Free Thinking Through the Fourth Turning with Sasha Stone
Free Thinking Through the Fourth Turning with Sasha Stone
Gaslighting Biden's Troubles Away

Gaslighting Biden's Troubles Away

Biden is not fit to serve a second term and should step down. So why won't he?

I don’t know what’s going to happen. All I can say is this: The man we saw speaking from the White House tonight, on February 8—that man will not be reelected president. Maybe Biden can become a new man. Maybe he’s had an off week. Maybe they can adjust his meds. Maybe. But probably not. Right? Probably not. —John Podhoretz, Commentary

They’ve been lying about Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities since at least 2020. COVID allowed them to hide both Biden and Harris far from the prying eyes of the press and the public while the system won the election for them. They just needed to exist as more of an idea rather than a reality. Voters would choose them as the more moderate option. And, more importantly, take Trump out of power.

But I’d stood a few feet away from Joe Biden in May of 2019. The man I saw give a speech that day and mingle in the crowd was not the man who emerged more than a year later to make minimal appearances during campaign season. He’d gotten through the primaries okay. He was old but hanging on.

Heading into the election, however, it was clear something was not quite right. Now, he looked lost, with eyes that appeared vacant and unless someone was guiding him, he wandered around in a dream state.

I told my friends I was worried that Biden was in the early stages of dementia, like my dad, who was consumed by it in 2018. They snapped back that Trump was a fascist, and it didn’t matter how incapacitated Biden was. They’d still vote for him.

What did they know, and when did they know it?

Besides ushering in a fanatical cult, the first real sign of trouble was the exit from Afghanistan in August of 2021. Word had it Biden had ignored his top brass and was arrogantly aiming for a 9/11 photo op.

But with bodies falling off airplanes, 13 American soldiers dead, there was no way even the most skilled operators in the media could spin a visibly botched job. Even if it was barely a news story, the public took notice, and no doubt, world leaders did too.

That “x” is Afghanistan. His numbers have never recovered.

[source: Real Clear Politics]

If they knew something was wrong with Biden in 2020 and they still pushed him through as President of the United States as part of their ongoing, slow-moving coup to remove Trump, then that is the biggest scandal in presidential politics in our history.

If no major reporters at the New York Times, the Washington Post, NPR, or PBS made the connection or asked any questions about whether Biden’s age had impacted his judgment after that disastrous military operation, then that too is a scandal.

Nothing Biden has done in his presidency is as bad as Afghanistan, yet it just isn’t talked about the way it would be if he were anyone else. Why are they protecting him? Why are they preserving him? Why are they treating him like a monarch who can’t be replaced?

Our exit from Afghanistan likely weakened our country’s standing in the world, inadvertently leading to the war in Ukraine and maybe even the attack by Hamas on October 7th on Israel.

But almost as bad has been how our government has gone to war on a former president and his supporters, showing the world that Biden is distracted with chaos at home. As Konstantin Kissin told Bill Maher:

And now, Biden’s press conference has revealed yet more weakness. It isn’t that world leaders didn’t already know Biden was cognitively impaired, but a spectacle like that is hard to ignore.

The Biden presser played like an ambush. He blinked and stared into the middle distance, sometimes seeming to have no idea where he was or what he was doing there.

To make matters worse, it was juxtaposed against an interview by Tucker Carlson with the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, who recited Russia's history in excruciating detail. There is no way Biden’s people would have allowed him to face the press that way, but again, it shows questionable judgment that should be a story.

Joe Biden hasn’t been able to recall how his son Beau died, much less when. That seems like a fairly significant sign that something is seriously wrong.

And again here:

Here is a breakdown from the Megyn Kelly show illustrating Biden’s decline. It’s worth a watch:

Last April, the Easter Bunny had to escort Joe away from questions being asked. Biden kept getting “in trouble” for saying the wrong thing.

We should all be asking how it hasn’t been a bigger story until now. Why have they been gaslighting us and continuing to spin the narrative to favor Biden when it could lead to even more catastrophies worldwide? We’re already on the brink of world war; how bad will it get?

Nothing to see here, move along, move along

The gaslighters were out in force as if on cue, attempting to wrestle the media narrative to the ground. Here is Kamala Harris throwing the prosecutor under the bus:

Here is Rachel Bitecofer who was once a fairly reliable voice in politics. Now, she seems to have gone off the rails with TDS:

The gaslighting and spin are a good indication that they plan to keep Biden propped up and ram him through in November. But this thing is only moving in one direction.

Will they risk a grumpy old man with his finger on the button? What else might he do in the throws of cognitive decline? What might world leaders do knowing our president is not only incapacitated but is running for four more years, and the press is going along with it?

The right thing to do is to step aside and let the chips fall where they may. Biden’s approval ratings follow the same track as two presidents from the past. LBJ, who did not seek a second full term, and Jimmy Carter, who was voted out after being primaried by Teddy Kennedy, he was failing so badly.

[source: Gallup]

Biden won’t step aside because, in his fever dream, he needs to win to make Kamala Harris the first female president of color. Then, he will have stopped Trump and made history.

But if the system can win the election for Biden, who knows, it might be able to win it for Harris too. All they need is a billion in dark money, ballot harvesters, propaganda media, and a global pandemic.

It would be funny if it weren’t so tragic.

I happened upon this video With Tim Dillon and Theo Von joking about the drugs it will take to get Biden on the debate stage with Trump. It is so funny, but it’s also a reminder of how different things would be if we had this kind of comedy in the mainstream or a media that still believed in getting the truth to the American public instead of one that gaslights all of us in service of a political party.

The problem for the Democrats has always been the bubble they’ve created for themselves, a complete disconnect from reality, with an army of resistance fighters who will go along with any of their juicy rationalizations to explain the blatant double standard they operate by.

Lest we forget Jeff Goldblum in The Big Chill:

They can violently protest, smash windows, burn buildings, and breach any Capitol of their choosing, and no one will say a word against them. When Trump supporters do it, they are “dangerous insurrectionists.”

They can deny the results of the election - hold violent protests that command all members of the resistance to refuse to accept Trump as the President. When Trump and MAGA do it, they are “election deniers.”

They have impeached Trump twice and indicted him four times, yet both Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton have no charges against them for classified documents. Do they think the American people can’t see their hypocrisy?

How long can they keep those balls spinning? How long can they control Biden as he slips deeper into cognitive decline and demands more freedom to say and do whatever he pleases? Are they sure they have this all under control?

All I know is that these are extraordinary times. Pay attention because people will be asking you about what it was like to live through them in about 20 years.


Free Thinking Through the Fourth Turning with Sasha Stone
Free Thinking Through the Fourth Turning with Sasha Stone
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