Free Thinking Through the Fourth Turning with Sasha Stone
Free Thinking Through the Fourth Turning with Sasha Stone
The Democrats Have Abandoned an America in Crisis

The Democrats Have Abandoned an America in Crisis

They can't govern a country they despise...

“When you're at the end of your rope, tie a knot and hold on.”
Theodore Roosevelt

Joe Biden and the Democrats could learn something from what just happened on Twitter, where a populist revolt is currently underway. The blue check scam was powerful - a minority of elites who have granted themselves outsized influence on the media narrative, the Democratic Party and reality itself.

Elon Musk played a game of cat and mouse with the blue checks first by taking them away, then giving them back after they launched a dumb hashtag campaign because the “unwashed masses” could now have access to status on Twitter. It was obscene but telling.

The upper decks of the Titanic have never looked more out of touch with the majority of Americans who have bigger problems than whether to drop the price of a Starbucks latte for a blue check on Twitter.

The bigger picture, of course, is that their ship has hit the iceberg already and the clock is ticking down on their power.

Meanwhile, leave it to the offspring of John Lennon and Yoko Ono to offer a rare bit of critical thinking:

Bret Weinstein also understood the bigger picture:

What’s happening on Twitter is a microcosm of what is about to happen to this country at the hands of the Democrats and their unholy alliance with the cultural and corporate elite, as well as the administrative state.

We’ve come out of 2020 not for the better. This is a country in crisis, and they can’t keep ignoring it. There is a crisis among the young, a crisis of crime in our cities overrun by drugs and homelessness, not to mention a crisis of mental health.

The revolt is coming. They couldn’t stop it on Twitter and won’t stop it in America. They have not only ignored the majority, but they actively disdain them. No administration can survive that. It’s just a matter of how long they can hold power and how bad it will get before they are booted out.

A Majority of Americans Support Protection of Women and Girls in Sports and Oppose Gender Affirming Care on Minors

This past week, not a single House Democrat voted for H.R 734, The Protection of Women and Girls Act, even though 70% of Americans support it.

From the Washington Post and the University of Maryland:

Nearly 70 percent of respondents said they believed transgender girls would have a competitive advantage over other girls, with 30 percent reporting neither group would have an advantage. 

However, a slim majority of those surveyed did say they were concerned with transgender athletes’ mental health in the event they were not allowed to participate in youth sports. 

The majority of Americans aren’t hateful or unaccepting of trans people. They don’t want the majority of women, however, to have to go along with the lie that fully grown biological men do not have an unfair advantage.

70 percent is unequivocal, yet Joe Biden has insisted he will veto H.R 734, if it somehow passes the Senate. And here’s why.

(d) (1) It shall be a violation of subsection (a) for a recipient of Federal financial assistance who operates, sponsors, or facilitates athletic programs or activities to permit a person whose sex is male to participate in an athletic program or activity that is designated for women or girls.” And that “sex shall be recognized based solely on a person’s reproductive biology and genetics at birth.”

The Democrats do not believe this is true. Moreover, they regard most Americans - the people they have been elected to serve - as ignorant bigots. They can’t possibly know their children better than TikTok influencers or gender clinicians.

“Protect transgender athletes,” says every Democrat from Chuck Schumer to Nancy Pelosi to Joe Biden. On the Right, they’re the only ones saying “Protect female athletes” from the madness of the Left, and most Americans agree with them.

Even though Bari Weiss, Jesse Singal, Abigail Shrier, Megan Murphy, Katie Herzog, Meghan Daum, and other prominent heterodox voices are speaking up on the issue, the mainstream media has mostly blacklisted anything critical of the President’s pet cause.

Here a video of outspoken activist and podcaster Corinna Cohn (biological male, transgender female), co-host of the Heterodorx Podcast on women’s sports:

The Right wants to take a hard stand, while the Democrats want to take no stand. The majority is in the middle. They’re concerned about trans kids and adults, but they’re more concerned about why all of this is suddenly on the rise as a social contagion. Politeness is keeping them from asking about it.

Most do not know the seriousness of the effects of “gender-affirming care” because of the media blackout. When they do finally find out, heads will roll.

