Free Thinking Through the Fourth Turning with Sasha Stone
Free Thinking Through the Fourth Turning with Sasha Stone
Joe Biden's Ghost Ship

Joe Biden's Ghost Ship

An ominous sign of trouble ahead

“Fear not the path of Truth for the lack of People walking on it.”
Robert F. Kennedy

A new poll by ABC News/Washington Post shows both Trump and DeSantis beating Biden by 6 points.

According to this poll, the public does not believe Biden is fit to serve mentally or physically.

Has the mental sharpness it takes to serve effectively as president:
Joe Biden: Yes 32% No 63%
Donald Trump: Yes 54% No 43% .

Is in good enough physical health to serve effectively as president:
Joe Biden: Yes 33% No 62%
Donald Trump: Yes 64% No 28%

None of this matters much when you have abandoned the truth and depend on a manufactured reality curated by a partisan public relations department disguised as legacy media. And no one is all that worried. They know the fix is in.

The 2024 election will be just like 2020 and 2022, as the Democrats exploit a system they once could not tame but now have mastered - gaslight Americans, hide the candidates, and let The Machine do the rest.

Mark and Mollie Hemingway have sounded the alarm, writing in the American Mind:

It might not matter whom Republicans run for president in 2024.

America’s propaganda press traffics in disinformation. Its Big Tech oligarchs censor news and information helpful to conservatives, while elevating biased news and information that helps the Left. And its election systems have been overrun by privately funded groups that run Democratic “get out the vote” campaigns to traffic ballots into ballot boxes. We catalogued this particularly complex problem in Rigged: How the Media, Big Tech, and the Democrats Seized Our Elections.

Instead of election day, we now have an “election season”—during which, over a period of months, we flood homes across the country with tens of millions of mail-in ballots, regardless of whether secretaries of state or local registrars have any idea if those ballots are being sent to the correct addresses. This in a country where 11% of residents move every year. We then wait for sophisticated partisan turnout operations funded by activist billionaires and run by ideological statisticians to round up those ballots in entirely selective ways.

This is not leadership. This is a ghost ship.

Ghost ships are echoes of the past, empty vessels carrying no one and going nowhere, guided by forces unseen. They are also warnings.

Those at sea fear them because they are an ominous sign that something bad will happen.

A country like ours, with freedom baked into its DNA, isn’t going to stand for this level of corruption for much longer. Our leaders, our media, and our institutions are failing us. That means when they go down, the whole system goes down with them.

No matter how 2024 turns out, whether Biden wins or loses, this is end-game for “the swamp.” They have painted themselves into a corner with two ineffectual leaders at the top of the ticket. They have no one to replace them because the only decent candidate in the Democratic Party is Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and he don’t play.

To lead what has become of our government at the hands of both parties is like being the only person who can be hired to work at Bernie Madoff’s company. You have to be in on the scam. Otherwise, the whole thing is threatened.

Dissent is getting much louder, thanks to Elon Musk buying Twitter and unclogging one of our main arteries. Vivek Ramaswamy and Kennedy are speaking out in ways the American people crave.

You’d think, given that, they’d have a better plan than Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, but they didn’t count on what happened next because none of us did. No one could have predicted a fanatical cult would overtake the Democratic Party, or that we’d see anything like the last two years.

No one could have predicted such a catastrophic exit from Afghanistan, which, yes, Bill Maher, has destabilized the Middle East and the entire world.

As Konstantin Kisin points out on Bill Maher’s show:

Maher’s ignorance here is not unusual. This happens when you have a curated reality, courtesy of an activist press corps comfortable with telling lies.

To tell the truth would be not only to admit failure, but to have been complicit in putting this mess in power with no real alternatives for Democrats. Let’s just keep the balls spinning, keep the scam going, distract with the outrage of the moment.

Populism on the Rise

Things might have gone differently had Barack Obama chosen Biden as his successor in 2016. But Obama wanted to follow the first Black president with the first female president, Hillary Clinton. That opened the door for Trump and awakened a grassroots populist movement otherwise known as MAGA.

