Free Thinking Through the Fourth Turning with Sasha Stone
Free Thinking Through the Fourth Turning with Sasha Stone
Schumer, AOC and Rupert Murdoch Unite to Silence Tucker

Schumer, AOC and Rupert Murdoch Unite to Silence Tucker

They are the Happy Fascists

“Free societies...are societies in motion, and with motion comes tension, dissent, friction. Free people strike sparks, and those sparks are the best evidence of freedom's existence.”
Salman Rushdie

Last week, Democrats Chuck Schumer and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez locked arms with Conservative media mogul Rupert Murdoch to silence Tucker Carlson off Fox News.

Yes, the same side that once fought against the Black List and for cultural icons like Lenny Bruce and the Red Hot Chili Peppers was now cheering on defacto censorship by an oligarch. What a change from the old Left.

The legacy press gathered in all their splendor at the White House Correspondents’ dinner, luxuriating in an evening without fear of a Tucker Carlson monologue on Monday. That’s some kind of power Carlson had. Let’s shut him up before he does more damage by mocking the powerful.

They were pretending that they had something to celebrate. Yet, Biden was coming in with a catastrophic approval rating of 37% on Gallup, his lowest ever. The media were faring much worse in an AP poll, with a majority of Americans blaming them for dividing our country by 74%.

From the AP:

I can say with 100% certainty that it’s true that each side sells hatred of the other side. I was taught to hate the Right from the media on the Left. And then, I was taught to hate the Left by the media on the Right.

It is a daily battle for me to remember to humanize those I disagree with.

But these are not two equal sides. The media on the Left controls everything and is in everything. From social media users on Twitter to those who built the social media sites for all of Hollywood, nearly every University and book publisher are sucked into the same fascist-like ideology.

Fascism is taken from the Italian word “fasci,” which means individual sticks of wood bound together as one. Fascism, then, is the power of government, corporations, culture, and every major industry of power against the individual, by force if necessary.

The Right just doesn’t have that kind of power, especially not the populist Right. They’re working-class citizens who have been abandoned by nearly every part of American life at the hands of the new elite class that has overtaken it.

We don’t yet know why Murdoch dumped Carlson, whether it was January 6th, Ukraine, the vaccine, Trump, or Big Pharma’s grip on cable news advertising. But there is no doubt that the Democrats supported it, as was evidenced by Joe Biden’s mocking Carlson and Fox at the Correspondents’ dinner. They love nothing more than a one-sided fight.

They pretend to care about “Democracy,” but what they really care about is preserving their “fasci.” That makes them Happy Fascists. It’s fascism with a smile—intolerance dressed up in a lawn sign condemning hate dressed up as love.

It was bad enough when Chuck Schumer barked at Rupert Murdoch from his powerful perch at the Senate. How dare the “extreme MAGA Republicans” give Carlson’s team access to the January 6th tapes, which is information the public deserves to know, like Audrey Hale’s manifesto, which is still under the protection of the State, because, of course, it is.

Schumer commanded Murdoch to shut Carlson down. There is no fighting in the War Room. There is no Democracy, no freedom of speech, no freedom of information, and no disputing the Official Story in our people-run government.

Who does Schumer think he is? A monarch? How dare he demand an oligarch to silence a journalist? How dare he prevent the public from knowing the truth about that day? Happy Fascists know they have nothing to fear. They control the media, and so they control the message.

This video from Rising:

Schumer, I have to believe, knows better. Sure, they have their ongoing crisis with Trump and January 6th, and woe betide anyone who takes away their Precious, but what’s AOC’s excuse?

CNN on AOC’s call for censorship one year ago:

In July 2020, I was already worried about AOC’s public embrace and defense of “cancel culture.” What does that mean when a member of Congress says it on Twitter? Where will that go, ultimately, I wondered.

Any citizen activist can call for the “de-platforming” or cancellation of speech they don’t like. It’s gross, but it’s not technically censorship. When a member of Congress does it, however, it does seem to cross a line we didn’t use to cross without pushback from the public.

