Free Thinking Through the Fourth Turning with Sasha Stone
Free Thinking Through the Fourth Turning with Sasha Stone
It Takes a Village to Trans a Child

It Takes a Village to Trans a Child

An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton

Dear Hillary,

In 1996, you wrote:

“The African proverb “It takes a village to raise a child” summed up for me the commonsense conclusion that, like it or not, we are living in an interdependent world where what our children hear, see, feel, and learn will affect how they grow up and who they turn out to be.”

That’s still true, Hillary. But now, you are no longer protecting children. You no longer seem to care what is happening to them at the hands of the Left and the Democratic Party. The release of the Cass Report, on the heels of the WPATH Files, leaves little doubt of what amounts to medical experiments on children with irreversible, long-term damage to their bodies.

Here is Helen Joyce laying out the ugly truth:

But what I want to know is this — what happened to you, Hillary? Why don’t you care? Why doesn’t it motivate you and other feminists like Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, and Amy Klobuchar? You’ve not only scurried off into the shadows, but all of you have been complicit in it.

To give you the benefit of the doubt, Hillary, maybe you are just ignorant. Maybe you’ve been so cut off from normal life that you no longer know what is happening in America. This isn’t likely to land on MSNBC any time soon. Like you, they are obsessed with only one person, Donald Trump.

But what the Democrats have been doing is far worse than anything Trump could ever do. History will not be kind, Hillary. You might not realize this but all of you will be to blame when the hammer comes down. You might want to know a little more about it. I would like to help you.

Imagine yourself back in the 1970s when you first graduated college. Remember that? Remember the young, famous feminist Hillary Rodham? Now imagine she lands in the modern day, and sees this video on TikTok.

A mother celebrating her daughter’s first day of “T.” In case you don’t know, “T” stands for testosterone. Why is the mother crying, you ask? Is her child sick? No. Her child believes she was born in the wrong body and “T” is going to make her feel like herself, like a boy.

Her mother is very into this identity as the mother of a “trans kid.” She has a platform on TikTok which shows her child injecting herself with hormones. She wrote this on the celebratory day of her child’s journey toward irreversible harm.

The amount of FEAR, tears, anxiety, sleepless nights, doctors appointments, therapy, fighting for his rights and equality just for him to LIVE…is all worth it. Today was the first time in 2 years that Marshall took a breath. This is who he is, this is my son, this is why I have done everything in me to support him. The strength, bravery and resilience this young man has demonstrated over the past two years is more impressive than any adult I’ve ever met.

Why does this mother insert herself into the “trans journey” of her own child? Because it feeds her need for validation. The “most oppressed” has a status, so she - a boring old white female - borrows a little of it, like fairy dust. Here she is telling you she doesn’t care what you think of her.

Maybe she hasn’t seen the many videos of young girls just like her daughter who were taken in by the trans cult, convinced they too were born in the wrong body and only major medical intervention could save them. Like these women:

Or this young man who looks like a woman, sounds like a woman, but is not, and will never be, a woman.

I’m lucky, Hillary. And so are you. There, but for the grace of God, our daughters go. Mine was in progressive public schools in Los Angeles, and the contagion didn’t hit until after she graduated.

Back then, only one of her female friends presented as a male. Still, all of them were afflicted with shame because her school had been teaching her Critical Race Theory, and because she was white, she was an oppressor, and she had to stand outside the circle to de-center herself.

High school is hard enough, but adding skin color into the mix scrambled the brains of young people who were all suddenly afflicted with one disorder or another because, by then, Big Pharma had captured an entire generation. They believed there was something wrong with their brains that only drugs could fix.

You can see how easy it would be to take the next step with the same therapists and the same doctors telling them that they were born in the wrong body and only medical intervention could fix them.

By the time my daughter graduated college, the boy she had a crush on had fully transitioned to a female, and two of her roommates had transitioned to the opposite sex, all popping hormones like candy. That was when I first noticed that this was not normal.

It takes a village to trans a child, and a village is what we have on the Left. It’s everywhere. There is no escape. What chance do they have if the Pride flag flies for an entire month alongside the United States flag, if they are being told that they might not be a boy or a girl but that they might be broken?

And always, there are therapists and teachers, even parents, who think it’s their job to elevate their child to this new sacred status of most oppressed. Here is a video asking why there are so many trans kids of celebrities.

Children are used as props to further their parents’ gender journies. This story in New York Magazine featured a “throuple.” The woman in the middle is a biological woman. On her right, a man who presents as a woman, and on her left, a woman who presents as a man.

Whatever this cult has become, it has nothing to do with real transgender or, as they prefer, transsexuals. It has nothing to do with gay rights either. It has hijacked that movement and threatened all the progress they fought so hard for many decades.

Why is it only the Republicans who are prepared to push back on any of it? Here is Rand Paul speaking the truth to Rachel Levine, who now shapes policy for the Biden Administration with “gender-affirming care.”

