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People don’t turn to these men because they’re looking for goodness or purity. They’re turning to them because they are warriors. It’s as simple as that.

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It may be a subtle difference, but I don't think people tune in to Tucker Carlson because they trust him. People see what's happening. They form opinions. For example, men can be women; men can get pregnant; men who say they're women should be allowed to compete in women's sports. Men who claim they're women have a right to tell you how to address them.

People see these things, and they see the rest of the media gaslighting them, telling them 'of course men can be women,' 'of course, Putin is evil and the USA did nothing to provoke that war,' 'of course, taking a rushed, experimental vaccine is the right thing to do,' 'of course J6 was the worst thing since 9/11.'

They tuned into Tucker because he was one of the only media figures willing to speak the truth as they see it, despite all the rest of the mainstream media being arrayed against him. And, he did so unflinchingly, often with a sense of humor and humility, and he did so persuasively. In short, he voiced the thoughts of those who tuned in to his show, even when no one else would. And, he sometimes spoke a truth with which viewers did not agree (e.g., Sydney Powell), but even in those circumstances they could appreciate that his perspective was rooted in reason.

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" People don’t turn to these men because they’re looking for goodness or purity. They’re turning to them because they are warriors. It’s as simple as that."

Sasha, I would add the most important characteristic of all: They are real. Authentic. Genuine. Unafraid to be who they really are...Comfortable in their own skin.

I too, did not always agree with Carlson or Trump...but I never doubted for a second they were authentic. Its become one of the only things I care about these days when dealing with anyone. I find myself drawn to that quality these days like a moth to flame.

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I cancelled mine as well. My stated reason was “Because you fired Tucker!”

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And Tucker Carlson Today were some of the most interviews I’ve ever seen. He is a really good interviewer. But I canceled mine too.

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I’m probably going to drop Direct TV because every package includes Fox News. My world is now Podcasts and reviewing the news for an hour every morning. Frankly, it’s freeing.

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I also canceled my Fox Nation sub within minutes of learning he had been fired.

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Apr 26Liked by Sasha Stone

Sasha, did you get a follow-up question as to why you were cancelling? I did on Monday, but some folks have commented since that they did not. I wonder if Fox doesn't want to know...or care.

When I got the confirmation email titled "We're sad to see you go" with a button to Restart Plan, underneath was a row of thumbnails pushing various content on the channel. The second tile was for "Tucker Carlson Originals". I'm still laughing.

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The Wall Street Journal had an article today about this subject and the headline was something about Carlson being fired for “vulgar comments”. In our present day culture I thought vulgarity was considered a feature not a bug.

I tried to post a comment wondering why a comment could be considered vulgar, but the mutilation of children is not. The algorithm immediately killed the comment, because we are apparently not allowed to mention the mutilation of children.

Don’t observe, don’t question, and don’t speak. These are interesting times we live in.

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Something big seems to afoot in media and the censorship regimes. I'm not sure where any of this is going but I have a bad feeling. I would like to see the non-woke media like Rumble, Locals, Daily Wire, The Blaze, and the individuals such as yourself, Taibbi, Greenwald, Megyn, and all the others, form some form of protective alliance. I don't know how such an alliance could be organized, but maybe something along the lines of the NFL where you have individual teams competing with each other under the umbrella of a league with everyone's interest at stake. Tucker might be the guy to pull this off.

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I cancelled mine as well. The station is going to go back to its necon ways and promote every stupid war it can find like it did back in the GWB days. Tucker is a once a generation talent. Wherever he goes will be a juggernaut, and personally I hope he starts his own media empire. He's one of the few that could pull something like that off.

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There is so much hate for people like Tucker Carlson, Matt Taibbi, Sasha Stone, Elon Musk and Trump because they tell the unvarnished truth about everything and that gets in the way of the lies that the mainstream media and the politicians of the uniparty/government agencies have been trying to steadily build and weave over the past few years. Furthermore, all of them came to us from the left's power centers like MSNBC, Rolling Stone, the Clinton Machine and their Democratic donors - so they know all the secrets from the other side and that, my friends, may make them more dangerous to the left than anything else.

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I cancelled my Wall Street Journal subscription because of the hit piece

that they published on Tucker today. I will no longer support any media

owned by the Murdoch family. I was already feeling uncomfortable about

their editorial war on all things Trump. Megyn Kelly affirmed my thoughts

about the WSJ article when she opened her show today. I don't think that

you fire someone from one platform that you own and immediately go to

your other platform to trash that person. UGH!!!!

