Free Thinking Through the Fourth Turning with Sasha Stone
Free Thinking Through the Fourth Turning with Sasha Stone
Musk Derangement Syndrome

Musk Derangement Syndrome

Twitter Goes to War. Again.

As the new owner of Twitter, Elon Musk is, to quote, Ben Shapiro, moving fast and breaking things. He could see a big problem, as anyone outside the media feedback loop can. Twitter had become not just the propaganda arm of the State, but was being used as a filter to dodge the First Amendment, to police thought and speech.

They didn’t do it directly or overtly. They did it alongside enthusiastic “good soldiers” for the State. The users - the blue-checks - and the employees saw themselves as the #resistance. To them, banning Trump was spiking their flag at Iwo Jima. They won, or so they thought.

After the latest dump of the Twitter Files was released by Bari Weiss, showing a clear connection between the FBI and Twitter in their efforts to both suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story, and to censor and ultimately ban a sitting president, it was clear that the former management of Twitter, and its former owner, were on the ropes. This was the biggest tech story in 10 years, and the media went dark. Why? They’re the dogs that aren’t barking, that’s why. They were complicit in everything that happened on Twitter because they ARE Twitter.

Without Twitter, there can be no “cancel culture.” It is their Roman coliseum, their panopticon for surveillance, and yes, it’s their Ministry of Love, their Ministry of Truth, and their Ministry of Peace. Without Twitter, they’re just a bunch of do-nothings, drunk on their own power as they pull the lever for the dopamine hit like slot machine junkies at 2 am in Vegas. Someday, all of this will be embarrassing for all concerned.

The process is always the same. Twitter throws a fit because someone broke a rule somewhere, was accused of something, or taunted them. This was the Tom Cotton essay at the New York Times, the firing of Gina Carano from Disney. They tried and failed to pressure Spotify to drop Joe Rogan, and for Netflix to drop Dave Chappelle.

This was Al Franken being witch-hunted out of the Democratic Party. This was Donald McNeil losing his job at the New York Times. This was David Shor also losing his job. Bari Weiss, James Bennett, Andrew Sullivan, Walter Kirn, Katie Herzog, Jesse Singal, Glenn Greenwald, Freddie DeBoer - the best of them, the smartest all exiled to the outer region. They’re mostly fine with it - doing far better now than they ever were, but this isn’t about them. This is about Twitter. And what it has done to our sense of each other, our sense of ourselves, and our rights under the Constitution.

Those who dominate Twitter probably didn’t think Elon Musk would ever actually buy it and set about dismantling their blue-check hierarchy and casually mocking their strident rules of language, specifically pronouns, when he joked, “my pronouns are prosecute/fauci.”

According to them, musk’s more serious crime was freeing the dissidents banned to the outer regions, people like Dr. Robert Malone, Jordan Peterson, and yes, Donald Trump.

They weren’t being thrown in Gulags, although that doesn’t seem to be too far off, but they were tainted all the same as thought criminals who violated the “Ordnung.” That meant any corporation, or bank, or entertainment company, had the right to drop them as a client once Twitter deemed their image and reputation toxic.

We’re watching in real time an attempt to bring down Elon Musk, Cancel Culture style, with Twitter users working alongside the media to create a climate of fear around him, destroy his credibility, and dismantle his power. They are trying to make his brand toxic enough that advertisers drop their support and users abandon the platform.

Christmas morning came early for the Empire when Musk was booed at a Dave Chappelle show.

He was cheered, too, but the media won’t report that. Too inconvenient. Their narrative has to be that he is failing. SEE, they seethe, the public hates him. They’re so mad that their power has been taken from them that they won’t stop until they have wrecked Musk’s businesses.

It’s hard to watch yet again the same kind of dehumanization, daily obsession, and outright cruelty on display by the Good Puritans of the Left. I can’t stomach it, personally. I never could. From Melania’s Christmas decorations to Kellyanne Conway’s face, Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ makeup, Trump’s hands, hair, weight, and family. On and on it went; the hatred could power a whole city.

Now here we are again. Those same people are showing their true colors because they can’t stand losing to Musk.

Actor John Cusack is fully on board with Musk’s destruction; typos be damned.

They pivoted to Nazis:

They pivoted to Racism:

John Dean, who once wore the crown of decency for decades after Watergate, is now in the corner sucking his thumb and waiting for one of Obama’s reliable lawyer cops to fly in and rescue him.

