Free Thinking Through the Fourth Turning with Sasha Stone
Free Thinking Through the Fourth Turning with Sasha Stone
"Let Joe Be Joe" has been a Disaster

"Let Joe Be Joe" has been a Disaster

The pause, the fake applause and ... cannibals?

Joe Biden has been a failure as the leader of the United States. There has never been one moment in the past four years when he has thought of us, the American people. He has only thought of himself and how badly he does not want to lose to Donald Trump, so he stands before the press at the White House Correspondents Dinner, and he lies.

He lies about January 6th. He lies that Trump said there would be a “bloodbath” if he lost, a false media narrative that should have shamed every so-called “journalist” sitting in that room, and most of all, he lies about what threatens the American people. It is not Trump. This country is facing far more serious problems, and yet no one has apparently told Joe Biden.

The past couple of weeks have been an unmitigated disaster for the Biden presidency, even if the press, the obedient sycophants that they are, won't admit it. Someone thought it was a good idea to free Biden from his gilded cage and set him loose on regular folks - to let Joe be Joe.

In March, the New York Times laid it out:

What could possibly go wrong? Well, everything.

Everything that could go wrong did go wrong. Biden did not just have a major brain freeze while reading off the teleprompter; it also wasn’t hard to see that most of the “Joe being Joe” events were staged.

When Biden read the instructions—that he was supposed to pause so the crowd could erupt in rehearsed chants of Four More Years—his face froze, and for a minute, he looked lost and confused. Yes, that’s the President of the United States, in case you were wondering.

Biden seems increasingly like a fake president, not a real one. And that’s just fine for the people at the top. What does Howard Stern care about real life? They’ve been detached for so long that they can’t see beyond the safety of their own bubble.

That’s not true for much of America so desperate for real leadership they’re willing to disregard Trump’s failings as a luxury they can’t afford.

That Biden is seeking a second term in his state of severe cognitive decline is evidence of a political party corrupt beyond repair—but worse, in denial. It’s starting to look less like Biden genuinely believes he’s the only one who can beat Trump to someone who doesn’t want to lose to Trump.

In other words, he’s thinking of himself, not us. Not the American people. And where are the Democrats in all of this mess? Why are they going along with what is, by any measure, a slow-rolling catastrophe? And why do we have to sit there and watch all of the ruling elites like Barbra Streisand and Steven Spielberg do what they can to foist someone who clearly isn’t up for the job on the American people?

Oh, sure, they love their compliant George Spahn, who turned the White House into Spahn Ranch and allowed a cult to move in. Sign here, Joe. Say this, Joe. Go along with “gender-affirming care,” Joe.

And what of the Never-Trumpers? Rick Wilson, Charlie Sykes, Jonah Goldberg and David Frum? They are just fine putting someone in power who is obviously not there mentally anymore? They know Trump isn’t as bad as they have been saying. They know it’s all been a game, yet they refuse to concede, even for the sake of the American people.

But even still, you’d think they would have an ounce of human decency to spare the 340 million of us having to deal with an aging monarch well past his sell-by date. It isn’t just the gaffes. It’s the confusion, the startled, vacant eyes, and the fact that he can’t go anywhere unless his staff guides him. It’s a genuinely dangerous moment in history.

It isn’t that presidents haven’t hidden their physical ailments to improve their image in the public’s eye—like JFK’s back problems or FDR in a wheelchair. But this is different. This is cognitive decline. And Biden doesn’t have to run. Plenty of other people could step up and do the job.

His arrogance is showing, not just in his refusal to step down but also in his poor choice of running mate. He’s a fraud for picking someone who could not do the job and a fraud for leaving her twisting in the wind now.

When it isn’t desperately sad, it’s absurdly funny. It feels like we’re all acting in some political satire they might have made in the 1970s but are too cowardly to make today.

How much more absurd can things get than the story about how cannibals ate Uncle Bosey? Yes, that’s right. A war hero dropped out of the sky and was devoured in minutes like a french fry dropping into an anthill. There “was no trace of him,” Biden said, suggesting they even ate the bones!

You can bet it went viral all over the internet, especially on TikTok. Someone even turned it into a song:

They’re even selling t-shirts:

No sane society, political party, or media industrial complex would say that the man in this video is competent enough to serve:

If Biden's strategy is to reach young voters on TikTok, he has not been reading the room. They’re angry at Biden now for signing the TikTok ban, which demands China divest from the platform or risk a full ban.

They are calling out his hypocrisy not just regarding China as such an integral component of our economy but also regarding Biden’s own use of the app to lure young voters. Either it’s a threat to national security, or it’s not. As usual, he wants to have it both ways.

