Free Thinking Through the Fourth Turning with Sasha Stone
Free Thinking Through the Fourth Turning with Sasha Stone
The Lawfare made me a Trump supporter

The Lawfare made me a Trump supporter

The Grifters are red-pilling Americans by the day...

Six years ago, I stood a few feet away from Joe Biden at a fundraiser and was certain he was the only person who could save this country from Donald Trump in 2020.

However, by the end of the election, I would leave the Democratic Party for good. I saw them as corrupt, too powerful, and dangerous to the very democracy they now claim they want to protect.

Now, I wake up every morning in a panic that our last best hope of ending the monopoly of power on the Left rests on the imperfect shoulders of Donald Trump.

So I guess that finally makes me a Trump supporter.

It was a long, slow slide that started with simply humanizing Trump and the MAGA movement and believe me, just that alone upset my friends and family. They’re evil, they believe, because that’s what the media tells them every second of every day.

If you want to know how batshit crazy they are, those Good People of the Left, educated and seemingly intelligent, look no further than Heather Cox Richardson as she attempts to explain the MAGA movement.

Meanwhile, Trump humiliates all of them by showing the people who he really is, as he casually strolled into a Chick-fil-A in Georgia.

The media tried to spin it as a staged photo op. But they don’t know the effect Trump has to connect with people.

Here he was visiting East Palestine, Ohio when the Biden administration refused to go.

I spent a lot of time saying, “I’m not a Trump supporter, but…” I said it so much I began to feel like a coward for saying it. Trump is no better or worse than any politician in America. But we’ve never lived through an entire oligopoly scaring people against a former and half the country.

Because it was never just about Trump, it was always about the people who voted for Trump and chose him to represent them in government. Didn’t they matter at all? No, because they were demonized as racists and thrown away like human garbage.

So now I will stand in full support of Trump because I know that this is not a time to hedge or back down. It is a time to stand up to people who have assumed power that does not belong to them. Their election meddling has become the real threat to our democracy.

From the raid on Mar-a-Lago to the indictments and now to the show trials, they’ve left me with no other option than to stand behind the one guy they haven’t been able to destroy.

This can’t be America, I kept telling myself. They can’t distort the Justice System. They can’t hold trials we know aren’t fair, with biased juries and partisan judges, not to mention a fully compliant propaganda press.

It would be one thing if this was based on real crimes like he had buried bodies in the basement of Trump Tower or that he ran a sex trafficking ring or a Ponzi Scheme like Bernie Madoff. But we’re talking documents and “disrupting a public proceeding.” Give me a break.

We’re long overdue for the “Have You No Decency moment,” but that moment never arrived.

Instead, we’re onto Season Eight of the Donald Trump Show — produced, directed, and starring a cavalcade of liars and fantasists. A ruling class that doesn’t want to lose its grip on American society will go to great lengths to preserve it.

But they don’t realize this is a very badly written reality show, and they’ve lost the plot by now. Right around Season Five, the villain, Trump, became the hero. While the aristocracy is waiting out the ending they’ve bought and paid for, most of us out here in the dark are rooting for our unlikely hero to once again evade their grasp in an endless game of Catch Trump if you can.

The Grifters

Like all television shows that overstay their welcome, the writers of the Trump Show look less like they care about democracy and justice and more about the filthy lucre that lines their pockets as they sell hate, fear, and hysteria to the masses.

Cassidy Hutchinson would be nothing and nowhere if she hadn’t cleaned up all respectable-like and thrown herself at the mercy of Liz Cheney and MSNBC. Every great reality TV show needs a hot girl, and she was it. Book deals, movie deals! Our girl’s going places. All she had to do was tell them what they wanted to hear. It didn’t matter if it was true.

Liz Cheney was disgraced out of Congress in a landslide loss and now holds court on Twitter bleating about threats to democracy. Like Cassidy, her book soared to the top of the best sellers list. Just tell them what they want to hear! She’ll have a career for life on cable news.

Letitia James rode the rage wave of mass hysteria and got elected on her promise to get Trump. Where would she be without him? It’s not like New York has a crime problem or anything.

DA Fani Willis will surely have a lucrative career ahead with speaking engagements, book and movie deals. Who knows, maybe there’s a torrid love story for Lifetime on offer—romance amid the fight to bring down a fascist and save DEMOCRACY.

They have their “whore with a heart of gold” in Stormy Daniels, paired with social justice warrior Alvin Bragg all set to begin their season of the Trump Show when jury selection begins on Monday.