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I’ve watched TC for years and I’ve never thought him to have a vulgur sense of humor (and I’m

a prude lol), in fact, he made me laugh out loud on many occasions.

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The thing I liked about Tucker on Fox Nation was that he was sincerely interested in what his interviewees had to say. He listened. It wasn’t about piling on or talking over the subject ala Mehdi Hassan.

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Warriors AND Truth Tellers!

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Gutfeld is entertaining and I like his guests, but it's mostly horsing around.... except for Tyrus. That guy is awesome. The only other Fox Nation show I make a point to catch on YouTube is - was - Carlson. He is a lot smarter than the other hosts and isn't afraid of anyone or any topic. I like how he has members of the opposition on and conducts intelligent interviews and debates. I don't go along with all of his lines and his silly giggle is off-putting, but that's trivial. The important thing is that he has the nards to make for a compelling, much watch show. I'm looking forward to his next chapter.

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Apr 26·edited Apr 26

My take is that the Dems want to ‘Kavanaugh’ Tucker on his way out with the Abby lawsuit. She’s being represented by Democrat party operatives too. Abby has nothing to do with Tucker’s exit but the Dems and their servant media will muck up the waters.

Tucker has to negotiate his exit from Fox now, and they want to make it as difficult as possible, and try him by public opinion to influence their voters, the public at large and even Fox. They want to Punish Tucker as much as they possibly can.

All the Dems have is their slander, their lies, their hoaxes. The usual MSNBC, CNN, etc. viewers will swallow it hook, line and sinker. Just like the other hoaxes that the Dems have pulled over the last six years. People still believe in Russiagate and similar crap.

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The Achilles Heel of self-important twits like the democrats and their handmaidens in the media is mockery. They cannot handle being mocked and their only defense is "Well I never!"

Trump and Tucker mocked people who desperately needed to be mocked and that was their sin.

Trump and Tucker may go into the sunset, but there will be others.

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Cancel it! you can always see highlights on YouTube and FB they are all over the place. I am done giving them any $$

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It's clear that Fox wants to return to the Establishment Bush GOP era days, and I want nothing to do with that. I'm cancelling my Fox Nation subscription too, which I only got because of Tucker Carlson Today.

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I told everyone I knew in 2016 that I’m not voting for a Priest, I’m voting for a businessman who can get in there and kick some ass in order to turn our Country around! And kick ass he did!! He’s not a career politician! I love Tucker bcuz his research team is top notch, so when he speaks, you KNOW that it’s truthful!

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I get all that, and, yes conservatives need to band together in these crazy days. But a true warrior is also a team player - something Carlson seems to have struggled with, and something Trump has never even attempted.

As for the Dominion lawsuit, as a journalist for most of the past 40 years, I wish they would have fought it. But Dominion filed it in a court friendly to them and hostile to Fox, Fox couldn't get a change of venue, the judge was openly prejudiced but unlikely to recuse, and so Fox cut their losses rather than hope for reversal on appeal.

As I've written elsewhere, the folks who are really fearful of the Fox settlement with Dominion are the staff attorneys at the New York Times, Washington Post, CBS, CNN, NBC, Associated Press, PBS, etc., because now we have the precedent of a court ordering a news organization to divulge its internal editorial discussions as part of pre-trial discovery.

The computer shop owner where Hunter Biden abandoned his computers is already suing the NYT for libel; now his attorneys can go back, point to the Dominion-Fox settlement, and demand to see all the NYT's internal emails, meeting notes, voice mail, etc., regarding their coverage (er, lack thereof) of the Biden laptop.

Given that the Dominion judge in his preliminary decisions ruled that 1) Fox could not use newsworthiness as a defense for defamation and 2) If even SOME Fox journalists had doubts about the Trump campaign's claims of fraud, then those doubts had to be aired, the Times is in a hell of a spot legally. Same with the rest of the MSM.

I've long argued that many reporters and editors in the mainstream media coordinate their coverage with their political allies.

So it should be interesting.

(I'd also point out for an lefties lurking here who love to claim that Fox isn't real journalism, but merely a mouthpiece for the GOP, that the discovery in Dominion-Fox did NOT uncover any coordination between Fox journalists and the Republican Party.)

Dominion sets a horrible precedent, but one I think will bite the left-wing media much harder than it bit Fox simply because the leftwing media shows far more bias than Fox.

