Sasha, I’m at the point that I have to stop what I’m doing when I see an article by you and start reading . You are our clarion. Stay strong and live long…it will take decades to unwind all the evil

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The left used to have benign neglect for flyover country. Now it is outright contempt.

The MSM has become Pravda.

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The striking thing about Biden's indifference to the people of East Palestine is not that he just doesn't care (he doesn't) it's that he doesn't even feel the need to pretend to care. Let's face it, most politicians don't really care that much about the people they purport to represent. They are very good at telling people what they want to hear so they can gain power. Biden doesn't even bother with that pretense. He is using his callousness to send the message that working class white people in flyover country are not even worth pandering to.

There are hundreds of slow-motion East Palestines all across this country. Hollowed out towns where the factories have closed – the jobs were shipped overseas long ago -- and tattoo parlors and vape stores have replaced the department and hardware stores on Main Street. Drug overdoses are common and people are looking for hope.

You are exactly right to highlight the contrast between Biden's trip to Kiev and Trump's trip to East Palestine. The establishment of both parties can't wait to get rid of Trump. They don't understand why he remains stubbornly popular among large groups of people, despite the constant attacks by the media and the political establishment. They don't understand Trump because they don't understand the feeling of hopelessness that exists in so much of the country where people feel that nobody in power cares about them.

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Super job again, Sasha; articulating compelling arguments and insights. From my view, Ohio is too non-urban, too white, and too straight for the Dem Woke to give them any respect at all.

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Biden’s handling of East Palestine may go down as one of the biggest unforced errors in modern political history. There simply is no turning back from it now.

If Trump wins the GOP nomination, there will be nation wide ads showing Trump in EP at the same time Biden was giving Ukraine another $75 trillion (or whatever). And since the economy will likely be somewhere between bad and God awful by the time the 2024 election rolls around, that contrast is going to resonate, bigly.

I just wrote about that in my way too early, 2024 GOP primary odds column.


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Like always, you knocked it out of the park. Your writing is a joy to read.

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Honestly, this moved me so much. Thank you especially for the clips of Trumps speech and the reactions of the people in Palestine which I had never heard.

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Not only does Trump give people hope, but you and every other journalist writing the things that MSM ignores gives me hope. You are the leaders of the rebellion for a better future.

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We need to get back to the idea that the head of a department must have expertise in his field.

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Just upgraded to paid subscriber. Every single time, you absolutely nail it.

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In not going to East Palestine, Biden missed a golden opportunity to turn his presidency around. He could have shown that he truly was a "unifier" and "everyone's president," and that he was brave enough to face down a situation plenty of people are laying at his feet due to DEI and his betrayal of railworkers.

But, no, he goes to Ukraine where he knows he's safe, physically, emotionally, and politically.

As I've said elsewhere, I thought I could hate no president more than I hated Dubya. But man, oh, man.

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"...by doing what he always does with MAGA." No. Everyone, including you.

All you have to do is go back to Feb 2020 and recall that everything was right in the world, and Trump - more importantly the team he assembled - was responsible for it. To recap:

Women were revered, now Trans dipshits are

Gas was $1.80 per gallon

Butter was $1.50 per pound

Milk was $1.80 per gallon

Border was secure, now it is wide open belonging to Cartels

No wars, now we are escalating WWIII

Economic leverage was used to tame Russia, Iran, and China(N Korea)

EVERYONE's purchasing power was 3X what it is now

Inflation was 1%

Energy was down 7% from 2019

Corporate tax rate was 40%, now 21% which is the single thing saving this country right now

Laws were enforced

Yeah, how is that working now? Trump gained 12M votes and 'lost'. Right. Just read Molly Ball's essay at Time from Feb 4th 2021... She outlines how 'they' had to 'save' the election. Yeeaaahhhh...

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The residents of East Palestine didn't vote Democratic in 2020. Neither did the residents of Ukraine.

But at least Ukraine had the shrewdness to hire the children of multiple Democratic chieftains into their natural gas business.

Had the residents of East Palestine done the same, they too would now be hearing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in person. Maybe they were shrewder after all.

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Thanks for a wonderful informative article with attached videos. Trump gives hope because he actually does love America and the people.

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I’ve been supremely displeased with Trump recently but I will unabashedly say he did the right thing in Ohio, and I admire him for it.

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Terrific article. Thank you very much.


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