Here is Glenn Greenwald on AOC:

Then AOC gloated on social media. Here are Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave on AOC:

AOC accused Carlson of “inciting violence” and death threats against her. She and others in the Democratic Party continually attempted to tie what people on Fox News said to what happened on January 6th, ignoring everything they’ve said that has led to real-world violence, like the Congressional baseball shooting against Republicans or a death threat on Justice Kavanaugh.

Does she think Tucker Carlson doesn’t get death threats? I know it doesn’t count because he’s a white male, but still, if we’re talking about incitement, then it’s a fair point.

AOC’s fantastical imaginings took her further by adding sex and rape into the mix about January 6th. If she can imagine it, then it must be true, and at the very least, censorship is fully justified.

If AOC had the power to censor cable news hosts, does anyone think she would hesitate? She has granted herself unlimited freedom to say whatever she wants on television, in Congress, and on social media. Yet, she has to silence others and “de-platform” them because with Happy Fascists, it can only go one way.

If you can control what people SAY, you can control what they think. If you can control what they think, you can control reality.

Free speech is now “harm.” Harm is now “impact,” and intent no longer matters. “Cancel culture” is “holding people accountable.” And censorship is “Deplatforming.”

Happy Fascists can’t risk allowing the public to decide for themselves. The only speech allowed is that which backs up but never contradicts their ultimate authority.

When dissidents are banished to the outer regions, even on Youtube, Gettr, or Substack, they are less of a threat than if they are dissenting on a large platform like Fox News.

In taking control of the mainstream media narrative, they control everything from official policy in government to what they teach in schools to what they push in healthcare and what major media figures get to say.

This is how you get to Chuck Todd blindly accepting what activists have forced upon him regarding “Gender Affirming Care.” Here is Vivek Ramaswamy confronting him on it:

Joe Biden, via his speechwriters, has become adept at Newspeak. He sends the exact right messages to the bootlickers in the press to make sure they’re all on point with what the Democrats will be selling.

Here is a translation of one key paragraph in Biden’s speech to the press at the Correspondents’ dinner.

The truth matters.

Translation: our narrative must be obeyed.

As I said last year at this dinner, a poison is running through our democracy

Translation: We’re the only people who get to decide what happens to this country, our country.

and parts of the extreme press. 

Fox News but especially Tucker Carlson.

The truth buried by lies, and lies living on as truth.

Translation: anyone who questioned the methods employed by our “well-funded cabal” on the 2020 election is a seditionist liar. How dare anyone question anything we do with our wealth and our lawyers and our ability to bury the truth by changing the words of things?

Lies told for profit and power. 

Translation: I sat in a basement, did no campaigning, and had no one attend any rallies because, oh wait, I didn’t do any. But I am the leader of the Happy Fascists, and you will accept me as the one everyone wanted and voted for. No, it wasn’t a usual election, but if you try to explain it or uncover any truth about what happened, you are LIAR!

Lies of conspiracy and malice repeated over and over again, designed to generate a cycle of anger, hate, and even violence. 

Translation: We are the only side that gets to tell lies that lead to violence, like Jacob Blake was unarmed and was there to break up a fight? Do you know how Kamala Harris and I stood by the Blake family and called Kyle Rittenhouse a “white supremacist”? and ignored all of the pain and suffering of every resident in Kenosha based on a lie that was halfway around the world before the truth was putting its boots on?

Was that the only lie we told that has led to violence? No. We told endless lies about Trump and MAGA, dehumanized them for seven years, and the result was real-world violence — remember when a Trump supporter was shot on the street?

We don’t like the populists showing up at OUR Capitol. We’re the only ones allowed to bang on doors and chant, “THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE.” We get to disrupt official proceedings and be hailed as heroes. You don’t. You can’t because we will call you terrorists if you try.

Our power is so well-protected that just one story by Tucker Carlson threatened to expose layers and layers of censorship and authoritarianism.

A cycle that emboldens history to be buried

Translation: enforcing a hierarchy that says you are defined only by your skin color. If you are born white, no matter your class or wealth, you are an oppressor, and you have all of the privilege.

You are oppressed if you are born Black or Brown, no matter your class or wealth. You must wait for a white person to give you a job or an award. How do you think Kamala Harris became Vice President? Only with me, as the White Savior in Chief, doing it for her. That’s the message we demand you shove down our children’s throats, or you are denying history.

books to be banned,

Translation: We are the ones who get to censor books by changing words and deciding whether or not certain books like Irreversible Damage should be blocked from public view.

