Free Thinking Through the Fourth Turning with Sasha Stone
Free Thinking Through the Fourth Turning with Sasha Stone
The Big Lie About Trump

The Big Lie About Trump

What could be so bad to justify all of this?

“We must not confuse dissent with disloyalty. We must remember always that accusation is not proof and that conviction depends upon evidence and due process of law. We will not walk in fear, one of another. We will not be driven by fear into an age of unreason, if we dig deep in our history and our doctrine, and remember that we are not descended from fearful men – not from men who feared to write, to speak, to associate, and to defend causes that were, for the moment, unpopular” - Edward R. Murrow

Any honest person knows that the Federal indictment of Trump is “shockingly weak.” Worse than that, it’s yet another lie pushed on Americans about Trump.

Trust me, I know. I used to be one of them. We started lying around 2012, once we realized how powerful Twitter was when it came to manufacturing the narrative we wanted. We rescued Obama’s second term by turning Mitt Romney into something he wasn’t.

That was a newfound superpower. We could manufacture the reality we wanted, but the price we would pay over time was to slowly but surely become disconnected from the truth.

Lying became like heroin. We needed higher and stronger doses for it to be effective. It couldn’t just be “Dick Cheney is a war criminal” or “W. Bush was the President Select.” It must be Trump is not just an “existential crisis” but an invasion of OUR country. And that meant they would have to go to war. And in the fog of war, anything goes.

Whose country did Trump invade exactly? Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and nearly all American cultural and political elites, not to mention generations who came of age online and only knew Obama as their leader.

But Obama, as you can see, is more than just an elected leader. He’s more like a King by now. Or a God. His influence is felt everywhere, every day. It’s his America, the Utopians or woketopians, believe they are fighting for.

There’s just one problem. They have decided it’s perfectly fine to disenfranchise millions of Americans who also get to decide whose America this is. Would it be an America built on moral superiority and virtue signaling? Or would it be an America built on people being able to say what they wanted, to live he way they wanted?

What happened to the political junkies online who kept coming for Trump day in and day out is that they got kind of strung out. Just look at how crazy they are, these Tik Tok users, flying high on their latest hit, getting so close to finally ending Trump:

But they’re still lying. Do they even know they’re lying anymore, or have the lies become their only reality by now?

Here’s the truth: This charge isn’t serious enough, no matter how much certainty, faux seriousness, bluster, and hysteria they pile on top of it, to warrant tearing our country and our democracy apart yet again. Yes, OUR Democracy. And OUR country.

Here’s another truth: There aren’t many Americans who could survive the level of scrutiny the media, the security state, the Democrats, and the RINOs had thrown at Trump before, during, and after he served the country. Finding something, finding any crime, became the directive, as though they were hunting down Al Capone and finally getting him on tax evasion.

Trump’s crime isn’t anything they’ve charged him with officially. It was winning the 2016 election and humiliating King Barack and Queen Hillary. For that great offense, he’s been turned into Goldstein in 1984.


But all of it has been nothing but lies from the outset. How do we know? Because they had to manufacture a lie before Trump even took office. They had to pretend the Steele Dossier was true and run with the story. The Democrats announced they would impeach him even before they took the House in 2018.

They protested wildly, violently, in the street on his Inauguration Day. That tells you everything you need to know about what came after. This was never a serious investigation, just like whatever charges they are throwing at him in Georgia, or from January 6th, won’t be. We know the game by now. They can’t fool us. Even if the charges stick and he is convicted, they’re still lying.

They’ve lied about everything - the protests, the vaccine, COVID - they’ve lied about people, their surveillance network, journalists and scientists, and the FBI’s involvement on January 6th.

Their lies will have enormous consequences. Their blatant corruption seems to know no bounds. They will keep going if no one at the New York Times or the Washington Post humiliates them.

Here is Glenn Greenwald on the charges:

Did Adam Schiff or Peter Strzok or James Comey, or any of them, face any consequences whatsoever over the phony Russiagate story? No, their lies were ignored by the mainstream media. Jen Psaki and Rachel Maddow still push the lie. Whose job is it to hold the powerful to account? Vivek Ramaswamy expresses what so many of us feel:

But worse than even lying, our government has disenfranchised millions of voters who deserved fair representation during Trump’s term and deserve the opportunity to vote for their candidate of choice without the government interfering or meddling in yet another election, their third by now, to try to influence the outcome.

This is what dictators do when they do not trust the people to make the right choice. That makes them, not Trump or MAGA, the true existential threat. Tulsi Gabbard sums it up best:

And never once did any of them even ask why Trump was popular, to begin with, or why so many would have not just voted for him in 2016 but again in 2020 and probably again in 2024. Don’t those people matter even a little bit to our government? No, as Tucker Carlson so beautifully and accurately explains:

Is it any wonder they had to take out Tucker? I’d like to know the story behind that, but I imagine the Dominion lawsuit was not about defamation. It was a targeted hit to remove one of the only voices representing the working class.

They can keep shutting down voices like Carlson’s and destroying the lives of political candidates for the great crime of somehow winning an election, but they’ll never understand why it isn’t going well for them.

Yes, even after all the bluster, the caterwauling, the accusations - he’s a racist, a rapist, a fascist, a dictator, a criminal, stupid, fat, small hands, sleeps with his daughter, Russian asset, traitor, insurrectionist, seditionist - millions still say yeah, we want the good economy guy.

