Whoa. . This piece is unbelievably tight and well-argued. ..So much to think about and respond to, it's hard to know where to begin..reads like the insights of a profound mushroom trip put to words...

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I don't think it is religion that explains the mental health difference between liberals and conservatives.

I suspect the constant barrage of cultural ridicule and shaming of conservatives has made them more resilient, while the constant cultural affirmation of liberals has made them fragile.

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So many thoughts as I read your article. Driving through Midwest America you see people busy raising their families, being content but also worried about inflation, and focusing on life rather than the horrid political scene this administration has caused. Listening to Biden push his hate & racist ideas is enough to scream. Tried to listen to Obama’s but his fake accent was annoying. Obama pushed racial division every chance he got, so surprised he wasn’t in this speech. Then I read about the abortionist murdering an 8 month term baby. That was not abortion but outright murder. When society thinks this is normal, we have lost all respect for humanity. No wonder the younger generation feels depressed and lost. When parents proclaim abortion as a human right 🤦‍♀️ instead of a rare incident, children see themselves as irrelevant. When trans/gender identity nonsense is pushed as healthcare instead of mental illness, no wonder adolescents are confused and suicidal. These illusions destroy the meaning of life and make them out as mistakes instead of a gift from Our Creator, Father God. These far left ideas are destroying the family unit, the specialness of being a female, a woman, and saying individual selfishness should be of top importance. Sad to think about these false hopes & idols, when most important is our love of God, family, and country.

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Coincidentally, I was thinking "Munchausen" syndrome when reading Lisa Davis' column on Bari Weiss's Substack account about psychologists forcing CRT on their patients or cancelling them.

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A Sasha Stone piece w an embedded Peachy Keenan tweet?! Day. Made.

Great insights, Sasha. Safe travels & keep the writings coming!

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"In general, he aborts babies with 'fetal abnormalities'"

Just abnormalities? Not life-threatening defects? That is no justification, either – but just what might these abnormalities be? Does not that special-needs child deserve to live as much as one who is, "normal?"

"— to condition women to not care, even a little bit, about aborting their babies is odd."

Odd? It is nothing short of evil.

I cannot suggest strongly enough viewing the video series, "How Should We Then Live: The Rise and Decline of Western Thought and Culture" along with reading the book by the same title, by Francis A Schaeffer. Its content was all too prescient in 1976.

"It means voting for leaders who believe in merit over equity."

Well, that means voting Republican for the next few cycles, until enough Democrat candidates can reclaim the party's soul and be a legitimate alternative America-First party. That may not happen for a while.

I might ask those on the left, of the many fears you had of a Trump presidency, how many actually were realized? I'll bet the answer is none. There is no reason, other than a healthy skepticism, to fear another Trump administration, or any other Republican office holder – at least, until he/she is no longer a republican.

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We, as a nation, are spiritually sick. There is a spiritual shift, an ideological shift and an emotional shift when you realize WHO you are in relationship with the Messiah. That you are loved, have worth, that you were made for dignity, that you are cleansed and restored to the Father… and that He is HOLY and completely GOOD. People hunger for true goodness, mercy and truth…and it is to be found in Christ. I am so grateful for Him in my life.

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“It means voting for leaders who believe in merit over equity.”

No one does this better than Vivek Ramaswamy. He will bring much needed attention to this issue. Very intelligent, knowledgeable, articulate and actually seems to enjoy fighting demons. Very impressive.

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Your ability to put into words these huge problems we are having, and yet not lose us by saying too much is your gift. Thank you.

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Munchausen by Proxy is a brilliant analogy. The first step in treating it is to separate the abuser from the object of abuse. Biden and the corrupt regime have to go, but his corrupt allies in Congress and the media will continue the abuse and oppose any efforts to heal the victim. The corrupt and sadistic media has to be canceled, and the racist Democrats removed from power until they reform.

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I emigrated from the USA to the Philippines eight years ago. It's still relatively sane here with Wokes vastly outnumbered for now by conservatives, traditional liberals and moderates. I hope it can stay this way.

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Stone is damn brilliant.

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White liberals with mental illness guiding the Black race back to segregation and a deficit that is out of control.

Thanks Biden and all the feckless Democrat voters.

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You're dealing with demons. Yes, it's that elemental. There is no end game except for suffering and destruction. Most followers are blinded or acting out of what they think is self interest. Scratch any lemming liberal and you'll find someone who has replaced God with Man. They think by doing so they're just smarter than the rest. Not only that, they're noble.

Go further and you'll find worse. Ever disagree with the social justice crowd on Twitter? A vile viciousness will descend. They get their joy from hate. They would kill you if they could. Those people are lost forever barring some miracle.

Within that crowd and leading it are devils. People so spiritually corrupt that all is practically lost. They spew out hate for its own sake. They even mask it because Satan sometimes appears as an angel of light. That's where tolerance and moral ambiguity comes in.

To say we are fighting for the soul of a nation is no cliche. It starts with what we will tolerate in our personal lives and standing with love and truth. That love and truth is God. There is nothing relative about Him.

As for politics, think globally and act locally as they used to say. And do it with a smile. Pray and read the Bible everyday. Do it and see.

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Dems will get 95% of the black vote in 2024 because the vast majority depend on government jobs, government contracts, government services, discrimination based hiring legislation in the form of Affirmative Action, welfare, SNAP food stamps, fewer arrest/prosecution/incarceration policies, and easier entry into colleges based on DEI. They will vote for the money and not the freedom of a life that minimizes government dependence.

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I am universally unlike everyone you might know and for that I will not apologize but want to prepare you for the alarm that my worldview most likely will inspire.

I subscribed to your substack because I appreciate your struggle to discover whatever is true about America. You should be supported in your journey in that small way.

You discovered that people are persons and being persons you may have discovered that people should be approached based on our commonness as persons rather than our differences as members of the animal kingdom. Those people that only see us as animals are those who want to murder babies, sterilize children and turn them into sexual objects to satisfy animal appetites.

Holding to a worldview asserting people are persons risks being overwhelmed by the monolithic dehumanized worldview of the Animators that debase us. After decades of thinking about it, (I'm 70 years old) I concluded that the Judeo-Christian Creator offers the best explanation for our personhood. If you looked for the Creator's personhood in the first few chapters of the Old Testament you would learn what you and he have in common and it might bolster your standing against the monolith.


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