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I went straight to PBS Newshour and was surprised to see their own staff reported on it. William Brangham opened with: "Durham was appointed by former Attorney General William Barr to look into what many on the right saw as a politically motivated witch hunt, but the report offered no significant new evidence to support those claims."

No new evidence? Not political?

He then goes on with: "Durham called their handling of parts of the investigation seriously deficient and wrote that investigators were too credible towards partisan actors,..."

That means the investigation was incompetent and politically influenced. His guest picks up the narrative and goes on about "there's nothing new here that others haven't talked about." Who would those "others" be? Certainly not William Brangham or anyone at Newshour and certainly not Devlin Barrett and his WashPo newsroom. Those others would be Trump, Rush, Hannity, Carlson, me, probably you, etc. Until they could not sustain it any longer (today), they've been absolutely high on the faith that Trump is a Russian agent and anyone that didn't come on board their HateTrain is a Putin troll and worse, an extremist MAGA Republican. They're such durn threats to our democracy.

It was all a hoax. A political dirty trick. Trump was right. One political dirty trick after another by the Lying Sacks of Shit Party. Every dirty trick spawns a spat of more dirty tricks to cover up the previous dirty trick. The current dirty trick might very well be dropping the investigations into Hunter Biden in return for changing his status to Confidential Human Source for the FBI, CIA, whoever. As it turns out, HB has been working undercover as a crackhead, sex fiend for years and developed exploitable relationships with criminals and corrupt politicians (but then I repeat myself, don't I?). HB is actually a superspy. That's why his pappa couldn't be prouder. Lemons into lemonade.

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What a joke; 3 year investigation and tens of millions of USD spent on something we knew Day 1. FBI and CIA are traitors to the Constitution and USA. Same as Biden corruption; everyone has known for years they took bribes but didn’t report or prosecute. Stick a fork in it; Dems win 2024 and SHTF 2025. Hedge appropriately. I do appreciate the essay and comments here btw.

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Democrats are based in criminality right down to the base. Orwellian media send all to memory hole.

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The problem is that Democrats have control of the Executive Branch and the Senate. They're not going to do a damn thing. The media will ignore it and it will all be swept under the rug, unless Republicans regain control of all three branches next November.

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Nothing will come of it. The entire federal government is just a group of criminals. Write any letters you want, blow the whistle all you want, vote for anybody you want - you'll just be ignored.

Government will never reform. They don't care.

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Did anyone really expect the Democratic Party (who fought like tigers to keep slavery and Jim Crow) and their Deep State allies to behave any differently?

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We live in an age of hypocricsy, double standards and lies. These are the defining qualities of our time. It is important to chronicle the corruption.

The report is a bombshell. The 300 pages detail the double standard for Trump and Hillary Clinton. There were serious questions to investigate about her activities yet those investigations froze.

Any normal practices, professionalism and basic honesty went out the window in their monomaniacle effort to get Trump in the greatest witch hunt of all time. The FBI was run in an absolutely corrupt fashion from start to finish absolutly unchecked in any overreach, yet no one will go to jail for this criminal activity.

Kevin Clinesmith committed felony forgery to materially alter an email to spy on an American in the absence of any other evidence. He was given 12 months of probation which shows how the corruption is tolerated.

o. This hypocrisy and double standards are clearly repeated consistently throughout the media in their coverage along party lines.

o. The IPCC has morphed from a scientific assessment of the climate science and policy options to an advocacy organization for extreme policies, riddled with errors. (See Roger Pilke Jr's Substack, The Honest Broker).

o. Women should have a zero tolerance for any sexual comment in the workplace or a bar, yet when a man restrains a menacing, threatening criminal on the subway, who presents a clear and present danger and ultimately dies, he should be charged with murder.

o. A child can not drink, drive, vote, or marry, yet can destroy his or her ability to have children with 'gender affirming' meds and surgery, frequently without even informing parents.

o. We have 'family friendly' drag shows for preschools

o. We have woke mobs who shout down US judges in law school, and occasionally riot without any arrests

o. We have prosecutors who let criminals run free on our streets, yet will charge a former president with a misdemeanor books and records violation after the statute of limitations has run out

o. We have an open border where illegal crossings have topped 10,000 in one day, over 2.3 million in one year yet the president, vice president and head of border control are not challenged with questions or held to account

o. We tolerate tent cities filled with crime and facilitate fentanyl abuse with free pipes and free money

It's time we made some changes. (Did I leave anything out? Please add in a reply.)

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We knew the game when it was happening; 19 minutes after his inauguration - you should watch that great speech again - The Washington Post stated "The Campaign to Impeach Trump has begun."

WaPo is the favorite leak point of the FBI. No election interference or anything...

Grateful for your turning, Sasha.