The Big Lie

Trump was never the fascist. He was never the dictator. He might have chanted “Lock her Up” but he never weaponized his DOJ to go through with it like Biden has. He didn’t lock up political protesters after the Summer of 2020, and he could have. Those who threatened him and his family that Summer could have been charged with Federal crimes, they weren’t.

And Trump never took the necessary steps to sabotage his opponent, except what he calls the “perfect phone call.” He wanted dirt on Joe. But compare that to what the Democrats, Hillary, Joe Biden, and Obama have all done to stop Trump. There is no comparison. Yet, to date, they’ve never been held accountable for any of it.

Julie Kelly warns that this is only the beginning, that there is a much bigger picture at play. She would know. For months, she’s watched the show trials of the January 6th prisoners, none of whom received or could receive a fair trial. Like Trump, they were accused of being racists and “white supremacists.”

Look at how Joy Reid on MSNBC is positioning the indictment story, adding the right kind of flourish to convict in the court of public opinion before it even gets to trial:

Julie Kelly has been warning that this is a well-coordinated attack, much like the “well-funded cabal” to rig the 2020 election, and that it’s all a big set-up to charge Trump as a traitor at long last.

Here she is one month ago, predicting the indictment by Jack Smith with “110% certainty.

They can keep going down this terrifying path, assuming power that never belonged to them and lying to themselves. They might be able to fool the media and maybe the Democrats, but they can’t fool me.

I was there for all of it. I, too, went after Trump constantly, it’s all there on my Medium account, the whole ugly history of what I used to believe.

For the past three years, I’ve been living a nightmare. I have come out from the cloistered unreality of the bubble on the Left, and I know what is true and what isn’t.

Yet I can’t tell anyone about it because they look at me like I’m crazy. They have what I used to have with them, a shared reality. It’s just that it’s not all of America’s shared reality anymore, which is why Hollywood can’t tell stories and why the Biden administration has become a “woke” cult. The people around him are sucked into the bubble on the Left.

But somehow, Trump is still able to reach people Biden never could. He shares their reality but also understands the reality of the elites because he comes from that world. That makes him far more trustworthy to them than anyone inside the bubble of the Left who treat them like human garbage at best and “domestic extremists” at worst.

It’s hard to know what the endgame is here, beyond what Walter Kirn, with Matt Taibbi, refers to as the Great War to take complete control of the information stream finally:

Are we becoming 1984? Or is the end game a version of the midterms, where they put the GOP in a position to rally behind Trump so that they can drive the fear and hysteria enough to raise yet more billions to defeat him?

Does Biden want out of the 2024 race but won’t step down unless Trump is out? Then they can bring in Gavin? Is that the plan? Maybe. But if Trump is out, DeSantis will be the nominee, and he will wipe the floor with Gavin.

It’s 1954 Only Worse

In 1954, Puerto Ricans shot up the Capitol as an overt attack on the United States. What did they want? Full freedom for Puerto Rico. They were charged and convicted of “Seditious conspiracy.” The only other people who have been convicted of this very serious crime were Islamic Terrorists in 1993.

To save their ass, our weaponized and corrupt DOJ charged American citizens with “Seditious Conspiracy” for January 6th. They called it an attack on our country. It wasn’t. That was another lie. If anything, it was an attack on the ruling oligarchy that now believes it has the power to control our country. But it doesn’t.

These convictions should be overturned, and these prisoners must be pardoned. These are American citizens, political protesters, and we don’t do that in America. We have the right to protest and if those protests become violent, then there should be adequate punishment. But not “seditious conspiracy.”

1954 was also the year J. Robert Oppenheimer was hauled out in front of a government panel and questioned over his loyalty to the country for his hesitation to build the more powerful H-Bomb and to urge our government to de-escalate.

For that, they turned on him and prosecuted him as 20 million Americans tuned in. Albert Einstein told Oppenheimer he should walk away, that he’d fled Germany too, and that when the government becomes oppressive, it isn’t worth fighting. But Oppenheimer refused, telling Einstein this wasn’t Nazi Germany. He loved this country as much as he loved science. Einstein called him a fool.

Oppenheimer continued to have faith in our government that they would do the right thing and reward him for his loyalty. But they didn’t. They revoked his security clearance. Gone was his legacy as one of the most brilliant scientists, gone was his faith in the country he loved.

In 2022, perhaps because the film Oppenheimer is set for release this Summer, they finally vacated the charges.

“In 1954, the Atomic Energy Commission revoked Dr. Oppenheimer’s security clearance through a flawed process that violated the Commission’s own regulations. As time has passed, more evidence has come to light of the bias and unfairness of the process that Dr. Oppenheimer was subjected to while the evidence of his loyalty and love of country have only been further affirmed.”

I leave this as a record that some time from now, more reasonable minds will re-evaluate the authoritarian actions of the Biden administration against the protesters on January 6th and perhaps on their treatment of Trump. They have no right to accuse them of conspiring to attack the country they love.

The other day a friend of mine, a music critic, casually dropped a photo on Instagram of a concert in the desert that said, “the one place you can be sure you won’t be triggered by a MAGA flag.”

Make America Great Again is the flag they wear out of love of their country. It’s been turned into a symbol of extremism, like a Nazi flag. That kind of damage is irreparable and is the power of propaganda, as Goebbels well knew.

But nothing breaks my heart more than having the ability to see who they really are and yet the inability to convince those inside the bubble of the Left who have become the very people Edward R. Murrow was warning against.

They’ve dehumanized their fellow Americans and confused dissent for disloyalty. But they don’t want the truth. They prefer the lie. That’s all they know. And all they want to know.

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