We know Biden is not all the way present, which has allowed a fanatical cult to infiltrate our government. Perhaps he has been kept in the dark on all of the young people who now regret having decided to take medication or have surgeries because there is no going back.

They shouldn’t have to blame themselves or “take accountability.” No, that’s OUR job as parents. We’re the ones who are supposed to protect them from themselves.

Hysterectomies at the age of 20, bone loss, severe endometriosis, and, worst of all, infertility. That should be a hard stop for any society. You can’t sterilize children because they can’t consent. They’re not old enough. This is one of those unequivocal lines we don’t cross as a species or a society, even if they threaten suicide.

This is a “Soylent Green is people” or “To Serve Man is a Cookbook” moment where everyone realizes what has happened with the Left in power. They’ve lost the plot with their good intentions. And they’re doing real harm.

Many young women have their breasts removed only to find they need them and want them back. But they can’t have them back. They can never feel sexual pleasure through them and they can never feed babies with them. They are on medication for life. The horrors they endure after the procedure throughout adulthood they are stuck with.

Here are two testimonials from de transitioners at a rally:

Some males who have their organs removed and regret it forever. Even if some don’t, enough do that, there should be a national conversation about this, and a vote, instead of one powerful lobby in government cramming it down a public that never saw it coming.

Here is a video from a de-transitioner - my penis is gone forever, and I regret it.

Here is a video of biological male who has no way of winding back the clock to develop normally. Sexual function is no longer an option.

Even if the number of those who regret it is only 8% or 5% or even 1%, that’s enough. Who are these people running these clinics and running our country that allow this to continue? And how is it no Democrat has the courage to stand up and speak out? Not one.

Here is a clip of whistleblower Jamie Reed on what is happening to young people at gender clinics — it comes with a trigger warning so prepare yourselves:

While it isn’t just infertility, although that’s bad enough - that’s endgame for any species that hopes to survive the future — there are other reasons, including mental health, that other countries have mercifully chosen to put on the brakes, like Sweden.

I don’t believe the answer is to mock, shame, or bully trans people online, which I see too much of now. Not only is it cruel, but it confirms their persecution complex and only makes things worse. We have to reach them if we hope to save them before they go too far to turn back.

What I know for sure, beyond any doubt, is that they should not be chopping off body parts and giving them medication that will make them infertile. This is non-negotiable in a healthy, sane society. And I will vote for any politician who will draw that hard line.

The Majority of Americans Are Worried About Crime

The shooting of Ralph Yarl was tragic. It should never have happened. Hopefully, he will make a speedy recovery, though no doubt he’ll bear the scars for life.

But the media’s obsession with the story had more to do with their constant need to prove that the majority of Americans are terrible people, racists in fact, who have to be absolved of their sins of whiteness starting in elementary school.

At least the New York Times covered a similar shooting of a 20 year-old white female who didn’t survive.

As more businesses leave the big cities, residents are left to deal with crime that can’t be controlled in the wake of “defund the police.” Now, cops know that they are the ones whose jobs and reputations will be on the line if they make a mistake. This is the mess the Democrats made that they aren’t cleaning up.

On the same day Yarl was shot, April 13th, upwards of 30 people were also shot, and all of them were killed, many were young Black men shot by other Black men. Here is a list of some of the deaths, though most do not mention their race or their names, from Gun Violence:

A 44-year-old male in Chicago.
A 41 year-old male in Chicago, random shooting at a party.
A 28 year-old male in Philadelphia, multiple gunshots to the head.
A 19-year-old in Atlanta
, Georgia
A 20 year-old shot and killed a 30 year-old in Cleveland, Texas
Multiple people shot dead in Oklahoma City
Unidentified white male shot by a Black male in Channelview, Texas
Navajo Police shoot burglary suspect in Window Rock, Arizona
Two men in Virginia Beach, VA one 26, one 19 were shot and killed.
33 year-old Brenda Ochoa Guerrero found shot dead in her car in Fairfax County, VA
17 year-old male killed, Florence, South Carolina
28 year-old Trevonse L Reed killed in Decatur, Illinois
Two 19 year-olds shot and killed, Darrin Hailey and Jadon Anderson, Louisville, Kentucky
30 year-old Allante Alexander, Baltimore, Maryland
Brian Smith killed Shelby Mcintyre (both white), domestic violence dispute, Gray, Kentucky
Brandon D’Carlos Williams shot in Glen Burnie, Maryland
21 year-old suicide victim, Dearborn, Michigan
57 year-old Russell McCrory shot by swat team after a 5-hour standoff in Winona, Arizona.