Every Salem Village needs a Cotton Mather, and they have theirs in Jack Smith, a wild-eyed zealot who will do anything, say anything, destroy his entire career and the Justice System to end Trump.

By now, all they’ve done is make people like me root for Trump even harder. We all want to see these corrupt cases go down. We all want to see our newly etched hero redeemed. We need to believe we still live in a free country that is not infected with delusion and corruption. If that makes me a Trump supporter, then so be it.

Now, Hollywood will start to write Trump’s legacy in terrible movies that get the story wrong. In one month, at the Cannes Film Festival, The Apprentice.

The Trump Show has it all—even violence. They have somehow managed to sell the American public on the idea that MAGA is the violent side, even though everyone knows they don’t board up windows if they think Biden is going to win.

Something Trump Said

There’s a line in The Godfather II where Fredo says to Michael, “You can’t come to Las Vegas and talk to a guy like Moe Green like that!” But that’s all Trump has done his entire adult life — be the guy who talks to Moe Green like that.

Here was Trump on Phil Donahue back in the 1980s shocking the audience with naked truth:

Trump didn’t change. The country did. As people like me built our utopia, largely rooted in the virtual world, language was the first thing we had to control. We carefully curated our words so as not to offend. Words that sounded harmless, like “caretaker” or “homeless,” were transformed into “caregiver” and “unhoused.”

We worried when words tumbled out of our mouths—is this the right word? Is this offensive? Does it expose me as a bad person? It just got worse and worse.

Trump resonated with so many people because he challenged those suffocating rules of language. Yes, much of what he says is offensive to the Left, but as we’ve seen, what isn’t offensive to the Left by now? All they’ve ever had on Trump was something he said, not anything he did.

They are a society now that believes words are violence. Look at the fuss they made over the word “Bloodbath,” which proved the mass delusion is alive and well. Here I thought they might have evolved past 2020 when the media felt emboldened to overtly lie to the people. But no, if Trump is on the other side, they will do whatever they can to bring him down, even if it costs them yet more of their disappearing credibility.

But Trump is the one person who can help teach younger generations what my generation already knew: that sticks and stones might break your bones, but words will never hurt you.

Gray Champions aren’t born. They are made.

Neil Howe was asked back in 2016 if he thought Trump was the Gray Champion of his book The Fourth Turning.

He points out that Trump is a Baby Boomer, which is usually what we’d expect from a Gray Champion, though it’s not absolute.

Here is how Neil Howe describes the Gray Champion in The Fourth Turning is Here, his follow-up to the first book:

“What are the typical attributes of the Gray Champion? Boundless self-confidence. Uncompromising principle. Contempt for the status quo. Inability to back down or give up. Yet also a simplicity of manner and a serenity of soul. And the charismatic ability to reconnect the rising generation with its cultural heritage. Oriented toward final ends, the Gray Champion can be careless about the human or material cost of attaining them.

Who else but a Gray Champion would challenge the results of a corrupt election? Who would ever have the nerve to do such a thing? Who would ever run again for office after two impeachments and four indictments? Well, a Gray Champion would.

One thing we know for sure is that it isn’t Joe Biden. From the Generation Report two years ago:

No Country for Joe Biden.

The reset we need will happen sooner or later—maybe now, maybe in 2028. But you can’t stop what’s coming. It ain’t all waiting on you. That’s vanity.

Any time Joe Biden is asked a question, he makes it clear that he has no idea what’s going on in this country. He only knows the tiny bits of information he gets from watching Morning Joe. Here, he calls the biggest threat to America Donald Trump. How could anyone be that irresponsible or that ignorant?

Just listen to this focus group explain that Joe Biden is in denial and is gaslighting them about their problems.

The cure to what ails us is hope. Hope for a better life, a better job, maybe a house, and maybe a decent vacation every year. Hope that we can see each other as Americans again. Hope that there isn’t a stigma attached to just voting for Trump. Hope that we can find our way to the truth again.

The Biden administration has turned a country that aims for equality into a country that forces indoctrination and divides us up on skin color and gender, enforcing “gender-affirming care,” which mutilates the bodies of children.

What hope can he possibly sell to the many when he is so narrowly focused on the few?

At the end of every speech, Trump promises his supporters the same message:

Together, We will make America strong again. We will make America wealthy again. We will make America proud again. We will make America safe again. And yes, together, we will make America great again.

Maybe he’s lying like all politicians do. I’m not expecting much. But I know ending the madness of the Left matters to me most of all.

So, for once, I’m putting my vote to good use.


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