Free Thinking Through the Fourth Turning with Sasha Stone
Free Thinking Through the Fourth Turning with Sasha Stone
Oh, That Sweet Sweet Schadenfreude

Oh, That Sweet Sweet Schadenfreude

The Democrats are finally getting what they deserve. Enjoy it while it lasts.

“Schadenfreude can’t get much better than watching the Republican Party self-humiliate with an abject inability to win while controlling the House, Senate and White House.” - Daniel Henninger, WSJ

Oh, I beg to differ, Mr. Henninger. It most certainly can get better. How about a political party that rigged the game in its favor and had nearly all of the legacy press in its pocket suddenly in the spotlight for the biggest political cover-up in modern American history?

The puppet masters are mad that the puppet has gone rogue! If that isn’t sweet, sweet Shaudenfreude, I don’t know what is.

Democracy keeps getting in the way of saving democracy!

The New York Times has now published not one but two op-eds to force Old Joe out of power. According to the Times, “Donald Trump’s candidacy for a second term poses a grave threat to American democracy.”

What exactly is Trump's threat to democracy? They never really say. Maybe it’s something different for everyone. For Black voters, the mean old Republicans want to strip away their voting rights. For women, it’s abortion. For people like Molly Jong-Fast, it’s ideological. They can’t get Trump to accept the rigged election of 2020. Say it! Say it! Confess, witch!

For those who don’t know anything, it’s Project 2025, the biggest “threat to democracy” of all, even though they have no idea what’s in it.

It’s not really democracy the Democrats want—it’s fascism. They want absolute power to decide who should and should not be elected. If voters pick the wrong one, they mobilize their army to take that person out of power. What they did to Trump is what they’re now trying to do to Biden.

If Biden was dominating in the polls, the media would still be covering for him, calling Republicans extremists and conspiracy theorists, and they would be full steam ahead with Operation: Get Trump.

Democracy is the biggest problem for the Democrats right now because democracy has them getting their asses kicked by Donald Trump.

This latest poll by Emerson is a blow-out, no matter which candidate runs.

They’re trying to preserve democracy while, at the same time, telling Americans that they don’t know their own minds and that the very democracy they’re participating in is leading them astray because they prefer Trump.

Their excuse is Weimar Germany. They believe Trump is Hitler, and the American public is like the Germans in the 1930s, ready to vote for a fascist. It’s just more gaslighting by them. We already had Trump in office for four years. Nothing he did was as bad as what they’ve been doing in the four years Biden has been in power, and the public knows it.

Things are going so badly for the Democrats that the Conservatives are throwing a party. For once, the news cycle isn’t trained on them as the snake eats its own tail. We haven’t seen anything like this in American politics since Watergate.

For years, the press tried to turn Trump into the biggest American scandal in our history. But it was never true. It was always rooted in their imaginary version of Trump. They’d cherry-pick things he said and blow them up into one lie after another. Even now, both Biden and Kamala Harris have to lie about Trump to keep fuel in the tank.

Watching them all squirm and struggle under the glaring eye of the press is a wonder to behold.

The Shadenfreud will be short-lived, however. We must enjoy it while it lasts because not too long from now, the puppet masters will order everyone to fall back in line, and this debacle will go down the memory hole.

It’s already starting, as predicted by Walter Kirn.

They can finally see the baseball players

Why is this Schadenfreude so delicious, considering that a compromised, weak leader isn’t great for America? Because it feels good to finally be vindicated, to have other people see what we’ve been screaming about for years.

As the Biden scandal took off like a rocket, the endless hysteria about Trump was punctured at long last. Now, everyone could see the baseball players, like in this scene from Field of Dreams:

It isn’t just that the Democrats and their propaganda press have been exposed for hiding Joe Biden, it’s also that even before this happened, voters were already done with the Democrats. Their lies and gaslighting finally caught up with them and now, the whole thing has collapsed like a house of cards.

Field of Dreams would never get made today, yet another thing the Left destroyed. No one should blame Americans for wanting to turn the page, to get back to some kind of normal way of life free from hysteria and fanaticism. The only way out for us is, ironically, democracy.

The Puppet Went Rogue

How desperate are the puppet masters at the New York Times? Desperate enough to trot out James Carville, who, just two seconds ago, was written off as an out-of-touch, anti-woke misogynist white guy.