There is no doubt that the majority of Americans, no matter their skin color or economic status, are worried about crime in the big cities. But the only crime that matters are stories that confirm the narrative the Democrats want to push.

As Black Conservative perspectives explains when Bill Maher had Glenn Loury on as guest:

Blue City Breakdown

“Street takeovers” in Los Angeles have become routine. They don’t even bother sending in the cops because they know that the media will put the cops on trial, not the criminals. This has been going on for a year, yet up until now, nothing has been done about it.

Finally, the residents had no choice but to mobilize and protest because our government DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THEM. How bad did it have to get? And why wasn’t this major news? Why aren’t the media hammering the Democrats on this issue? Because it doesn’t fit the narrative. They have to back Team Blue or suffer the consequences of angry Twitter elites.

Meanwhile, in San Francisco a homeless woman, likely addicted to some form of drugs or alcohol, gave birth on the sidewalk in broad daylight. Both mother and baby are recovering at a nearby hospital.

Says Dave Rubin:

According to the SF Standard:

Such incidents are rare but not unheard of in San Francisco. In 2007, a woman gave birth to a baby boy on a San Francisco sidewalk and then left the child. Last year, a stillborn baby was found in a port-a-potty of a city-sanctioned homeless encampment. More than a dozen children are born to parents living on the city’s streets each year, an expert told The Standard in the wake of that incident.

Michael Shellenberger has been sounding the alarm for a while now, whether or not the blue-checks on Twitter or the Democrats want to pay attention.

At what point do voters wake up and realize what has happened to this country at the hands of the Democrats and a media that lies to them about it?

The Man in the Arena

America seems to weave back and forth between liberalism and conservativism. As Barack Obama’s third term, the Biden administration had nowhere to go but farther left at a time when the pendulum wanted to swing Right.

Now, we desperately need Conservativism - the Lincolns, the Teddy Roosevelts, the Eisenhowers — to bring back structure, our foundational principles, and common sense.

Joe Biden is not a bad man. He’s just been insulated in government most of his life. What does he know about the real world and with no honest media or staffers to tell him the truth he has no clue what has become of this country on his watch.

The Democrats can’t govern a majority they not only detest but want to dismantle and rebuild, starting in elementary school.

Our children are being taught to hate themselves, to hate the sex they’re born with, to hate their skin color, that they are either oppressors or oppressed, to rely on and depend on Big Pharma for life to fix what ails them. The last thing they are being taught is resilience.

They’re being coddled, over-protected, and lied to about the world, that we need to make it safer for them to survive it. They need to be taught the opposite, that they can survive anything - that success is only achievable when we’re willing to risk failure.

How easy it is for the blue checks to sneer at Elon Musk when his rockets explode or he stumbles while managing Twitter. They assume because he’s the richest man in the world as we navigate through another Gilded Age that he’s somehow corrupt. But he’s a man in the arena who knows victory and knows defeat.

That kind of leadership meets this moment. Without a willingness to go up against the most powerful forces in this country, to fail at a time when the whole world is watching, there is no way to send the message to the young that they can survive as long as they are taught how to build things - families, businesses, communities, rocketships and social media apps.

As Teddy Roosevelt said in his New Nationalism speech:

Just in proportion as the average man and woman are honest, capable of sound judgment and high ideals, active in public affairs – but, first of all, sound in their home life, and the father and mother of healthy children whom they bring up well – just so far, and no farther, we may count our civilization a success.

We’re watching the last gasps of an information monopoly that has, for too long, neglected a country in crisis to push manufactured narratives. But there is hope. As Twitter goes, so goes the nation.

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Free Thinking Through the Fourth Turning with Sasha Stone
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