What toddlers they are, celebrating Musk’s businesses taking a hit, as they do everything they can with legacy media doing their bidding in attempting to discredit and destroy what Musk has built for himself. I know it can’t compare to hiding behind an anonymous Twitter account and pulling the lever for brain drugs, but Musk’s accomplishments are many; theirs are few.

Billy Baldwin has somehow taken his non-career and reimagined it as a big fish on Twitter. These people supposedly see the climate as the biggest threat facing humanity. Yet, take away their plaything; the first thing they toss aside is the most popular electric car.

They pivoted to full-blown authoritarianism, but all behind a cheerful face and a blue check:

They want him arrested. They want him deported. They want Twitter back, or they’ll throw Varuka Salt-style tantrums.

History Will Not Be Kind

The media uses their prestige and reach to huff and puff about this or that, making it all seem very real. But I’ve been online since 1994. I was here before Twitter, and I can tell you with 100% certainty that none of it is real. It is all smoke and mirrors.

They can try to destroy Musk if they want. But they still have to answer for what they’ve done, creating a generation of young adults who are either too fragile to survive the real world or are fanatics ready to burn the whole country down just to get their way.

Musk, like Trump, is a good father. He knows his job is to toughen up the young so they can survive all of the big things we know are coming. Words are harm? Words are violence? Try the bombing of London. Try Hiroshima. Try Syria. They need to learn what many of us older people already know, sticks and bones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me.

We already have one generation that has come of age entirely online, with smartphones in their hands. They’ve been monitored and tracked from birth. The corporations know what they read, what they eat, what they buy, where they go, when they shop, and when they scroll.

This is a moment that requires understanding what the real fight is about. It isn’t really about Twitter. It’s about what kind of country this will be going forward. As every generation from now on will come of age online, defeating this information monopoly must be the top priority.

There are alpha voices that the young are paying attention to, Ben Shapiro is one of them. Here, he outlines why the Twitter files matter when it comes to the treatment of former President Trump:

Matt Taibbi, one of the journalists that broke the story, has continually lamented the loss of ethics in journalism. They used to care. When did they stop caring? Is it just fear of Twitter? Alternative media is growing. Bari Weiss has just launched The Free Press, and Substack is full of voices challenging the media narrative.

Future generations will be digging through the archives to understand and sort through how so many went along with government censorship, dehumanization of the non-compliant, and whatever else our media, social media, and government is suppressing that we have a right to know.

Will there be class action lawsuits against doctors and maybe parents for the long-term health effects of lockdowns, gender reassignment surgery, and the steady stream of meds they’re foisting on kids to get them hooked for life? What about rushing children into gender confusion in elementary school so parents can raise their clout on social media? What about the heavy burden of teaching kids they are born as oppressors and oppressed? What about the elimination of meritocracy?

COVID is going to be a big one. If the media talked about nothing else, they should have reported on the shadow banning and censorship of Dr. Jay Bhatacharya. That is a much bigger story than Twitter throwing another fit over Elon Musk’s mocking pronouns. History will not be kind.

We can dive through the archives to find Jamie Raskin interrogating Jay Bhattacharya on the Great Barrington Declaration. At the time, no doubt, many in the media and in public were on Raskin’s side. But listening back now, a year later, after everything we know about the failure of cloth masks, how the vaccine didn’t stop the COVID spread, and what happened to a generation of young people needlessly locked down, Raskin seems insane.

Raskin is exactly the wrong kind of leader. He sounds like the Oyer in Terminer in Salem, demanding Bhattacharya confess as a witch and live.

If we can’t talk about these things, we leave future generations lost, confused, and twisting in the wind. A small but loud cabal of tweeners set about ordering the chaos of coming of age in the lawless frontier of the internet. They created a new religion on Tumblr in 2013. Now it’s being foisted upon all of us, with the media and government on board.

Those who participated in silencing dissent and the suppression of facts should start preparing now because the internet is written in ink. There will be a reckoning on those who stood by and did nothing, and the weakest among us will be called upon to explain themselves. And what will they say? That they helped get Trump banned from Twitter? That they destroyed Space-X and Tesla? I think they better come up with something much better than that.

Free Thinking Through the Fourth Turning with Sasha Stone
Free Thinking Through the Fourth Turning with Sasha Stone
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