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Russian collusion was a criminal conspiracy. Can you name any comparable event in history?

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Trump is calling 2020 fraud he lost he won 2016 easily the FBI is crap has been for the past 40 years.

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Nothing will be done. Only "the little people" can be held accountable.

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Be very afraid - our government is plotting against us

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Are we supposed to be surprised?

If you think any real consequences will EVER be meted out to those responsible, I’ve got some bridges for sale.

I read this morning Republicans are considering holding Blinken in contempt. Whew, boy, that’ll show him!

Quit trying to play be the rules and shame the left. Neither one matters to the them, only winning and power.

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Quote: "Neither U.S. law enforcement nor the Intelligence Community appears to have possessed any actual evidence of collusion in their holdings at the commencement of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation," Durham wrote in a 300-plus page report sent to Congress and others and obtained by Just the News.

I understand the need for "proof" and "actual evidence." I get that. But the DOJ is trying to throw a man in jail for 10 years for election interference over a meme. But if you want to talk election interference . . . here you go.

And as bad or worse than what they did to Trump is what they *didn't do* to the Clintons. The higher ups shut down investigations into both the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Campaign.

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The FBI, from Comey on down through McCabe and operatives like Strzok, perpetrated the Russia Hoax in an effort to frame a sitting US President.

In a just world, the agency would be dissolved and all of those involved in deceiving the FISA Court and the public would be prosecuted, with significant time in prison for those convicted.

Consider: After Watergate, 40 government officials went to prison, including Haldeman, Erlichman, Dean, Hunt, Liddy, Colson, McCord and the former Attorney General of the US, John Mitchell, for a conspiracy far less brazen than this.

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This important report may be meaningless, unless Trump gets elected in 2024.

Any Republican president would be crazy if he didn’t quickly gut the FBI, the CIA, and the DOJ, for starters.

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This is one of those things that is easy to gloss over -- 'ah, more evidence of an unfair system.'

But this is actually much bigger than that when you think about it. The official investigator into this matter concluded that the FBI, and other intelligence agencies, opened an illegal investigation into a presidential candidate (and continued this after he became president). It's much, much bigger than Watergate, and the consequences are . . . nothing. He recommends no further prosecutions.

Even the prosecutions that were initiated by Durham were a farce. He prosecuted Sussman for deceiving the FBI?!?! Small wonder he didn't get a conviction. He just concluded the FBI was in on the act the whole time. He effectively prosecuted one co-conspirator for deceiving the other, then we're supposed to be astonished when he can't prove that co-conspirator #2 was beguiled.

And, that's what should be the marker here: It is not that this corruption occurred. It is that absolutely no one will be held accountable for it.

If you're trying to assess where we are in the Fourth Turning, that is the important point. Justice is no longer blind, and the Rule of Law no longer exists. There have been many other markers along the way, e.g., J6. But, this is the biggest marker thus far.

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So much in the report, but not surprising to those reading real news sites for the past 6 years. This is Watergate on crack. But will anything happen? Seems only those who were targets of the attack or collateral damage were punished. Very discouraging. Our representatives in Washington DC are weak kneed, lily-livered, yellow-bellied, turncoats, when it comes to truly representing THE PEOPLE. Since the MSM doesn't hold the deep state to account, hopefully alternative media will continue to rise up. Maybe the internet will save us after all!!

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Why isn’t the National Socialist media and the rest of the Fascist Far Left putting as much investigative effort into the obvious corruption of Beijing Biden as they did with the false ‘Russia collusion’ hoax?

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It is really sad what has happened to our great nation. So they finally come clean. They confess that what we knew was right along was really true. And they say they have made changes now. Big deal. These traitors stole the election and installed a mentally deficient old man in the Whitehouse. I don't want to see acknowledgement of wrongdoing. I don't want to see changes. I want to see people arrested, tried and convicted. I want to see the FBI, CIA, DHS and other agencies who have declared that I am the enemy abolished. We may need the services they were formed to provide, but not when they are turned against Americans. Loving my country does not make me a terrorist!

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No accountability. No crimes committed. No spending limits. No outsiders. No problem, right? What could possibly go wrong?

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Hey Sasha

In Cheyenne of all places. Check out the song Lights of Cheyenne by James McMurtry. About 10 years old now but a real commentary of what the American working class has spiritually become. After that, if you want, listen to Choctaw Bingo.

I agree, they will try their best to bury this. They know what they're doing and everybody knows they're lying. It's out in the open but they don't care.

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The diatribe above is a roadmap to the coming reaction by the left to the Durham report. It is a fevered attempt to relitigate Trump’s collusion with Russia. It sounds like it could have been manufactured by Adam Schiff’s press secretary.

