In his analysis of our current political moment the Dutch professor Mattias Desmet, author of "The Psychology of Totalitarianism," claims that the essential thing each of us must do when the culture has began to curdle into a "mass formation" hypnotic denial of reality is - more than anything else - tell the truth as we see it. Even though many people will see the absurdity of the mob's claims and assertions, only a few people will have the courage to say what they see and feel to be true when doing so is personally risky and/or costly. Sasha is one of those people. Let's each of us resolve to follow her example. We do not need to be strident, convincing or even particularly effective, but we need to be public in our individual spheres. That's what keeps the hypnotic spell from drowning us all: a few people who will not be bullied into saying what they clearly know to be false.

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Chuck Todd told Vivek that right wing racial attacks on blacks are far more common than left wing racial attacks on whites. Racial attacks are about race though, not about left vs right and the reason why white attacks on blacks seems so much more common is because the media never calls a black on white racial attack a hate crime since they believe only whites can be racist.

Black racial attacks like the one on the Christmas parade in Waukesha where a black man drove his SUV into a parade to kill as many white people, including children, as possible are not called a hate crime. The media blamed the SUV and brushed it off as no big deal. Such attacks though are a very big deal since they are ripping the social fabric of this society to shreds. And just consider the fact that poisoning race relations is only one of the many ways the democrats are working to destroy America. Great to see clips of Vivek blasting the Squad, Ibram X Kendi and the left in general for their vicious nonstop racism. Well worth watching Megyn blast the left and praise Vivek as a Republican finally hitting back at them. Vivek is great. Super smart and very articulate.

“Vivek Ramaswamy Calls Out the Media and For Their Racism.” (10 min)

Megyn Kelly. Aug 28, 2023


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No one called Trump a racist until he ran for President.

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The Tik-Tok video was amazing. We need a lot more of this. I'm thinking of a bumper sticker to make: "I'm voting for Trump because Fuck You!"

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Aug 29·edited Aug 29

I love this Stack for so many reasons, but mainly for common sense. If we allow this to stand we are a banana republic.

Be advised: The republican party is the biggest obstacle here and I don't mean you wonderful People at the ground level. 30+ incumbents 'retired', including the Speaker, in 2018 when incumbents win 93% of the time giving control to democrats. In 2020 state republican parties purposely allowed their state election laws to be violated regarding accepting uncustodied ballots before and after the allotted times, etc. 2022 the senate majority leader purposely withheld senate PAC funds from at least four wonderful candidates(Kelly Tshibaka is wonderful) to support the status quo; being in the minority and making yuge bank on behalf of their globalist lobbies. Think "more money for homeless" here; they increase funds and then pocket it.

The current theme of the GOPers on X and the Daily Wire et al is that Trump should be blamed for the whole of Covid and the 'vaccines'. He was smart enough to realize that 80% of the people believed in Saint Fauci despite the data.

The UniParty is ONE and they do NOT like you. Any of you.

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Neither do I. The CIA has been creating wars for years and past Presidents have always supported the Military Industrial complex....he didn’t. He was ending the war. So, look at what he’s accomplished and then look at what is happening under the fool in the WH now. I hope you do vote for Trump, he loves America. This administration is doing its best to take us to hell.

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I’d love to see Tucker interview Putin. Tucker says the reason why our ruling class hates him and the Russians is because they’re Christian. That’s true but I think it would be more accurate to say because they’re Woke and Putin and the Russians are nonWoke. They’re white, have traditional values, believe there are only two genders and believe they have a right to have borders.

This is totally unacceptable to our Woke ruling class plus no doubt the reason why they want to be right on Russia’s border is so that they’ll have a base in Ukraine to promote regime change in Russia, install a puppet government there, and then plunder Russia’s vast resources in many areas. Putin has very good reason to totally distrust our demonic ruling class which is also waging war on Trump and his supporters in America.

“Tucker Carlson Planning Interview With Putin.”

American Briefing. Aug 28, 2023


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Wow ... just wow ... what a truly remarkable voice you have Shasha ... never stop ... !!!

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Excellent… both the story of your personal evolution and the various assembled clips. I’m embarrassed to say this was the first time I’ve heard Rich Men North of Richmond, and I loved it. You are doing sterling work and making a real difference… keep fighting!

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Not very long ago, to admit affiliation with Trump engendered vicious rebukes from my liberal friends. Upon learning of my politics, their faces would turn bright red and their agitation often caused spittle to be projected toward me. The left is full of blind hatred. The right sees the injustices so evident today, and instead of destroying property, holds mass rallies, filled with enthusiasm and patriotic anthems. I choose to be a part of the latter movement. I will again tell my friends of my support of Donald Trump. I would probably not go so far as to put a bumper sticker on my car because it will only invite vandalism.

