Free Thinking Through the Fourth Turning with Sasha Stone
Free Thinking Through the Fourth Turning with Sasha Stone
The Democrats are Paper Tigers

The Democrats are Paper Tigers

Their seven-year odyssey to bring down Trump has left them more vulnerable than they realize.

Life's but a walking shadow; a poor player, that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more: it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” - Shakespeare

Despite the shock and awe of the four indictments against former president Donald Trump, the Democrats are more vulnerable than they’ve been in decades. It isn’t just the Afghanistan exit, the economy, or the cancer growing inside the presidency, it’s also the radical policies the Democrats have embraced since Biden took office in 2021.

They are hemorrhaging working-class voters, especially among groups they believe belong to them, like those in the Black and Hispanic communities. They refuse to face their own failings, and why should they? With no legacy media to hold them to account, they can pretend nothing to see here, move along, move along.

The Democrats present a front of normalcy, but something has eaten away at their foundation. The more they go after Trump, the more weak they appear. Most Americans are left wondering why they can’t just trust the voters.

They aren’t defending Democracy, as they keep insisting they are. What they mean is their power. If they can convince the public that Trump is a criminal and a felon, they can deflect from everything they did to essentially rig the 2020 election, not to mention the many ways they are failing the American people now.

They call those who questioned their methods in 2020 “conspiracy theorists,” or they think are too dumb to know any better. But I was a Democrat heading into the election. I not only voted for Biden, I actively supported him. I thought the election would have been fair, but what I saw them do to drag Biden over the finish line shocked me. Left the Democratic Party thinking we’d never have a fair election again in this country.

I was surprised Trump fought as hard as he did. The legitimate complaints about their “well-funded cabal” were drowned out by easily recognizable fabricated ones by Sidney Powell. I wasn’t a Trump supporter. I wasn’t even a Republican. But I was watching the election very closely and I know that if they hadn’t intervened, Trump would have won.

How do I know this? Because Trump was doing five rallies a day to make his pitch to the public that the Left had lost their minds (they had) and he was the better alternative (he was). But it didn’t matter because operatives picked up the votes long before Election Day.

The Democrats have always had an enthusiasm gap. They can’t get their supporters to turn out at the polls. This has plagued them as long as I’ve been a Democrat with the exception of Obama. This was what hurt Hillary Clinton in 2016. Her voters didn’t bother showing up because they assumed she had it in the bag.

But now, as I watch them pretend nothing happened, that they didn’t go to extraordinary lengths to remove any possibility that Trump might win, that they even funded the protests to make things seem as out of control as possible, that they spent $1 billion just to reclaim power left me feeling disgusted and disillusioned.

Just as the impeachment of Trump now appears to have been an overreaction to Biden’s corrupt business dealings in Ukraine, so too was Trump’s fight against an extraordinary election met with a January 6th riot wildly out of character for MAGA and certainly not part of Trump’s plan on that day, not to mention how Trump supporters were now demonized as terrorists attacking the country they love.

Just as we were gaslighted all through 2020, with the Democrats outright lying to all of us about the protests, about COVID, about social distancing, after the election, we were all gaslighted when we dared to object to how the election was hijacked by wealthy and powerful people who apparently run this country. What other option did Trump or his supporters have but to fight back and protest?

Watching the fourth indictment roll out, yet another imagined charge against a version of Trump that doesn’t exist, it’s hard not to see that this is the end of the Democratic Party one way or another. Maybe they can eke out another victory in 2024 as long as they have Trump to scare voters to the polls. But they have nothing to offer the American people by now.

And here they are again, setting us all up for another psy-op wherein they pretend Trump is an emergency but also need him to raise money and manipulate the media narrative to silence dissent.

They gave away the game when they spent $60 million pushing MAGA candidates in the primaries because they were easier to beat. And miraculously, on the heels of Biden’s blood-red “fascist” speech, David DePape shows up as an October surprise at the Pelosi’s, scaring the last-minute undecideds and independents Biden’s way.

It’s all so clean. They’re riding the Trump wave as long as they can, milking it for all it’s worth. Here is Glenn Greenwald pointing out just how arrogant and hypocritical the charges against Trump in Georgia are:

Part of their ongoing revenge fantasy is the continual humiliation of Trump and the rights they keep taking away from him. It is positively end-empire decadence - the pleasure they take in watching Trump suffer. The harder they go at him, the more money they’ll raise from people like Barbra Streisand and Bette Midler who have been dreaming of this moment for seven years.

They want anyone who ever went out on a limb for Trump, his friends, supporters, and allies to suffer too. If they can scare them, they can maybe extract something useful to attempt to convict Trump on something (they don’t care by now what that something is).