Oh, and the reason I was posting here to begin with was to mention that the Durham Report was relegated to page 5 of the LA Times.

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Operation Crossfire Hurricane and the Muller investigation cost $32 million. The Democrats should have to pay that back to the US Treasury. This is all old hat anyway. Byron York wote a book about the Muller investigation nearly 3 years ago. Durham, wanting to be thorough, has taken too long in his investigation. It will be much ado about nothing. The media will give it the Hunter Biden Laptop treatment. I am depressed.

P.S. The Rolling Stones should sue the Dems for naming this atrocity after a line from one of their songs.

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All it did was Confirm or Reconfirm, or Rereconfirm everything The Right has been saying for years.

Comment at The Right Reasons (https://www.therightreasons.net/topic/105457-breaking-john-durham%E2%80%99s-years-long-investigation-into-trump-russia-collusion-investigators-is-over/)

"Special counsel John Durham’s report on his investigation into the investigators of Trump-Russia collusion during the 2016 election is finished.

And so what????? What are the consequences??? What a crock."

"And so what????? What are the consequences??? What a crock.

As Long As Grand Pa is sitting (napping) in the Oval Office...Nothing."

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The term "nothingburger" is overused, but it will applies here. Not that crimes weren't committed. Not that the FBI has been shown - again - as an out-of-control tool of tyranny in service to the Deep State. And not that the Department of "Justice" isn't corrupted to its core. All of this is true, and so much more (looking at you, media!)

But because the corruption was (1) done in service to the Deep State, and (2) done to attack Orange Man Bad, winks, nods, and looking the other way will be the orders of the day, week, month, and year. Durham does not even "recommend any wholesale changes in the guidelines and policies that the Department and the FBI now have in place to ensure proper conduct and accountability in how counterintelligence activities are carried out." In other words, nothing is to be done. And I'm sure the House will "investigate" the alphabet agencies - and like all their "investigations," this will lead to zero charges and zero changes.

The only way forward is to completely eliminate the entire federal "justice" system and start over.

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As If being the slave masters wasn’t enough. The Democrat party continues to destroy America in every possible way.

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It's clear as day that the FBI perpetrated the Russia collusion hoax without evidence to frame a sitting US President. Full stop. Short of assassination, this is as corrupt as government can get.

In a just world, the FBI would be dissolved (or restructured), and the perpetrators would be prosecuted and those convicted would serve prison terms. For Watergate, 40 government officials were indicted or jailed. John Erlichman, Bob Haldeman, John Dean, Howard Hunt. Gordon Liddy, Charles Colson, James McCord and former Attorney General of the US John Mitchell (for heaven's sake!) went to prison.

Today, for a conspiracy far more brazen, Comey, McCabe, Brennan, Strzok et al get lucrative book deals and cable news contracts.

And Jake Tapper, one of the media flunkies who promoted the lie, says, 'Whoopsie.'

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Happy travels Ms Sasha!

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Nice summation, Godspeed on your Journey.

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You wrote, "We really need that nightly monologue from Tucker to put a period at the end of this sentence. " But there's this little issue: Will Tucker's conservative content be muzzled under the aegis of new Twitter CEO Linda Wokearino...a WEF disciple and overt vax hugger?

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This report will change every Trump hater's mind about Trump being a Russian asset... BWAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!!

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Sasha, have you seen the headline regarding US Virgin Islands seeking to subpoenaed Musk? Did he step too far out of line with TC? Has the WEF stepped in? Are the globalists firing a warning shot? Or is his past catching up to him? Hard to know…except I do not trust him.

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After four years, review of 1 million documents, 490 interviews, the Durham Report concludes that FBI should have opened a preliminary investigation (PI) instead of a full investigation (FI) in 2016. The only difference between FI and PI is the duration and the authorities that may be used. This is a hairsplitting quibble, and one on which FBI officials routinely disagree.

Durham also minimizes the reasons FBI was alarmed enough to open a FI in 2016 based on information received from Australian diplomats about Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos. According to Aussies, Papadopoulos said, “Trump team had received some kind of suggestion from Russia that it could assist this process with the anonymous release of information during the campaign that would be damaging to Mrs Clinton.” Papadopoulos’s statement came right after the DNC hack. FBI was properly concerned about Russia’s efforts to influence the presidential election. This was an investigation into RUSSIA.

Trump had other concerning ties to Russians: real estate deals, Miss Universe Pageant, loans from Russian lenders, Trump Tower Moscow project. Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort had lobbied for pro-Russian oligarchs.

Trump campaign members also had ties to Russia. Mike Flynn was paid $45,000 by Russia Today in 2015 for a speech he gave at a banquet where he sat next to Putin. He later lied to FBI about his calls with the Russian ambassador about sanctions during the transition.

