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I would disagree with your argument that "No one who considers themselves a decent and good person can stand being called a racist or a bigot or a misogynist. "

Those of us who know ourselves to be good and decent don't give a rat's fig about what some secular moralist says; go too far, and we'll seek redress under defamation law. Or give them a fat lip if it's said to our face.

I know who I am and am secure in that; my life's work speaks for itself. If some intolerant bigot on the left wants to try to paint me otherwise, that will reflect on them, not me - at least among those who've shared this journey with me, and those are the only ones whose opinion I value.

That way of seeing things is pretty common among those of us living outside the Left's intellectual gated community.

The Left has become a giant HOA, fining people for painting their garage door a slightly wrong color of brown.

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