Now, Carville has a front-row seat and is even given a Page One spot at the Times. He writes:

And our opponent? The one born with a platinum spoon but no moral compass? The pathological liar? The felon? The predator found liable for sexual abuse? The wannabe dictator? The Putin lickspittle?

I’m not worried about him, either.

It’s been an agonizing time for those of us who think President Biden more than earned a second term but isn’t going to win one. But now we’ve got to move on.

Ah, so that’s democracy! James Carville finally explained it. Democracy isn’t the will of the people. It isn’t about elections or candidates or anything like that. It’s only about winning. If your candidate crashes and burns a few months away from the election? You simply swamp him out, like you’re moving pieces on the Chess Board.

That explains why they all felt it was their right to remove Trump from power after one term and why they’ve moved mountains to try to bankrupt him and prevent him from even running again. He’s a threat to democracy because voters actually want to vote for him.

Carville sees a potential future for the Democrats, one that is driven by what the people want, rather than the dictates of the puppet masters. But that’s a long way off. And Joe Biden, bless his heart, is not leaving.

Poor Joe. He made the tragic mistake of believing his own publicity. He didn’t get the memo in 2020 that he was just a stopgap measure to take down Trump, a temporary solution to the problem of democracy. People are voting for the wrong candidates, and something has to be done about it.

Let’s put the bland guy who stood behind Barack Obama for eight years in power. The public already trusts him. He won’t even have to campaign. He can sit in the basement. The less he says the better. We don’t even know what his plans are for America. He’ll only be there for one term anyway, and he won’t even be running things.

Well, Joe never got that message. He basked in his newfound hero status. He wanted to be FDR or JFK. He wanted to be great because, for his whole life, that had been the promise. Turn up, Joe. Do the people’s work, Joe. Bide your time. Get the hair plugs. Get the eyes done to stay young enough for a chance at the presidency. But it was always — Not this year, Joe.

In 2016, he had been the Veep to a president young enough to be his son. When it was finally his turn to ride those coattails, he was passed over, like Fredo in The Godfather 2.

So when he was finally called back from retirement in 2020 to save America from Trump, it was his turn. Now that he had the Iron Throne, there was no chance he would walk away. He’s wanted this his whole life. He won the nomination. Voters chose him. And now, they want him to give up after his entire life has been about serving the country?

Oh, right, democracy. That darned democracy. It keeps getting in the way of saving democracy.

It was telling at the last fundraiser when Obama took Joe by the hand and led him off stage, like Michael Corleone kissing Fredo, just before the puppet masters were about to give Old Joe the heave-ho.

In a million years, no one would have predicted mutiny in the Democratic party. They’ve been so united for so long, like obedient robots. But now? It’s an unmitigated disaster. Imagine, after all that, Trump back in power. And it’s all democracy’s fault.

And that, my friends, is what you call sweet, sweet Schadenfreude.

A Constitutional Republic, if You Can Keep It

For all of this talk about how Trump is a threat to Democracy, the Democrats prove every day why the founders wanted a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy.

In 2015, a violent mob attacked Trump supporters. It was barely a story. Has there ever been a time in history, since the Civil Rights movement, that violent mobs took to the streets to scare off voters of the opposition?

In 2016, thousands of freaked-out Democrats took to the streets to howl and wail about Trump’s win.

Did they ever accept him as the duly elected president? Not for one minute, not for four years. The mob showed up in the Summer of 2020 and threatened to bust through the gates at the White House.

Mobs gathered anywhere they could pressure juries, like the Derek Chauvin or Kyle Rittenhouse trials. Cancel culture became the status quo on the Left, with very few people in power willing to take a stand against it. Even now, their mob stands at the ready whenever something doesn’t go their way.

They are fixated on January 6th as the worst thing to happen to America since 9/11. But those with common sense knew our government did not treat these mobs the same way. Sooner or later, that double standard would come back to haunt them.

And so it has.

But don’t get too comfortable. If Biden stays, all of them will repeat their mandated mantra - Joe Biden is better than Trump. Joe Biden is better than Trump. Democracy is on the ballot.

But if the polls get bad enough, Biden’s days in the White House will be numbered. Don’t forget how the Godfather II ends. Poor Fredo. He’s done for. And Michael? He embraces the corrupt mob boss he’s become. Don’t ever take sides against the family again.


Free Thinking Through the Fourth Turning with Sasha Stone
Free Thinking Through the Fourth Turning with Sasha Stone
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