is live like Bill Gates. Donate it all to foundations with your name on them. And make sure they always AlWAYS have the stamp of approval from the progressive establishment.

I've never been prouder of Elon.

And I'm proud of you too, Sasha. You're making life count by speaking your truth courageously.

Godspeed to both of you.

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Right on, Sasha and right on, Elon!

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"Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose". Fuck you to the leftists and those who think we elected them to run our lives.

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Projection is the fascist far-left’s favourite way of lying.

It confuses the issue, and throws the spotlight away from them onto someone else.

So, when they accuse the Pro-freedom right of being ‘Nazis’ it’s because THEY are much, much closer to that manure-coloured mob more than anyone else.

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Sasha's writing has been right up there with the best on Substack of late. She's got the Left's number and isn't going to let go!

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Remember this:

To be GOVERNED is to be watched, inspected, spied upon, directed, law-driven, numbered, regulated, enrolled, indoctrinated, preached at, controlled, checked, estimated, valued, censured, commanded, by creatures who have neither the right nor the wisdom nor the virtue to do so. To be GOVERNED is to be at every operation, at every transaction noted, registered, counted, taxed, stamped, measured, numbered, assessed, licensed, authorized, admonished, prevented, forbidden, reformed, corrected, punished. It is, under pretext of public utility, and in the name of the general interest, to be placed under contribution, drilled, fleeced, exploited, monopolized, extorted from, squeezed, hoaxed, robbed; then, at the slightest resistance, the first word of complaint, to be repressed, fined, vilified, harassed, hunted down, abused, clubbed, disarmed, bound, choked, imprisoned, judged, condemned, shot, deported, sacrificed, sold, betrayed; and to crown all, mocked, ridiculed, derided, outraged, dishonored. That is government.

I have been wearing this Orwell 1984 t recently: t.co/EKkMWeTAPG

Love the faces from some people!

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We noticed something in the interview with the newly elected Javier Milei that doesn’t seem to get that much attention.

He pointed out the despicable double standard of the left in that they excuse themselves for any transgression while hammering us for the slightest misstep, in that it has forced the pro-freedom side to naturally become better than the anti-liberty left. Paraphrasing the interview:

“They will ruin because you don’t think like them. And do you know what is the good part in all of this?

Because to err is human, everyone can be mistaken

They force us to be better, and since we are getting better than them

Since we are crushing them in the cultural battle

We’re not only superior economically

we are morally superior

We are aesthetically superior, we’re better than them than anything and that triggers them

And since they can’t beat us with real arguments, they just use the repressive apparatus of the state.

With loads of taxpayer money to destroy us. And yet they’re still losing”

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Nov 30, 2023·edited Nov 30, 2023

“The Antisemitism is coming from inside the House.”

The antisemitism is based on the fact that the Jews are white and the core belief of the Woke faith is that “Whiteness!” is the source of evil in the world and therefore must be brought firmly under control and not allowed to oppress “people of color” in general and blacks in particular. The left classifies the Palestinians as “people of color” even though most look white. So from their point of view the Israeli/Palestinian conflict is a perfect example of white supremacists oppressing “people of color” plus the Israelis really did steal much of the land from the Palestinians and are still doing so.

Recently wealthy Jews who’ve given money to places like Harvard said they’re going to stop their donations due to the antisemitism there. Why though did they never have a problem with the anti-white hatred promoted in pigsties like Harvard? Apparently it never occurred to them that since they’re also white this could someday come back and bite them. Excellent summary below of the Israel-Palestine conflict by a Jewish man interviewed by Joe Rogan.

“Blinded by Binary Bias in Israel-Palestine: On What Ben Shapiro Misses.” (8 min)

Joe Rogan. Nov 23, 2023


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Well written, Sasha! A couple of my Jewish friends abandoned the Left about a year ago because they perceived they were no longer welcome in 'the tent' and particularly in their urban communities in the Denver Metro. Both of them moved their families out of Colorado to the southeast coast areas of the Carolinas. I am sure they will be followed by a stampede of not just Jews but other reasonable people who see the impending threat and rot of Denver, a mini San Francisco. I feel fortunate to live outside of town in a rural part of the Front Range where the craziness has not (yet) taken hold.

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WTF is the Oakland City Council doing debating a resolution condemning Israel, or anything that has anything to do with foreign policy? They can't even run their own city. It reminds me of a resolution sometime during the 1980s I think where the Boulder, CO City Council passed a non-proliferation of nuclear arms resolution. Boulder never even had a tank, much less a nuclear weapon, nor would they ever.

It reminds us that so much of leftist politics has to do with creating an identity, or a political aesthetic, that people adapt as part of their lifestyle. It has nothing to do with reality or human action. Fortunately more and more people are seeing this identity as a mark of evil, and I look forward to the day where these rats will be relegated to a few coastal enclaves, and their influence diminished beyond devouring themselves, in an ever escalating purity spiral of insanity and human negation.

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Looks like the gloves are off. I know what side I'm on. Thanks, Sasha, for another stellar analysis. I don't know how you do it, but please never stop!

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“I’m merely saying pointing that out is stating the truth, not “antisemitism.””

Sasha again speaks with profound courage and objectivity. Elon Musk and Sasha seem to have a shared experience and similar values. I’m thankful for both.

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My admiration and ❤ for Elon only grows by the day. I didn't buy into that anti-Semitic hit job for a second.

The elites are right to fear him.

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One of your best essays.

Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter and publishing the Twitter files was one of the most important events of the decade. Let’s hope future historians look back at that moment as a major pivot towards America becoming America again.

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Love that! People overly concerned with looking good. While doing evil. Sums it up all these vacuous silly SJ warriors. I want to believe their hearts are in the right place but they wouldn’t recognize real Justice if it hit them in their lazy superficial faces

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