They even feel justified to eliminate Trump’s right to legal representation, as when the 65 Project and the Lincoln Project set about scaring and intimidating any lawyers who might dare to fight on Trump’s behalf. They were emboldened to do this and very likely rewarded handsomely with donations.

That Letisha James, Alvin Bragg, and Fani Willis are all Black prosecutors feeds the fanaticism of the white, ruling aristocracy and absolves them of their own white guilt - to them, this is the ultimate revenge for a “racist” like Trump. All the better to have the kind of optics worthy of a modern Hollywood courtroom drama.

They know that if Black prosecutors are involved, they will never be held to the same scrutiny or even mild criticism by the legacy press. In fact, it will be just the opposite - they will be turned into legends. They will be fawned over and praised, as Glenn Greenwald expresses so well:

If they somehow manage to take Trump out of the race, the Republicans will clean their clock, which is why they want to damage Trump but also keep him in play. Maybe if they push hard enough they can stoke enough outrage to cause another January 6th.

This from the Daily Wire:

Trump has exposed just who and what our government actually is and how little power we have as citizens. If they can obtain a search warrant of a former President of the United States for drafts of Tweets, likes, and favorites, imagine what they can do to you.

The prosecutors can’t back off now. Winning means justifying everything they’ve done for the past seven years. It also means justifying the extraordinary steps they took to rig the 2020 election with dark money, ballot harvesting, and Big Tech censorship. If they do prevail, that will be our new normal. It almost already is.

We can’t let them do that. The best way to fight them is to make voters an offer they can’t refuse.

Paper Tigers

Republicans are on the right side of history, and the Democrats are not. It is the job of every Republican to make sure every voter understands that a vote for the Democrats is a vote for Joe Biden’s policies on “gender-affirming care,” and the abandonment of women’s rights to compete fairly in sports, not to mention safety in private spaces.

I am a one-issue voter. That means I will vote for any Republican who understands the need to put the brakes on a fast-moving contagion. It could not be more serious and will take its place alongside other horrors societies of the past went along with out of social pressure, like eugenics and lobotomies.

We’re just now seeing the start of massive lawsuits against school districts, hospitals, clinicians, and in some cases, maybe even parents who failed to protect children and young adults from what amounts to medical experiments.

Tulsi Gabbard tells the story of Chloe Cole, who has been bravely on the front lines bringing her story to the American public.

When Cole went to Congress to tell her story, the Democrats unanimously sided against her and with Big Pharma and the gender clinics to justify their abuse of young people who can’t possibly consent to these life-altering changes to their bodies.

We’re not talking about nose jobs and eyelifts - we’re talking about amputating teenage girls' breasts, surgical and chemical castration of young men, and normalized sterilization of the young.

This isn’t just one or two members of Congress. This is a signature policy of the Biden administration. He owns this, as does every Democrat that goes along with it. There is enough information, thanks to brave activists like Chloe Cole to show some leadership on this issue, yet the Democrats are cowards.

Jamie Reed has been one of the few gender clinicians willing to put her entire career on the line to tell the truth. Most people simply don’t know how bad it is because of the ongoing silencing of necessary information to warn parents of what awaits their children. We sent them into the lion’s den when we gave them smartphones and sent them off to radicalized schools and universities.

The Republicans now have the opportunity to unite in collective purpose to stop this social contagion and join the UK, Sweden, and other countries that have wisely stopped the practice of cross-sex hormones and surgeries until more research is known.

We can do nothing about pregnant women who give birth to babies and then lie to their children that a man did it all actually. When their children grow up, they too will be forced to accept what can only be described as a mass delusion.

But we can elect Republicans to vote in a federal ban on “gender-affirming care” to save countless victims from destroying their bodies for life.

Because all of this must be laid at the feet of the Democratic Party, this is an opportunity for Republicans to peel off voters in a way they haven’t been able to do in decades, especially with Black, Hispanic and Asian voters.

But it will also have to find its way to people on the Left who would never vote for Republicans but would make an exception in this case. It’s just a matter of how many of them are really willing to put their vote behind their principles.

The Republicans are the heroes of history now because they are the only political movement taking on the powerful activists that have captured so many of our institutions and now, thanks to Biden, our government. And for that, they will have my vote.

But if they ignore this monumental moment and keep fighting about Trump, they will be as weak and ineffectual as the Democrats, paper tigers who are all too easily blown away by the gathering storm.


Free Thinking Through the Fourth Turning with Sasha Stone
Free Thinking Through the Fourth Turning with Sasha Stone
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