Here they are expressing their anger:

And even if he wasn’t a hypocrite for signing the ban, his videos don’t do so well on TikTok, especially not now. It’s too easy to expose them as staged. And if there is one thing Gen-Z likes, it’s authenticity.

For example, here is how they portrayed Biden’s visit to Wawa in Philly:

And here is what a Trump supporter on TikTok uncovered - the raw footage showing the event being rehearsed long before the cameras began to roll, up to and including Biden tipping the guy behind the counter:

A country without a leader.

When a crisis erupted on college campuses, it could have been the day Joe Biden became the president. He could have shown courage and leadership and reassured Jewish students and New Yorkers that antisemitic abuse was not to be tolerated. Instead, his office put out a weak statement, as he was afraid to take a side yet again.

It was then up to Republican Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, to fill the void.

Whatever you think of Mike Johnson, that he’s a “traitor” or a “snake,” he upstaged Biden by showing us what leadership looks like. It isn’t always about being liked. Sometimes, it’s just about doing the right thing.

Even Donald Trump had a strong statement from the courthouse about what was happening all over the country while Biden was MIA.

One speech by Biden would have instantly boosted his historically low approval rating. His numbers are so bad he has now broken the record for the worst 13th-quarter rating in Gallup history:

Trump Being Trump

Biden would kill for the viral videos Trump has been getting, all the while being locked in a courtroom every single day. When he visited a bodega in Harlem, kids were shouting, “We love you, Trump!”

The richest and most powerful people in America who are attempting to destroy Trump have turned him into an unlikely folk hero instead. They’ll never admit it, of course. Trump will have to win the election to finally pierce their destructive delusions. But any honest person can see what real grassroots support looks like and what it doesn’t.

The contrast between the two candidates could not be more stark. One is present, engaged, and loved, and the other is a ghost who should be lying on a beach in Florida, enjoying what’s left of his life.

Here is Trump talking to the bodega owners, connecting with them in the way Biden used to be able to.

Nothing they do to Trump or say about Trump can make Biden a better candidate. He’s had four years to prove to the American people that he was the better option, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that he wasn’t.

I first met Biden in 2009 when my daughter’s class went to DC during the first year of the Obama administration. We happened to see him on the street with his Secret Service detail. He took time out of his day to come and say hello.

I also stood next to him at a fundraiser in Los Angeles in May 2019. He looked older, to be sure, but he was still there—he was still present. There is no crime in getting old, but every honorable person knows when it’s time to step down.

The only thing that put him in power, and what is keeping him in power now, is a grand illusion, the “greatest show on earth” our media industrial complex, aligned with the Democrats, who have never liked the wrong kind of people coming into their utopia and touching the furniture.

Instead of being honest about it, they had to invent Trump as the Most Evil Man Ever to Walk the Face of the Earth. Even now, they can’t break out of the groove and humanize the guy who had kids in Harlem shouting, “We love you, Trump!”

The lies about Trump have destroyed the Democrats and all of American culture aligned with them. Their credibility is shot. Soon, it will wash away like sand castles that stood for too long and represented an America that no longer exists.

Here is Tulsi Gabbard:

In downtown New York, even the Union members have decided that Joe Biden and the Democrats have let them down. They gave Trump a hero’s welcome.

The chef’s kiss was this guy, straight out of central casting for The Sopranos, “It’s turning now,” he said, before telling Joe Biden, “f*ck you.”

The longer they keep Trump in jail as our country falls into chaos — and they spend lavishly on fundraisers with celebrities and billionaires - the more the people are going to see Trump like Superman, their hero they need to free so he can save the country from it’s greatest threat - a corrupt government.

In 2016, my brother said he was voting for Trump. He was a contractor and said he’d been put out of business by all of the illegal immigration workers who could bid on jobs for half the money my brother makes.

If it was already bad in 2016, you can imagine how bad it is now with a wide open border that even the Democrats are starting to worry about. The only answer our oligarchs can give is, “Shut up, you bigots.”

And worse, they continue to believe that they are the #resistance, that they are oppressed, and that they must defeat this ongoing invasion by “racist white supremacists.” It’s hard to watch people whose brains have been destroyed by having too much power and an inflated sense of entitlement.

Donald Trump rose in 2016 because the establishment on the Left and the Right had failed the American people. None of those at fault ever addressed the problem. They did not want to relinquish the power of this massive leviathan they built on the backs of everyday working Americans.

But they still have an election to win. Biden all but threatened the press at the White House Correspondents Dinner that they better be on the same page about making sure Biden wins, or else.

Now that Biden has agreed to a debate, Trump would be wise to remember how Biden got the better of him last time. Going on offense against Biden’s frailty, a feeble old man, was a fatal mistake. It only made Trump seem like a bully. My advice? Just let Joe be Joe.

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