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I'm not a Democrat but I did not support Trump in the 2016 election. I mainly voted for him because I detest Hillary. After he took office, I realize he meant what he said. Mainline Republicans hate him because he is an actual RINO, one who is Republican in name only, which is a good thing because Republicans are really nothing but right-wing Democrats, if that. The difference between the two is minimal. Donald Trump is the first presidential candidate and president since Andrew Jackson, the founder of the Democratic Party, who actually had the support of the people. And people are incensed at what is happening. He's not only going to win the nomination, he's going to win the election, although Democrats will try their dead-level best to steal it just like they did in 2020. That election has yet to actually be investigated. Courts dodged it by claiming those bringing suits "lacked standing" including when the State of Texas sued challenging the Pennsylvania election because of irregularities. Things are terrible now as this country is circling the drain. God only knows what's going to happen. I fear we're headed to civil war. It's happened before and, no, it wasn't about slavery. It was about the power of the Federal government just like it is now.

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Welcome to the garbage can Sasha. It's not so bad really, I've met a lot of nice people here.

I don't know where we go from here. No matter what happens now, the malicious prosecutions of Trump have made it impossible to have a fair election in 2024. The ridiculous timing of the trial dates have made it abundantly clear (if wasn't clear enough already) that the only reason for any of these indictments is to stop Trump from being elected again.

I understand why Trump's primary opponents want to continue their campaigns. They're not the ones who are prosecuting Trump. But at this point, I believe the only way to stop this madness is for Trump to be elected again. I think the Republican party should rally around Trump and declare unequivocally that their is sufficient reason to believe the 2020 election was rigged and stolen and Donald Trump deserves to be able to serve out his second term.

Even if Trump wins however, we are still left with the fact that about half the country is willing to discard all rules and norms in order to prop up a decaying husk of a man and the administrative state that pulls his strings. There will be bad times ahead.

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Welcome out of the Dark Side, Sasha. Come to the light.

I was a little quicker to see the light, but still, it took a while. I voted for the Libertarian candidate in 2016, because I would not sully my integrity by voting for Trump or Clinton. It was no surprise at all when Clinton et al immediately went on the offensive against Trump. Impeachment and invoking the 25th amendment were brought up within days of the election. That's normal, to some extent, in the constant finger pointing of politics. What was not normal was the abject hate. Pure hatred. Blind hatred.

Why all the hatred? I think I know. Trump isn't really a politician. He doesn't take traditional politics seriously. In other words, he was the first significant candidate to any federal office who mocked the entire process and most of the people participating in it. THAT'S what the political elite can't tolerate. He mocked them, and they spewed their hatred, and then he WON! Thats not supposed to happen. It's not supposed to be possible. It never happened before, and they can't let it happen again.

It occurs to me, just now, that Trump is perhaps a little like Martin Luther. The Catholic church had spent centuries telling the people that they must trust in the judgment of their leaders. The people should not think for themselves or do their own research and study. They should do and think as they are told. Martin Luther posted his theses, stating that the Catholic church had no innate authority over anyone. Suffice it to say, the Catholic church did not appreciate Luther's efforts. And so it is with Trump. He has exposed the Naked Emperor. Well, not exposed exactly, but he has pointed out the obvious; the emperor is naked, and he is fat and ugly.

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Ms Stone, this is another thoughtful essay that captures how so many of feel but cannot well articulate. It was well edited also and the clips were well placed and relevant. From the comments here, it appears that not only do many emphatically agree with your rejection of Biden Team’s persecution of their political opponent through CIA, DOJ, FBI snd MSM Gestapo tactics, but some are following your footsteps in their journey to freedom as well. That you have paid such a heavy price for your voice is recognized and appreciated by most here.

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So gratifying to read this, Sasha. It leads me to wonder : how many more like you are out there, quietly thinking the same, possibly planning to vote for Trump too, but keeping it to themselves? Pretty well everyone here knows what happens if you let your Democrat friends and relatives know you are becoming increasingly uncomfortable with what is happening to our country as a result of the Democrats' exploitation of having control of the Presidency, the House and the Senate.

There is absolutely NO indication that, despite Trump's rising popularity, the Democrats and their sycophantic media are re-thinking their ruinous attacks , indictments and nauseating smears of Trump and MAGA voters. They either don't know, or don't care, how it looks to so many on both sides of the aisle. I suspect they are in a bubble of politicians and media surrounding them with high-fives and sanctimony, convincing them they are on the right side of justice. Like the 2106 election, they are supremely confident that they know the hearts and minds of the people. Like 2016, they are heading for a big surprise.

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Throughout Donald Trump's first term, the Democrats and rino republicans, along with the intelligence agencies, and administrative state worked to sabotage the one man who real Americans felt finally heard us.

The leftists will now try to provoke someone into doing something stupid. Then they will feel justified in using force to stop the reelection of President Donald J Trump.

I fear this will not end well, because the godless leftists will stop at nothing to retain power.

Thanks Sasha.

May God bless America!

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