Here is a recent speech caught on video by an attendee of an event featuring Tucker Carlson, after leaving Fox, as the speaker talking about populism:

Any healthy government or democracy built as a Constitutional Republic welcomes grassroots involvement from its citizens. But not this one. Instead, they began a lengthy and systematic dehumanization campaign, calling them racists and “white supremacists,” scapegoating them to drive votes.

Even now, all of them will tie these words together: white Christian nationalist extremism. But the white distinction is their delusion, not found in evidence.

By now, real investigative reporting is slowly unpeeling the onion, exposing corruption at the highest reaches of power. They can keep covering it up, ignoring it, but the truth can find its way out. The people will not soon forgive brazen corruption like this. Sooner or later, they will find out about it.

The Twitter Files were always the clue to unraveling a scandal bigger than Watergate. If only we still had real journalists covering politics in the mainstream, then it really would be the story of the decade.

Jacob Siegel’s expose on the Disinformation Hoax has, in typical fashion, been blacked out by the mainstream press. Even after Matt Taibbi exposed the embarrassing and shameful “table read” wherein they practiced how to respond to the October surprise of the Hunter Biden laptop story, which the FBI already knew about in advance and was simply tossing them necessary breadcrumbs.

Biden campaign, Blinken orchestrated intel letter to discredit Hunter Biden laptop story, ex-CIA official says

And From Racket News:

Last December, Michael Shellenberger reported in a #TwitterFiles thread that the Aspen Institute hosted a “Hack-and-Dump Working Group” exercise in the summer of 2020 titled, “Burisma Leak,” which predicted with uncanny accuracy an upcoming derogatory story in the New York Post about Hunter Biden’s lost laptop.

The documents Shellenberger published showed how at least five media figures, including David Sanger and David McCraw of the New York Times, Ellen Nakashima of the Washington Post, then-Daily Beast and future Rolling Stone editor Noah Schactman, and Rick Baker of CNN worked alongside Twitter and Facebook’s chief moderation officers, Yoel Roth and Nathaniel Gleicher, to plan a response to a hypothetical damaging exposé about Joe Biden’s son.

The “Burisma Leak” exercise predicted many elements of the real response to the New York Post’s coming Hunter Biden story, including complaints from influential Democratic congressman Adam Schiff about its “source and veracity,” and public statements from “former senior intelligence officials” falsely raising the specter of a “Russian operation.”

Here is Jacob Siegel talking to Glenn Greenwald:

And Siegel talking to Reason Magazine about just how deep it went and how bad it’s gotten:

“Finish the Job”

Vice President Kamala Harris was uniformly rejected by voters, even in her home state of California. She had two disastrous debate performances wherein she called Joe Biden a racist. Putting her in power would mean accepting someone who either lied about racism or was willing to put up with it.

Harris was chosen because of a comment by Lawrence Tribe that hinted at Biden choosing her for cosmetic reasons. God forbid anyone tells the truth around here.

Harris was supposed to be the lubrication to ease female voters into feeling better about supporting an “old white guy.” She was the perfect online virtue signal for beleaguered, upset, and traumatized Hillary voters.

But she seemed to fumble on the job, unable to give great speeches, not showing up at the border, and came off as easily triggered in interviews. Her approval numbers began to plummet.

Surely even they know that Harris as president would be an unmitigated disaster. At the very least, this country needs a leader at the top that they actually voted for.

Neil Howe and William Strauss could not have fathomed a country this divided by the elites and the working class during this Fourth Turning. At least, it’s not covered in their 2007 book, even if it was sparked by the financial crisis of 2008. They could predict the people rising up, but who could predict what has become of the legacy media that freely and comfortably lie to the public every day?

From The Generation Report:

We are doing the thing no functioning society should ever do: erase the majority of the middle class, leaving only the upper class and the impoverished.

Victor Davis Hanson from Founding Values:

They think they can keep modulating language, and that will help make all of this easier to stomach. What’s happening in Afghanistan? What’s happening in our cities? What’s happening in our Justice System?

Sharyl Attkisson interviewed The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, who said the State Department was guilty of, ‘the worst I have seen in transparency’ in his 20 years of bipartisan oversight.

