Free Thinking Through the Fourth Turning with Sasha Stone
Free Thinking Through the Fourth Turning with Sasha Stone
Biden Gets Trumped in East Palestine, Ohio

Biden Gets Trumped in East Palestine, Ohio

He was less afraid to visit war-torn Ukraine than to face his own people

President Biden is anxious to take his rightful place in history as a real president, not an establishment stooge who kicked around congress for decades, or a guy who has to be told where to stand, what to say, where to go.

Biden wants to leave a real legacy behind, to edge towards the greatness of FDR. He wants to be a transformative leader, not a stop-gap measure to usher in the next generation.

That’s why on President’s Day Joe Biden went to Ukraine, not to East Palestine, Ohio. It’s the same old story. No American president wants to be stuck on the losing end of any war. And they’ll often escalate, and stay bogged down to save themselves the humiliation of defeat. No matter what.

All the Biden administration and the mainstream media needed to hear was that East Palestine had voted overwhelmingly for Trump. That gave them the green light, at least at first, to blow it off.

But as the story grew bigger, even their propaganda press couldn’t cover it up. Biden’s “historic” trip to Ukraine was getting drowned out by tales of dead fish, sick and dying foxes, not to mention children and pets - all in a community barely scraping by.

It’s THEIR fault, the blue-checks bleated. They shouldn’t have voted for TRUMP! They’re voting against their own interests! It’s Trump’s fault!

But of course, all of these weeks later, the media is forced to admit that no, it wasn’t Trump’s actions that led to this particular environmental catastrophe, from the Free Beacon:

It is true that the Trump administration scrapped electronic braking regulations for trains carrying large amounts of hazardous liquids. But National Transportation Safety Board chairwoman Jennifer Homendy, who was appointed by Biden and unanimously confirmed by the Senate, said the rule wouldn’t have applied to the Norfolk Southern train that derailed in East Palestine on Feb. 3.

The person who gets to say “I told you so” is Trump. He went to East Palestine and he knew exactly what to do and how to do it, by doing what he always does with MAGA. He makes them feel seen. He tells them they matter.

Biden can’t talk to people the way Trump can and in this particular moment in history, all eyes were not on Biden in Ukraine, but rather on Trump in Ohio.

The pure joy Trump’s visit brought to their lives was evident in a series of Tik Tok videos posted online:

Biden couldn’t go to East Palestine, not after three years of disgraceful scapegoating against much of the working class. And it wasn’t just that. There is still so much distrust and resentment over the handling of COVID, and what has happened to this country since Biden took power.

It was almost like overnight we were living in a totalitarian police state where everyone was gripped with fear and the government was exerting unlimited power, with the media backing them up.

Most governments and politicians lie and always have. What is different about the last three years is how the media became complicit in the ongoing gaslighting and suppression of dissent, mainly due to an army of blue-checks on Twitter enforcing it.

Only now are journalists starting to break with the status quo to tell truths they’ve been covering up or outright lying about for the past seven years.

Much credit must be given to Elon Musk who bravely stepped in to break up the information monopoly. Without Musk standing guard at the gate, protecting our right to freedom of thought and speech, we’d still be cycling through the madness.

From Russiagate to the Twitter Files and with the rise of investigative reporting outside the mainstream, it feels almost like the free country we used to know. And as we watch their house of cards collapse, the truth is making a comeback.

Now that Kevin McCarthy granted Tucker Carlson’s team access to all of the footage from January 6th, the Democrats are losing their minds over the loss of their valuable narrative.

Says David Catron in the American Spectator:

They have invested an enormous amount of taxpayer money and political capital in an attempt to convince the public that it was an insurrection perpetrated by MAGA extremists who have taken over the GOP and are likely to launch another attack on “our democracy” in the future. Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) intimated that last week in this ridiculous tweet: “McCarthy giving 40,000 hrs of Jan. 6 tape to a pro-Putin journalist is an astounding ethical collapse. What security precautions were taken to keep this from becoming a roadmap for a 2024 insurrection?”

Remember how shocking it was when Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying talked about the lab leak on Bill Maher two years ago? They were demonized in the media, called “conspiracy theorists” and “far right” extremists.

Remember this from the Daily Beast?

And remember how shocking it was when Jon Stewart suggested as much on Stephen Colbert’s show?

So many people went along with the “mass formation psychosis” and anyone who questioned the prescribed narrative could put their careers, their relationships, and their status online all in jeopardy.