But YOU aren’t allowed to decide because our side, the Happy Fascists, aren’t giving you the option. We will shout you down, viciously attack you, and call you a transphobic bigot if you try.

What are you so uptight about anyway? Why shouldn’t elementary schools give kids books about erections and blow jobs? Relax, this is science!

children and families to be attacked by the state,

Translation: we think it should be mandated that prepubescent children who want to change their genders take puberty blockers that often render them infertile. We think it’s perfectly fine that the male penis shrivels up, rendering it dysfunctional. We advocate for taking medication that will cause female organs to atrophy. And we’re fully on board with removing healthy breast tissue from minors.

How is this any different from female circumcision performed in some cultures in Africa because they affect the very definition of what it means to be female.

Even if one of the young girls felt like she had to do it, that she would kill herself if she could not, and that no man would want to marry her if she didn’t go through with it, most would reasonably object to this barbaric practice and yet, here we are doing the same thing and no one is allowed to talk about it.

and the rule of law and our rights and freedoms to be stripped away. 

Translation: The only rights for women we fight for now are the right to abort their children, which we count as a “freedom.” But note, not once is the word “woman” used because we don’t recognize “women’s rights” anymore.

And where elected representatives of the people are expelled from statehouses for standing for the people. 

Translation: We’re the only ones who get to stop official proceedings with a bullhorn and activate a group of protesters inside our Capitol. That makes us “standing up for the people.” Because remember, in our utopia, only those compliant with our narrative and TRUTH are allowed to protest and occupy government buildings. If you do it, you’re a TERRORIST.

Will the Real Fascists Please Stand Up?

If Trump had been a fascist, he would have shot protesters on the spot in the Summer of 2020. He would have put every journalist, comedian, or ordinary citizen who criticized him in jail. No one on Twitter or social media would be allowed to mock or criticize him. MAGA hats would be required for every student in public schools.

Well, a protester was shot on the spot on January 6th, and many more were thrown in solitary, punished, and tried for their perceived ideology. Tucker Carlson was the only journalist with the courage and empathy to report on the death of Ashli Babbit.

The Happy Fascists monitor what people wear, what they watch, what they write, and if they commit a thought crime they will be publicly humiliated and shamed, maybe fired, then cast out of utopia.

Even “likes” on Twitter can be a problem for the Happy Fascists. It’s gotten so bad that a professor had to issue a withering apology for liking too many tweets about the dangers of the vaccine or questioning the Official Narrative on gender.

The chief executive officer of Thomas Jefferson University, Mark Tykocinski, a Yale-educated molecular immunologist got into hot water when he liked too many Tweets by Alex Berenson and another that called gender reassignment surgery “child mutilation.”

In his apology, Tykocinski said, “This is not my clinical area of expertise. In general, any issue involving children should be referred to clinical experts at children’s hospitals who offer the full complement of services necessary.”

The Biggest Story of the Year The Media Won’t Cover

As the media gathered to celebrate themselves at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, a story was breaking on Matt Taibbi’s Racket News via the Twitter Files. It details how top-tier reporters gathered together for a Table Read of what might happen should a story break as an October surprise involving Burisma and the Hunter Biden laptop.

On the new revelations about the Aspen Institute’s “Burisma Incident” tabletop exercise, which were first reported by Michael Shellenberger in December. New details came out in a #TwitterFiles release by Andrew Lowenthal last week.

Here is Walter Kirn talking to Matt Taibbi on their episode of America This Week:

This story unravels a level of corruption that puts Watergate to shame.

If they need January 6th to be like 9/11 and Pearl Harbor to scare Americans into compliance, then they also need to keep burying their corruption scandal that proves yes, they did rig the election, and yes, the Trump supporters had a right to protest how it all went down.

How convenient to get rid of the only prominent voice in cable news that could call them out publicly and hold the powerful to account. Once upon a time, that was what journalists did in this country.

The good news is that cable news is all but dead anyway. We can be hopeful that Carlson will remain a powerful voice of dissent once again the moment someone hands him a microphone.

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