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The Dems' Latest Conspiracy Theory : Project 2025

Yet more mass hysteria from a party that has nothing to sell but fear.

The other day, my daughter called me, saying, “What’s Project 2025?” If it reached my daughter, it’s more widespread than people realize. Watch the video above to see just some of the hysteria. I told her it was much ado about nothing.

Biden’s re-election bid must prove to the people that he’s done a great job for four years so let’s have four more. They know they can’t do that so they have no choice but to sell fear. They don’t care about what that’s doing the country now that they’ve been doing it for the past eight years.

Their latest conspiracy theory is Project 2025. The entire document is open and available online. They’re not hiding it. It wasn’t written while Hitler was in prison. It’s fairly textbook fantasy Conservativism that seeks to roll back a bloated government, get woke ideology out of our schools, and yes, to stop the government from funding the one million abortions per year we have in this country now.

You can read it for yourself here.

Because it’s whipped around the internet like wildfire, Trump disavowed it on Truth Social:

Right away, the usual suspects like Rick Wilson, Barbara Boxer, Stephen King, and the rest of the anti-Trump hive mind chimed in with how Trump had to know about it because so many of his closest advisers are part of it. And that’s true. But what Peter Navarro and Steven Bannon think or say or do doesn’t really have much of an impact on what Trump does.

Yet, now, it’s become a problem for his campaign:

She’s right. It’s a nightmare now because the Democrats will do anything, say anything, and lie about everyone to cling to power. This is just the right fit, short and sweet and easy to distort into something ominous and scary. They can throw it around and sound all smart-like.

Whenever someone is interviewed on CNN or MSNBC, they’ll be asked, “Do you support Project 2025?” The GOP must come up with a good answer. Explaining something rational to irrational people won’t work.


Answer #1 - “I’ve heard about it. I haven’t read it (it’s hundreds of pages long), but what strikes me about your question is the level of fear-mongering the Left must do now just to stay in power. Do you think selling fear now that you’ve held the White House for four years is the right move? Don’t they have anything else to offer the American people?

Answer #2 - I haven’t read it, but from what I understand, it’s a formulated plan for what it might look like to roll back our bloated government that no longer serves the people. Raising the reading level of American children, getting woke ideology out of schools, and yes, hopefully preventing at least some of the 1 million abortions per year, a record high in 2023. Our government is no longer working for the people. The Project 2025 folks are trying to figure out how we might begin to do that. I wish them luck.

The 2024 election will be about which side can make a better case for the American people as a path out of Biden’s endless dark winter. The Democrats have only one plan: scare voters to the polls. The Trump side must find a way to offer something better.