Free Thinking Through the Fourth Turning with Sasha Stone
Free Thinking Through the Fourth Turning with Sasha Stone
The Democrats Are Going Down with the Ship

The Democrats Are Going Down with the Ship

As the whole party begins to collapse, Democrats stand by their man

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A source tells Free Thinking what’s really going on.

What old man in the White House? I didn’t see any old man in the White House. The President, you mean? Oh, that’s just Joe Biden. He’s fine. With age comes wisdom.

Joe did nothing wrong, and even if he did, it was decided he could not stand trial. Hur is not a neurologist. He doesn’t know what’s going on in Joe’s brain. It was a stressful day. The attacks on October 7th were distracting. You can’t expect the President of the United States to handle that kind of pressure.

Look at him now. He’s fine. He’s better than fine. He’s the Most Qualified Person to Serve.

So what if he didn’t remember when he was Vice President. Who remembers stuff like that? He’s been in government since the 1970s. How is he to know what position he served and when. It’s confusing.

Here he is eating fried chicken with Black people. Fried chicken. If Trump tried that the media would turn it into a National Security Crisis.

This video alone has 26K views. People are ENGAGED. Do you think Trump’s videos get that many views? No decent person could ever support Trump. That’s why we offer them Joe. Joe. Nothing but Joe. Oh, and Kamala too.

And anyway, we all know “Dark Brandon” is Obama, and Biden is basically serving his third term. I mean, why did we get rid of term limits anyway? Obama hasn’t ever left. He’s constantly influencing American culture - with his $30 million Netflix deal and his omnipresence on Twitter. If you have an entire country treating you like an actual God, and you have that big of an ego, how many people do you think would walk away from that?

Obama hasn’t walked away. He remains very much the leader of the Left. There’s no question about it. No other Democrat can rise because they have to be somehow part of Obama’s orbit. That might be true of Trump, but the richest Republicans are stepping back, waiting out the Trump era, saving their money for a more useful candidate.

No one would dare expose Obama as Dark Brandon, but when you start to think about it, it is more likely than not. Remember how everyone used to say, “He floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee?” That’s Obama, not Biden, but together they are Dark Brandon.

Obama never went away. Everything he’s done to stop Trump seems personal, even if he makes it seem like Trump is a threat to Democracy. No, Trump is a threat to Obama, Hillary, Joe Biden, and the administrative state they helped build. But that works to our advantage because these people are corrupt beyond belief. And maybe you can’t win elections unless you are that corrupt.

The “I can say whatever I want” vs. “No, you can’t” election.

This is a new global world order, pal. Aren’t you paying attention? We don’t even NEED borders. We need complete control of the language. Imagine we now have an entire corporate, cultural, and media class that obeys our rules. Every time we scrub away a truth here, the reality we want appears there. If all of us are in alignment, and we broadcast our COMMANDMENTS, then we lay down the rules that everyone must obey or else.

Let’s translate, shall we?

The Democrat Commandments:

Black Lives Matter - we have to re-order society to teach all white people that they are racist, their country is racist, and the only way out of it is equity. Give jobs to people who can’t possibly achieve anything on their own in a white supremacist nation. We especially like diversity in things like heart surgery and airplane pilots.

Love is Love - you have to be okay with everything that happens now, no matter how weird it sounds. It’s not polygamy - it’s polyamory. And it’s all good, bro. All good. Don’t be a bigot.

Feminism is for everyone. Did you think it was ONLY for women? You idiot. It’s for men, too, who seek to become women. It’s also for beardos on Twitter who like to abuse MAGA women for kicks. They’re feminists. They’re out there writing all of those terrible film reviews and voting blue, no matter who.

No human being is illegal - our border is open. Come on in. Just don’t get mad at us if your son comes home telling you he wants puberty blockers and to have his testicles removed because feminism is for everyone.

We also need open borders because if we’re encouraging abortion, the sperm count is dropping fast, and we’re sterilizing children - who is going to give birth to the next generation? At this rate, the Mormons will be the dominant group in America in 50 years. We can’t have that.