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The betrayal of those closest to you is the one that hurts the most. I understand that Fox News is a PR arm, but I gave them money and time and attention simply because they had someone like Tucker Carlson on staff. That they dismissed him because, I suspect, he was not a reliable puppet for the Republican Party and the Machine, they not only took him away from us (childish as that sounds) but they are trying to destroy him and through him send a message to those of us who are rebelling against the dog and pony show. For that, while I doubt it will happen, non-religious me will be saying little prayers that Fox News and its parent company burn themselves to the ground.

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Good for you Sasha! They hate Tucker because he is a Truth / Freedom lover. The woke agenda deplores both of those virtues.

There are many theories about why Tucker was fired. Obviously, only Tucker knows. But let me float this theory:

Tucker had the biggest platform on cable television. Tucker was friends with Trump and supports him. The Deep State has spent millions of dollars and six years trying to destroy him and make sure he never sits in the White House again. They could not let the celebrity with the biggest megaphone on TV use his platform to lift up their sworn avowed enemy and would do anything to prevent that from happening. Also Blackrock has recently invested heavily in Fox. Murdoch is under their thumb. When they say jump; he asks how high?

Stand for Freedom!

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I'm wondering in what way they threatened Murdoch for him to commit such a self own.

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Dr. Robert Malone,

Mr. Steve Kirsch,

Dear Steve,

There Are Bodies Dropping To The Left Of You, And Bodies Dropping To The Right Of You, And You, And People Like You, Approach It Like It’s Some Kind Of Faculty Lounge Debate. And When I Say You - I Am Including Robert.

Astonishing Is What It Is.

You And He Are Still Trying To Explain To Others What You Don’t Yet Understand.

Which Brings Us To Malone, Our Beloved Robert. Robert’s Odyssey Is A Trilogy Really:

1. Lies My Government Told Me.

2. Lies I Believed.

3. Lies I Told Others.

None Of Which I Need To Read. Or Will. Until Maybe This Is All Over. And By Then I Doubt I Will Want To.

But I Have Today. And Have It I Will:

Myself, And Others Like Me, Are Stuck In The Boat With You. We Are Having To Do All Of The Rowing. While You Write Notes In Your Journal, Or Wave To The Other Boats. Preoccupied By The Lack Of Accommodations And A Concern For Who Sits Where. While Musing To Yourselves, And Yourselves Alone I Assure You, What Some Dead Fucker Said 1500 Years Ago.

I Will Tell You Boys This:

If You Fuckers Don’t Learn How To Fight. Or At Least How To Hit Clean And Stand Back, No One Is Going To Care What You Have To Say Ten Years From Now.

Doubt Me?

Look How Few Care Now.

I Will Keep Rowing. That’s What Guys Like Us Do. You Know Us When You See Us. But I Am Going To Keep Hitting You Upside The Head With My Oar Until We Get There.

And Bob, Stop Trying To Sue For Peace. Or To Figure Out How To Call Ahead And Announce Your Arrival. Do The Work. Not The Explaining.

We Are Going To Shore. Where We Will Join The Others. Many Who You Do Not Know. But You Will Know Them When You See Them Because They Smell Like Me. They Don’t Talk Like Me. I Have To Talk Like You. I Have To Talk Idiot For You To Understand.

Don’t Look At Me. Look Ahead. We Are Going To Shore. You Are Going To Shore. It’s Where The Fight Is.

I Love You.

But God Damnit Your Going To Learn How To Do This.

I Promised Your Mothers I’d Look Out For You.

For Fuck’s Sake.


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Fox is finished ..Period

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Apr 27·edited Apr 27

And now the suing begins. Headline litigation is well advised to catch the crest of the wave, as this woman - a professional guest booker - well knows. The plaintiff and counsel can ride the wave right up to summary judgement where actual questions of fact might get a first meaningful look. Turns out this sexual harassment plaintiff is alleged never to have actually met Carlson.

First rule: Never wait to file: It appears from this account that the woman's lawyers are just now wading through the recorded evidence she provided. She worked in New York and Carlson has home studios in different states where he actually does the show. So now even the Mike Pence rule of never being alone with a woman not his wife might not be enough. Heck, what happens when the plaintiff announces trans woman status just before filing? Play it safer. Better not ever have any contact with co-workers...

This ends when defendants are awarded damages automatically upon the suit's dismissal from plaintiff's lawyers in the same amount as the plaintiff claims. In the present system a broke and thus judgement proof plaintiff can bootstrap a media presence into a book deal with completely phony allegations.


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Talk radio is not the same without Rush Limbaugh. It would be great if Tucker moved into that empty space.

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I almost with I had bought a Fox subscription way back when. I would then have had the pleasure of cancelling it.

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Good move.

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You're so damn right

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I immediately canceled too. Not going to pay Big Brother if I can help it.