From Heying’s Substack today:

These last three years, too many of us have let social coercion and fear drive what we say out loud, and even what we think. We have outsourced our thinking to self-described experts—credentialed, well-dressed, well-spoken experts—who have been wrong, disastrously so, over and over and over again.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, four times, fifty times, a hundred—what the hell. Shame on all of us who continue to fall for these games.

For many, the gaslighting and lies told about COVID from the lockdowns to the masks to the vaccine, meant they would never trust major government institutions again.

I can remember trying to explain basic facts to people on social media and even to my family like the vaccine doesn’t stop the spread and neither do masks. Like, the vaccine shouldn’t be mandatory for children and babies. Like don’t put masks on toddlers, you idiots.

And let’s not even get into lockdowns, the damage done not just to the minds of our kids and teenagers - the isolation, the loss of real-time memories like graduations, weddings, and funerals, but to our sense of ourselves. Now we have to deal with freaked-out liberals who can’t let go of the mask believing it protects them or others from COVID.

It was always a false sense of security, a lie told to the public to give them something to do. But it turned into more than that. It turned into a Civil War with the mask as the thing we all fought over - if you can imagine anything more ridiculous than that.

We know managing a global pandemic wasn’t easy. But we also know the desire to take out Trump was more important to the Democrats and establishment republicans which meant the more chaotic it got the better it worked for them. They needed Trump to fail. They needed the economy to collapse because otherwise how do you take out a one-term president?

But almost as bad, if not worse, were the many lies and cover-ups about the protests in 2020, the violence, the destruction, the deaths - and much of it perpetrated by white kids in towns like Portland and Seattle.

Well, it’s time to pay the piper on that one too.

In Seattle, the city has to pay $3.65 million “to settle a lawsuit filed by businesses disrupted during the Capitol Hill Organized Protest, an amount that includes $600,000 in penalties for the deletion of thousands of text messages by the former mayor, police chief, and other high-ranking officials.”

They were hiding evidence that they failed to protect businesses and residents during the 2020 protests, which, as we know were much more violent than the press revealed:

While the Black Lives Matter protests were mostly peaceful, the retreat of law enforcement from Capitol Hill preceded vandalism and two fatal shootings, including the death of 19-year-old Lorenzo Anderson, who bled to death after being rushed to a hospital in the back of a pickup because police and firefighters refused to respond to the incident.

The double standard by our government to treat January 6th like another 9/11 and completely ignore the Summer of 2020 was visible from outer space, that’s how obvious it was to anyone not sucked into the bubble of the Left. Even Vladimir Putin noticed:

Biden and the Democrats cynically dumped America’s problems on MAGA. Our government needed Trump to justify every action throughout his presidency and even now.

As Glenn Greenwald lays out:

All the residents of East Palestine want is what every American would want in the same situation: a little bit of the attention Biden has lavished on Ukraine. Just a small bit of it.

Biden uses the same language to describe MAGA that he uses to describe Putin and Russia. He is tying an invisible line between the two and casting himself as the savior of Democracy Itself.

But surely some smart journalist would point out that Biden didn’t exactly stand up for Democracy with his catastrophic exit from Afghanistan.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is taking the majority of the heat for what is ultimately Biden’s blunder. And it’s getting worse for him. The last thing he wanted was a repeat of what happened to Kamala Harris and her refusal to visit the border.

It might have been humiliating for him and wrecked his political career but the one thing you can say about Mayor Pete is that he went to a place Biden was too afraid to visit.

This is one story the press can’t pivot away from or paste over. They can try but ultimately, Biden will be measured by his inability to offer comfort to people desperately in need more than he’ll be measured by a staged photo op to boost public support for a war no one wants and everyone needs to see come to an end.

And this, more than anything, explains why so many of the MAGA faithful turn to Trump - because he’s all they have.

As Batya Ungar-Sargon explains:

Trump bought food for the firefighters. He signed his red hat. He hung out with locals. For residents of East Palestine, it was the best day of their lives, even though it took an environmental catastrophe to get him there. He came and that mattered to them.

He took people who had nothing and he gave them something to be proud of, something to wake up for, something to believe in. That is why they love him, why they show up in freezing rain and wait in line for a chance to hear him speak.

For this news cycle, Trump wasn’t the guy the media wants him to be. He was the superhero his supporters need him to be.

Trump not only showed up, but he gave them the one thing they needed the most: hope.

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