Carter Page had been seen meeting with Russian intel officers. It now appears that he was unaware that they were trying to recruit him. Papadopoulos worked to set up a meeting with Putin.

Durham criticizes the FBI for relying on the Steele Dossier for the Carter Page FISA. Steele Dossier was not the basis for opening the investigation, but it makes for a useful scapegoat to blur that fact. We now know FBI was unable to corroborate the Steele Dossier, which contained explosive details about Russian kompromat on Trump. That’s 20/20 hindsight. And, importantly, Durham never says the information in it was false, just unconfirmed. In fact, some aspects of Steele Dossier were confirmed by Mueller and DNI: Putin favored Trump and was working to influence the election in Trump’s favor and against Clinton. It also contained unconfirmed information that could have seriously compromised Trump as president. Failing to investigate these ties would have been a breach of duty by FBI. This was an investigation into RUSSIA. Russia was the threat and the focus. Trump was just Russia’s useful idiot.

Page FISA also was based on an e-mail altered by an FBI lawyer. That lawyer was identified by IG, not Durham, and he was properly convicted for making false statements. Mueller disregarded all aspects of Page FISA.

In addition to criticizing the FBI for opening a FI instead of a PI, Durham also ignores other facts and helps advance the narrative that the Russia investigation was a hoax.

Like Barr, Durham says Mueller found no conspiracy between Trump and Russia but fails to mention the 2016 Trump Tower meeting to receive dirt on Clinton, sharing of polling data with Russian intel officer Konstantin Kilimnik, and coordinating of messaging with Wikileaks. Durham also ignores Trump’s public statement, “Russia, if you’re listening …” asking them to find Clinton’s missing emails, and the subsequent release of hacked emails hours after the release of the Access Hollywood tape.

At the July 2018 press conference attended by Trump & Putin, Trump said he didn’t “see any reason why” Russia would interfere with the 2016 election, another instance of Trump breaking with the U.S. intelligence community that found several instances involving social media and internet trolls, cyerattacks on Dems, targeting of important voting blocs and institutions and intrusions into state election systems. The next day Trump said he meant to say “don’t see any reasonw they wouldn’t” interfere after the guy beside (Putin) said they did interfere to aid Trump.

The result of Durham’s four-year investigation is two failed prosecutions of bit players outside of government and a recommendation for FBI to hire someone to oversee their FISA work. But the Durham Report provides fuel for the false claim that the Russia probe was a hoax. Don’t fall for it. While Mueller found no conspiracy, he concluded that Russia worked to help Trump become president. And rather than report Russia’s overtures to FBI, Trump’s campaign was willing to accept the help.

Trump became the 1st president in 50 years to not voluntarity release their tax filings. When some were released (not by him), they showed his businesses lost more than $1 billion from 1985 to 1994, more than any other tax payer in America during that period. In 2009, Trump had personal tax return losses of $700 million and $200 million the next year. What else was / is he hiding? During his presidency, Trump routinely praised the world’s largest white straigh male dictatorships (Russia always #1, N Korea, Turkey, Brazil) and trashed allies incl the ones directly north and south. He didn’t say much about the African ones but did at one point call the continent of Africa and shithole country. Trump is always his own worst enemy. Is it any wonder the majority of the country, not to mention its leaders support relevant investigations.

Trump had Russia, the electoral college and James Comey (recall on October 28, 2016, eleven days before the election, Comey notified Congress that the FBI had started looking into newly discovered emails. On November 6, Comey notified Congress that the FBI had not changed its conclusion), among others aid Trump’s ascension to the presidency.

The only winner here is Russia, which succeeded in its mission to get its favored candidate elected, sow discord in the United States, and undermine public trust in American institutions.

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From someone who interviewed the Durham team:


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As a side note, does anyone know why Al Jazeera is reporting on this:

Ukraine repels ‘exceptional’ Russia missile, drone attack on Kyiv


while our media is reporting on a light beer commercial?

just asking.

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re the FBI basing investigative decisions on politics, they did it because they could.

need to fix this.

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Imagine my surprise.

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Googled to see what news coverage there is of this, and MSNBC was brazen, condescending, and patronizing the right while withholding the substance of the story. I don't follow mainstream news media (I trust the newsfeed at RealClearPolitics the most), so pardon how shocked I am of their handling this.

But I am hoping all the lies and spin come crashing back on them and others doing the same, and that the truth is seen for what it is.

Link to MSNBC


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Any Democrat still deciding to support any of these traitors should be ashamed. Deep State filled with long-time politicians and long-time government bureaucrats have corrupted our government making it equal to a banana republic or 3rd world dictatorship. Our only hope is Trump 2024 especially since he scares them so.

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Heading out to Cody in a couple days to visit family .

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