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Amen. Couldn’t have said it better myself. In fact I often tell people I’m not voting for a buddy. I’m voting for a leader. Tucker’s been pretty self deprecating about his short comings. Another thing that endears people to him. This is gonna be interesting for sure.

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Yeah, I subscribed only for Tucker, too. I contacted them to cancel it, but since I'd paid a year in advance, I have it until the end of the year. I asked about canceling now and getting a pro-rated refund, but the chat rep said "all sales are final." I may keep trying, but at least they did ask why I wanted to cancel. :::shrug:::

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I cancelled. For two reasons. First, I only really cared about Tucker Carlson Today. The guests and interviews were great. And two, to send a signal that they (Fox executives) made the wrong decision.

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I cancelled too and listed Tucker’s firing as the reason. I read that Murdoch didn’t appreciate his becoming “to big for his boots” and speaking his Christian values---the latter purportedly being the reason he dumped his fiancé as well. I’m a huge Tucker fan but what worries me is the reach he had with boomers who may not be accessing Substack, podcasts and twitter. Tucker covered so many issues that weren’t mainstream. And I have read that if he takes the full payout from his contract, there may be a non-compete which will prevent him from joining another organization until that contract period has ended. That may not prevent him from speaking out, as he did on twitter this evening, but again the wide-reach will not be there.

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I cancelled Fox Nation as well - yesterday - and explained exactly why. Fox doesn't care about lil' ol' me, but if enough of us little folks give them the "what for", perhaps they will understand that people want thoughtful opinion, whether or not we agree, instead of bland pablum to sell pillows I'm entertained by a few personalities at Fox, but there aren't many who provoke thought as did Carlson.

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You get it.

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Money is the only thing they understand. When revenue declines enough, it may get their attention. However, sometimes these folks don't care how much it costs to simply feel like they are getting even. Tucker will do fine, but this has to hurt. We have temporarily lost our voice, but he will be back.

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I don't want to pay for info or news. Never had Fox Nation and will never pay for anything on my screen. Well, OK, maybe NewsNation (spelling?) which seems to be lively and un-afraid. I'll see afetr a few weeks. And, of course, I suspect we all will miss Tucker, sooner or later.

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When I read comments on this site, and when I read comments from other sites, for a very long time now, mainstream ones too (the ones that allow comments), I keep seeing and feeling the biggest common denominator, the search and need for Truth.

We fool ourselves when we do not acknowledge that Truth is essential to a good life. It seems so simple, almost condescending to others to say it, yet it's very hard to consistently live it, to live to Truth. How can we become a greater force by coalescing around Truth?

In my opinion (and humility is essential for all of this, because we can all be deceived), it's God. It's the one who told us he is the Truth. Try not to allow the prevailing winds of society (or the actions of fallen, flawed men) empower a stigma around God. Glory be to God, and God Bless all the believers in Truth, Christian or not, like the good folks on this blog!

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As simple as that!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥

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Good comment, and my reference to M7 is not to just hire another group to 'save us'. That is what we need to stop doing, along with hiring governments to do our caring for us. And I agree that the word Love is falling into disrepute as much as the term 'woman'. I am reminded of the the definition of love by Robert A HeinLein:- 'Love is where the wellbeing of another is essential to your own'.

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"The same goes for Trump. People don’t turn to these men because they’re looking for goodness or purity. They’re turning to them because they are warriors. It’s as simple as that."

Very true. I would add that many people turn to Trump and Tucker because both love this nation and its people - especially the common people - and they sense that our so-called "leaders" do not.

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I have my own operating manual, here are 3 elements:-

#3 - You can't discuss what you can't define,

#4 - You can't manage what you can't measure,

#5 - You can't trust what you can't test,

Tucker helped me operate that manual.... And when confronted with evil and its ruthless application of force, Tucker is not just a hired gun, a mercenary, or a soldier, he is a Samurai, a warrior with ethics and honour. We need to find and hire our 'Seven Samurai'. Kurosawa Rules for Eastern values, and John Sturges Rules for (if you will pardon the pun) Western values. To discuss, define, To manage, measure, To trust, test. We have a civilization to rebuild; let's get busy!

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Trump and Carlson are demagogues, not warriors. Warriors are honorable, even to their opponents. These men are not.

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Wise lady, Sasha, like most of the other WOMEN here.

Once again, here is the truth, and it applies to Tucker as well: http://www.forbes.com/sites/realspin/2016/08/19/the-day-i-went-head-to-head-with-donald-trump/#624a2a035570

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