Due to Attkisson’s reporting, the State Department has now said they will cooperate with Congress.

Reason magazine does the work no major media outlets will regarding the bogus “seditious conspiracy” charges against the Proud Boys from January 6th:

Leaving aside the "novel legal strategy" that prosecutors used in the Proud Boys case, seditious conspiracy charges are inherently amorphous. On its face, the statute could apply to any protest that includes violence if the government alleges that the organizers intended that result and aimed to interfere with "the execution of any law of the United States." That leaves prosecutors with broad discretion that invites politically motivated charges.

“Seditious Conspiracy” has been used to punish people attacking the government as enemies of the USA, to hurt the country itself. That is not what anyone did on January 6th unless you believe that Joe Biden, the Democrats, and the ruling class ARE the country, which they are not.

Goodbye Utopia, Hello Reality

Both sides now hate Woody Allen for crimes he may or may not have committed, but I’ll never give him up because his movies have shaped so much of my life. Nothing reminds me of what we’re living through more than Sleeper.

Just as comparing this moment with the Red Scare of the 1950s, we have to reverse the political ideologies. In Sleeper’s dystopian future, the underground resistance is the Marxists. In our country now, it’s the opposite.

But in all other ways, they are the same, like a sanitized future that has purged humanity of art, truth, love, and even sex. In exchange, they get the serenity of a well-maintained life.

Here’s Diane Keaton as Luna trying to recite a poem, but she can’t write anything because she can’t think for herself.

They’re being led by a massive government that simply needs a symbol the people can obey. Their revolution has them breaking into the government to destroy what has become of that “leader.”

But only his nose remains after a terrible accident. In this scene, Woody Allen and Diane Keaton are posing as doctors to clone the nose and re-create their “leader.” They think if they can destroy it, they can save the country.

But of course, nothing changes. The movie's last scene makes the point that when the establishment controls the government, it no longer matters who the leader is.

And so it goes with Biden and the deep state.

Things might have gone fine had Biden not chosen Harris. But Biden wants to make history, as do most of the Democrats. They know that after the dust settles on this era, all that will remain is her face in history books. We already know how that’s going to go. We know who will be writing those books.

In the end, for Biden, his legacy will be intact, and that’s all that really matters. He will finish the job Obama couldn’t and finally elevate a woman to the most powerful job in the world. If he has to demonize half the country to keep his voters scared and compliant, so be it.

But putting Harris in the top spot when she never had to prove her leadership skills to the American people, however, is how empires fall.

They were so busy tinkering with their utopian diorama they weren’t looking out for the rest of us. With world war looming on the horizon, a crisis at the border, and extreme political polarization, among other monumental problems at this pivotal moment in our history, we need strong leadership the people voted for.

But what I love about this moment are the voices rising. These are the truth tellers who follow in the footsteps of none other than Donald Trump. Without someone with that kind of toughness and resilience to say things no one else would or could, there would not be a hunger for more of it.

As James Strock says about RFK, Jr:

The confected sense most politicians project is no accident. It’s a feature, not a bug of our dysfunctional system. Candidates and officials tend to express other people’s thoughts in other people’s words. It’s as if they’re speaking underwater. ChatGPT could readily compose their remarks.

By contrast, Kennedy’s announcement speech conveys a hard-edged, heartfelt authenticity.

His critics—there are many—must concede his moxie and sincerity. His presidential campaign is annoying if not enraging numerous family members and longtime friends and allies. Moving from establishment icon to real-time insurgent is no small thing.

Whatever one thinks of his candidacy, Kennedy is exhibiting exemplary moral and physical courage.

He isn’t the first Kennedy to run against a sitting Democrat. Teddy did it back in 1979 for much of the same reasons. Carter was failing the American people, and someone had to say something.

It’s hard to imagine any Democrat speaking as honestly and openly as RFK Jr. has. His is a necessary Alpha voice that will lift the heads of many who have become hopeless and demoralized at the hands of a corrupt system that no longer hears the cries of its citizens. And I am one of them.

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Free Thinking Through the Fourth Turning with Sasha Stone
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