One of the reasons for the stronger embrace of Christianity is its message of grace, forgiveness and equality before a holy God. In today’s cancel culture, there is no grace, no forgiveness and no recognition of true equality as humans. People will always gravitate towards the innate truth and goodness if forced to do otherwise.

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Beautiful essay, thank you. And I so endorse that feeling, it's a bit undefinable, but it's showing up in so many ways. Deep changes are coming. Thank you.

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I want to believe you but we've had so many false turning points.

We all thought the anti-SJW movement was going to be the turning point, and yet it wasn't...

These fuckers aren't going unless they are literally dragged out of every institution they occupy, which is all of them.

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Thank you, Sasha!

I’m choosing to be hopeful and I hope you’re correct about this revolution.

You’re writing is extraordinary.

Your courage is inspiring.

Showing up where people used to love you, knowing that they now hate you.

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I encourage everyone to watch the videos on YouTube/Rumble of Black Americans reacting to “Rich Men”. Many are driven to tears. The elites will not allow working class Whites to unite with their Black brothers and sisters. I predict an uptick in fake hate crimes and false flags so that the elite maintains its carefully crafted wedge.

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The Bud Light fiasco is when the Cultural Left jumped the shark. Its all downhill from here.

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In an interview with Vivek on one of the corporate "news" programs over the weekend, the interviewer (a former Clinton administration apparatchik) inadvertently disclosed the Democrats' devious and pathetic plan for the 2024 campaign. Vivek was asked repeatedly "Would you vote for a convicted felon for president?" The cat was out of the bag: with nothing really for the Democrats to run on, the 4 "indictments" were simply a desperate ploy calculated to be their main campaign platform.

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"Do they really believe on the Left that they can end the Trump movement by convicting him and throwing him in jail? Do they think that’s the best approach to deal with a populist revolution, culturally and politically? Do they think that censorship on sites like YouTube and GoFundMe is the way to quiet the rising discontent of the people they have abandoned? "

What they don't understand is its NOT 1993, its 2023, and its (for better of Worse) a Whole New World.

The time when people actually cared/watched The Oscars & Emmy's, when and editorial n the New York Times (a former newspaper) could bring down a Presidency, those days are gone/rapidly dying (for better or worse).

Remember when Meet The Press really mattered? Ah Memory's


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A strange and spooky feeling to be living in a society that has collapsed into insanity but just compare the people we have on our side like Elon, Tucker, Tulsi, Vivek and his wife to any of the fanatics on the Woke side. Like the difference between day and night. Watch Vivek and his wife, Apoorva, talk about God and religion. Actually quite beautiful. The more I see of both of these people the more Impressed I am. He’d make a great president plus he and his wife would be fabulous role models not only for our deeply troubled society but also for our lost and confused world. These are people who really do seem to be divinely inspired.

“In its true essence, dharma means for a Hindu to "expand the mind". Furthermore, it represents the direct connection between the individual and the societal phenomena that bind the society together. In the way societal phenomena affect the conscience of the individual, similarly may the actions of an individual alter the course of the society, for better or for worse. This has been subtly echoed by the credo धर्मो धारयति प्रजा: meaning dharma is that which holds and provides support to the social construct.”

“Vivek Ramaswamy talks about his Dharma. He is running for US presidency.” (10 min)

Every Devotee has a Story. Aug 31, 2023


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The movie you recommend, "The Holdovers" looks entertaining, however, I must say I am "Paul giamattie'd" out. He is ubiquitous, it seems you can't turn a dial without seeing him. As much as I'd like to see the film I don't know if I can watch two hours of him again.

Your essay is excellent, we are in need of an infusion of morality and perhaps more important of judgement. We've all been sold on the idea of "free love", but there is no such thing. You pay some emotional toll with each increase in body count. Male and female. A coarsening. You become insular.

We need a return to the pursuit of a moral existence. Which can lead to a more fulfilling life.

People living a full existence don't need Prozac, don't need Adderal, they cope better with life as it presents.

Happiness isn't down the rabbit hole of twitter. It's in a sense of accomplishment and self-worth.

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A lack of celebrities at Telluride would be a blessing. Those elite snobs can stay home. I’d rather catch a ride with an unknown person and find real conversations than some celebrity thinking they are gracing their presence by sitting by me. I truly pray many are returning to Christianity fait. We need to realize our existence needs salvation from the demonic forces being unleashed on our children and must stand strong against these movements.

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Wow. How can a person who was of the left a majority of her years can relate so eloquently to MAGA beliefs and thinking. I applaud miss stone for her courage to speak out. Her voice about the MAGA movement is so inspiring and passionate that I believe very good things will happen for her in the future. An undeniable gem.

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Cross posted. One of the most optimistic and hopeful essays I have read in a very long time.

Thank you, Sasha Stone.

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Your description of Telluride made me think of the stark, gray concrete world the Soviet Union built under their communist rule. It was a humorless, colorless existence of an enslaved people living under the oppression and ever-watchful eye of their overlords.

That’s what’s being built here, where conformity is the law of the land, and fear of stepping outside their electrified guardrails the ruling motivator.

True, people are slowly awakening to and becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the ruling elites dictats, but there’s no real opposition party, no consequences ever suffered by the wrong-doers for their blatant lawlessness, and irrationality.

Everyone seems to be waiting for “someone” to do “something”, but have no idea who that someone is or what that something will be.

Some put all their eggs in Trump’s basket, but, while he most assuredly is the poster boy for so much of the evil being perpetrated upon us all, the evil machinations and lust for power of these forces arrayed against us continues apace, knows no bounds, and they will go to any lengths imaginable (even unimaginable), to stop him.

I feel like we’re the ones in the “Burning Man” images, stuck in the muck and mire of the diabolical regime currently ruling over us. We gotta get outta here.

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Wow. Just. Wow. God bless you, Sasha.

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May you be as accurate as you are eloquent.

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