Not to mention, we need a whole new class of slave labor to bring the economy back. We can pay Americans to stay home and let the undocumented workers cuddle our babies, clean our toilets, blow out our dirty streets, and cook our food. It’s a match made in heaven. It’s like slavery, but we pay them well. We have to. How else can we put out our COMMANDMENTS?

Science is real. We shapeshift this one. It’s not real where embryos are concerned or where biological sex is concerned. But it IS REAL where climate change is concerned. You will sacrifice everything for the cause.

Be Kind to All - except those who do not agree with you on any of the above, especially not Trump or MAGA. They deserve no kindness from you. They deserve nothing but hatred and scorn. Vicious, frothing at the mouth, unbound hatred. Let it rip.

What sells better, our COMMANDMENTS or this:

MAGA is fighting for principles we have to leave behind. That’s the Old World. Free speech doesn’t exist anymore because all we have online is language. To control our UTOPIA, we need to control the language. There is no such thing as free speech anymore.

Reality appeared suddenly and out of nowhere when a prosecutor accidentally told the truth that Joe Biden was too senile to stand trial. Even though the Democrats insisted he wasn’t senile, they couldn’t take the next step to agree he should stand trial. Do you see how easy it is to have it both ways when you control the language, and everyone complies?

Joe Biden is a strong leader!

A long time ago, we may have been the party that cared whether our leader was of sound mind. But those days are gone. We need what Nancy Pelosi called “open Biden,” a yes-man who will do whatever we want.

Gone are the days when we spoke truth to power. Now, we ARE the power.

Do you think our voters care if Joe Biden is corrupt? If he took payoffs? No, they don’t.

Joe Biden could be the most corrupt president in American history, and it wouldn’t matter.

None of those words mean anything to us. They are behind the invisibility cloak, like every other hard reality we refuse to face. When it isn’t working out for us, we click our heels together three times, and just like that, unreality is reality.

Our double standard is so thick we can turn an Ethiopian Jewish woman into a Nazi, smear her as MAGA, buy an election, then pretend we won fair and square.


Reality is only a temporary inconvenience for us.

Nothing is going to stop us from taking November, propping Biden up, and forcing him ON ALL OF YOU. Everyone is on our side. The military, the intelligence agencies, the billionaires. We have these poor, sad women who have no other purpose in life except to win for the Democrats.

The problem with Trump was that he woke up too many of the wrong kinds of people —waitresses, teachers, truck drivers, and bartenders who still believe the America they once loved can be saved. They can’t compete with the Silicon Valley oligarchs. How do you compete with a $400 million cash infusion to salvage Mark Zuckerberg’s image?

A Trump win says We, the People, are taking back our country, and we want that country to be free again. We want to be able to say whatever we want to say and think whatever we want to think. We want schools to be normal again, for the free market to have power again, and for all of us to be able to be one country again. That’s not where all of this is heading. We’re looking at a virtual reality controlled by artificial intelligence. This is a fight for territory online, and we’re winning.

If you’re not part of it, you’ll be left behind. There might have been a time when we cared about the working-class majority, but we don’t have to care anymore, do we? We know you’ll vote against Trump. So we can serve up a candidate who can’t make it through a sentence, and we know you’ll go along with it.

We don’t have to worry about our future. But you have to worry about yours. It’s a time for choosing. Our “inner party” or be banished to the outer region, 1984-style.

The mistake is thinking there’s something bad about totalitarianism. What could be bad? We have a whole generation raised to be coddled and protected. They stare at their screens from dawn to dusk. All we need to do is control those screens.

MAGA can’t compete. The future is here, and they’re not in it. It’s time to cut them loose. UTOPIA NOW.

The Revolution will be complete when the language is perfect.

You say 1984 like it’s a bad thing. But it doesn’t have to be. We’re all happy, aren’t we? Aren’t we happy?

Biden/Harris 2024.


Free Thinking Through the Fourth Turning with Sasha Stone
Free Thinking Through the Fourth Turning with Sasha Stone
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