“…we need our brave storytellers, journalists, columnists, and yes, cable news hosts to help us tear through the plastic wrap and show us what’s real.”

Sasha, you are, undoubtedly, one of those people. One of those voices of dissent, shaking the tree.

To your “friends” on the left - those that exile and hate you - they are the cowards. They are the sell outs.

Being a liberal used to mean defending liberty at all costs - remember when the ACLU stood for something besides dollars and party recognition?

But they’ve sold their souls, like lowest caste adolescent girls on the first day of middle school. They’ll do anything for some crumb of acceptance into the cool/mean kids clique.

But mean girls demand more than friendship and blind agreement. They demand rites of humiliation, lies, ugly behavior, constant reassurance that there can be NO challenges to their direction. Then, when they tire of the nodding heads, they jettison them and grab new ones.

Many of todays “left” are either one or the other. Locked in the insanity by fantasy, greed and fear. The so called “friends” who have rejected you certainly are.

Congratulations on reaching escape velocity.

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thought of a good Biden press conference question today: "Mr. President, do you recognize Hunter's latest child as your grandchild, and if so, do you plan to cut her in on the China money?"

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There has only been one worse firing and that was when Boston Red Sox traded future baseball god Babe Ruth for $100,000 and a $300,000 loan to finance the No, No, Nanette musical.

Red Sox dealt Ruth to the archival New York Yankees and watched them dominate in the World Series for the next 20 years while Red Sox won absolutely nothing.

America/Musk/Twitter/Carlson/Trump/FreeSpeech versus


Choose your side.

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“Hello, may I please speak with Susan?” 😂

“Can’t even count on Murdoch greed” 😂

I’m only slightly disappointed “Take this job and shove it” wasn’t used for the walk off music.

I’m looking forward to adapting.

Thank you, Sasha. Another great piece.

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My husband, retired executive, often says, “these people have forgotten that the fundamental purpose of a business is to create customer value.” Disregard/disrespect your customers? You deserve to go down. And I’m proud to help Fox do just that. I’m an old 60’s style “liberal” (verb) who didn’t have cable for 20 years until 2019. My ideas about Tucker, and my shift in thinking, reflect yours almost exactly. (As did my impression of RFK, Jr. In late ‘19 and early’20 after two atrocious vaccine injuries when I actually listened to what he had to say.).

Live and Learn...learn being the operative value. Glad you stay open, Sasha, and continue to aim at your True North:)

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Well said !

I was watching Fox for the same reason : Tucker Carlson only. I was even thinking subscribing to Fox Nation to watch his documentaries. DONE with FOX !

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can live without Fox, MSM.

love my 📞landlines💝.

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Thank you for the video clip of Taibbi and Kirn. I keep trying to finish that episode because it has so many great moments in it.

I am hopeful for Tucker Carlson, for a number of reasons, one of them being that his time slot lost around 1.5 million viewers, meaning 1.5 million people were tuning into that hour *just for Tucker Carlson*. If even a million of those follow him, it is a good acorn to plant.

The gift of this moment is that the smallest pebble in a pond can create ripples that lead to a sea change, and Tucker was more like a boulder in a pond. The sea change we have here is that while the younger generations might already be used to the idea of not being tied to the TV guide and cable packages, the older generations may not have found that freedom yet. But imagine if you could free early Gen X and the remaining Baby Boomers from that mentality and teach them to explore the "political wilderness," as Taibbi and Kirm call it elsewhere. We would stand a chance against the Machine, and the Machine knows it. Hence, all the hysteria about "no one to police Tucker."

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Murdochs definitely blew this one.

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Thank you Sasha! Thank you for recording your own voice as I find it more pleasant than reading on my phone. I hope you, Matt Taibbi, and other writers find their voice in new ways we haven’t even thought of yet. I love Substack, but I bet new platforms and mediums of communication will develop. At 66 years old, I remember the old days, but look forward to the future of free speech and truth.

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I love the optimism in these posts. It's awfully easy to get cynical with the state of US institutions these days.

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Your opening photo is from "Pillow Talk", one of my favorite movies. The characters there not only were stuck with land lines, they had to share the same "party line" so only one of the two could use the phone to call a third party at a given moment. If you've seen the movie, you know that hilarity ensues.

As an official Old Fart now, I retain some old habits: I still use a land line, and still think compact disks are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Partly this is because the uncompressed .wav files associated with CD's are perfect for steganography, embedding undetectable private messages in an innocent-looking sound or image file; I haven't yet figured out how to embed in .mp3's. As the government ramps up its war on anything it can't instantly decipher, we the people will turn to steg more and more for private communication, I think, and yes, that includes making plans to topple the corrupt and criminal regime, or at least deal with its individual criminal agents when they get aggressive.

Looking forward to TC's new platform(s); like you I sought a daily dose of him when he was on Fox.

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Bless you, Sasha. That was great. Glad I stayed up past my bedtime to listen.

And the Dobie Gray sing out was just a bonus, now I'll have to dig out my K-Tel Music Power L.P. (just kidding, that was lost long ago).

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"Their world is one of give it to me right now."

How utterly sad.

I must be a dinosaur - I'll take reading it for myself over having some talking head on video telling me, every time. If reading isn't possible, then my preference is to hear it over radio, but unless I'm working, watching a film, in a training exercise, or on a conference call, video is eschewed by me.

"The way you adapt to dissenting voices and diverse thoughts and opinions is to learn to live with it."

It doesn't hurt to listen to those dissenting voices and diverse thought on occasion, either. You never know when you might learn something useful. If one is capable of thinking critically, the lies spewed by the left are easy to identify, and are no more threatening than a mosquito on a humid night in summer.

Should the classic liberals that remain in the Democrat party ever manage to throw off the authoritarian left that has a death grip on its soul, banish it to irrelevance, and return the party to one constituted of an overwhelming majority of honest liberals like the ones with which I grew up, we republicans and libertarians would do well to maintain a dialogue with them.

Hell - the kind of courage Carlson demonstrated then is in short supply NOW.

"Bad box office should make Hollywood rethink its output."

You're absolutely right - it SHOULD, but it doesn't, apparently. Why is that? Are the studios, their holding companies and those shareholders, and globalist multi-billionaire patrons so wealthy that they can hemorrhage cash indefinitely for the sake of maintaining the lie?

An excellent and encouraging piece of writing, as always, Sasha!

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Keep shaking the tree Sasha. You inspire the truth seekers among us.

The depth and honesty in your essays offer encouragement to others who want to break from the ranks and think for themselves. Your writing talent is a true “balm” for treating the confusion and keeping us focused.

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May 11·edited May 11

Hi Sasha, Tucker is not Republican-style conservative, he says he’s ‘Liberal'. The difference, I believe, is that he is a Constitutionalist. Today’s ‘Left’ are not Constitutionalists, they’re Marxists. Most Congressional Republicans aren’t actually Constitutionalists either, unless it will cause them to lose their seat. There are Neo-cons (war party), which exist in both parties, a few Constitutional Conservatives, a few classical Liberals and a few near-libertarians… the rest are marxists or globalists and MOST all are opportunists. Every institution has been corrupted. Btw, we put a landline back in because we have gone days at a time without cell service. I won’t watch Fox (or any other cable news) because I hate being lied to and manipulated…my spouse continues to. EVERYONE has a personal bent, that’s to be expected…I just want people to be honest about it.

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