Members of the cult have not only infiltrated government, but they feed woke gobbledegook to the Democrats who take it at face value, never asking any real questions, never doing the dirty job of getting to the truth.

Here is Kelley Robinson, the President of Human Rights Campaign, grilled by the only people in government who seem to care, the Republicans yet again:

And here she is with her wife, and their baby, talking casually, as people on the Left do, of “trans kids,” as though it isn’t even up for debate.

It’s one thing for adults to participate in this insanity, but too many children are being dragged into it with absolutely no government oversight. The activists are too powerful. They have cowed all of our politicians and our institutions. They have even cowed you, Hillary.

When I fought so hard for you to become the President of the United States, I saw you as brave, strong, and resilient. But you aren’t any of those things. You are cowardly, weak, and easily controlled, just like every other female Democrat in government.

What do we get from Queen Hillary? The same thing we’ve been getting from Democrats for four years: their ongoing Trump obsession.

You want us all to be scared about Trump, to vote for Old Joe, to keep this corrupt, decrepit political party in power while women and children twist in the wind at the hands of a cult? Not on your life, sweetheart.

The problem, Hillary, is that you all have bungled things so badly it will take decades to dig us out of this mess.

Warrior Women

You’ve turned out to be nothing but a disappointment to me, Hillary. I regret the time I spent trying to get you elected. I regret the essays I wrote, the videos I made, the endless Twitter fights defending you. And all for what?

But I have not lost faith in humanity, and certainly not in women. We have an army out there right now fighting on the frontlines.

Here is Chloe Cole, who has been working tirelessly to push for recognition and change. I bet you don’t even know who she is, do you Hillary? She too will never make it onto MSNBC any time soon.

Here is brave whistleblower Jamie Reed sacrificing everything to come forward and confess the horrors of what happens to children in gender clinics.

Here is the brilliant Corinna Cohn calling out one of the trans bullies on Twitter, hoping for a more sober conversation, which never happened, of course.

Megyn Kelly is using her platform to fight for women and children. In case you wondered what a warrior woman looks like, Hillary, here she is ripping Joe Biden a new one for selling out women with Title IX.

There is no good reason that the Cass Report hasn’t led to immediate action by our government to halt treatment to save the bodies of children right now.

Andrew Sullivan sums it up well in his column, Will Big Trans be Held to Account?

…Having conducted many sex-reassignments for children, sterilizing them, removing their capacity for orgasm, and rendering them patients for life, these doctors can hardly now admit they had no solid studies to back them up. But they didn’t. And they have no excuse.

But they can hardly now look in the eyes of parents they emotionally blackmailed into transing their child and concede that, actually, the risk of suicide is very small, and we don’t know if transing increases or lowers the chances anyway. It would be so self-incriminating that it would require the end of their medical license. Can you imagine the lawsuits that are coming?

Then there’s simply the psychological resistance to coming to terms with what you have irreversibly done to children who had no way to meaningfully consent. I think of Jack Turban, a gay doctor complicit in this assault on an overwhelmingly gay population of children, a gleeful advocate of transing children, and someone who hasn’t even addressed the Cass Report’s findings. These are palpable betrayals of the Hippocratic Oath, a violation of basic medical ethics. But then there were lobotomists who went to their grave still claiming they were right.

And that is where you will land, Hillary Clinton. You and every Democrat in America because you have said nothing, you have done nothing, and you have exposed yourself as a coward, someone who is so isolated from reality you have no idea what plagues the American people anymore.

No, you are not the President. But what’s the difference anyway? What’s the difference when all of you are in lockstep because you have tasted power for the first since the Civil War and you don’t want to give it up. Power is one thing, scandal is another. I hope you are ready when the dam breaks.

The Feminist Lie

I was never really a feminist, Hillary. I might as well admit it. I was too boy-crazy in the 80s, and being a feminist meant being unattractive. But if you were on the Left when everything started to change, the era Uri Berliner talks about when NPR started to change - I was caught up in it, too. Call it the social justice movement, Critical Theory, wokeism - whatever it was, most of us believed that “identity politics” was the only thing that mattered.

That’s when the word “feminist” came rushing back. Our collective power was in being women. I was born into Second Wave Feminism, lived through Third Wave Feminism, whatever that was. And I very much said “Me Too” and took my place alongside my fellow Hillary Clinton supporters for Fourth Wave Feminism.

But now it’s clear that we are in need of yet another wave, a Fifth Wave, to rescue women from the clutches of fanaticism and to save children from the horrors of “gender-affirming care.”

Now, it’s time to take things back to the beginning, and to remember that our most important jobs on the planet are still being protectors of children.

Progressivism is an invasive species. It can’t stop on its own. It has to be stopped. And so it will be. Maybe it takes a village to trans a child, Hillary. It will take an army of us to destroy that village. But destroy it we will. You can either join us or get the hell out of the way.


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