Aug 1, 2022 • 32M

The Ultra Elite vs. The Ultra MAGA

January 6th While Rome Burns

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Sasha Stone
Essays on politics and culture from Sasha Stone's Substack. A former Democrat and Leftist who escaped the bubble to get to know the other side of the country and to take a more critical look at the left.
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In 2020, an unprecedented alliance of the richest and most powerful entities in the country came together to rig an election. Now I’m not saying they did anything illegal. Or that there was widespread fraud. But really, does that matter?

By now, after they spent four years trying to remove Trump from power, impeached him twice, and now Merrick Garland has launched the “largest investigation in American history,” all to boost the Democrats chances in the midterms and try to knock Trump out to keep him from running in 2024, you gotta wonder. What are they so afraid of?

The election was rigged because they were afraid Trump would win in 2020. Indeed, a one-term president with a strong economy is unbeatable. To bring him down they would have to take control of the media narrative, deliberately crash the economy, and discredit everything Trump ever did to manage the COVID pandemic.

All that because they couldn’t beat him with just Joe Biden. I know it was more than that. I know they were pressuring the media to “fix” their obsession with Hillary’s emails in 2016. They were pressuring Mark Zuckerberg to “help” them win this time, since he “helped” Trump win last time. Facebook offered the same “help” to the Clinton campaign, but she turned him down.

They were worried about a scandal erupting as the “October surprise.” You know, like the Access Hollywood tape in 2016? It’s okay when they do it. Trump tried to do it with the Hunter Biden story, and you’ll never believe what happened next.

“Hey ya, Mr. Dorsey? Yes, this is a shadowy figure who works for the apparatus, and we think you need to bury that Hunter Biden story. Why? Well, it looks bad for Joe. Also, it’s Russian disinformation. Also, if you post it, you will be complicit in spreading Russian disinformation. Also, you will be helping a racist/fascist win the presidency. We good?”

All of the other major Silicon Valley dude-bros complied. What did they have to lose? Nothing. They know which side butters their bread.

What we saw in 2020 was the richest and most powerful people essentially subverting American Democracy.

In their efforts to remove one president they didn’t like and install another, we lived through probably the most corrupt election in American history by a group of people who really do believe they have the right to manipulate an election. With enough money and lawyers you can do anything.

Normally, you’d have reporters at the Washington Post and the New York Times doing detailed reports of how corrupt our government had become. They’re not above the American people. They’re not above American Democracy. But that isn’t what you see. Even now, you still see them taking one side. The Twitter blue-check side.

Who are they, you might ask? You know who the ULTRA MAGA is thanks to Joe Biden’s decision to dehumanize half the country. Now meet the ULTRA ELITE.

The ULTRA ELITE is the blue-check army on Twitter of the most revered, famous, wealthy, and powerful high-status people in the country - Stephen King, Bette Midler, Patricia Arquette, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Obama, Michael Beschloss, John Dean, Howard Dean, and then, of course, the Never Trumpers like Rick Wilson and Steve Schmidt - they called themselves “The Resistance.” But really, they were the ULTRA ELITE.

They’re the Obama coalition. They’re Netflix and HBO Max. They’re Nike and Microsoft. They’re the Grammys and the Oscars. They’re Audible and Home Depot. They sit atop the food chain, making the most money. Almost every major corporation in America, almost every university, research lab, opera house, art museum are all in alignment with the ULTRA ELITE.

They listen to NPR, they read the New York Times. They think the Washington Post is still a legit newspaper and they are all in agreement that Trump incited a “violent insurrection” on January 6th and that his supporters were a “white supremacist” army about to overthrow the mighty United States of America. Imagine our country is that vulnerable it was threatened by an unarmed mob of protesters.

But the ULTRA ELITE lives in fear. They hide in their bunker and want the bad people to disappear. They send out scouts to see if they’re gone. If they see one ULTRA MAGA you know, walking around without a mask or wearing a red cap - that means it’s not over yet. They just want their utopia back. Their perfect little world before Trump wrecked it.

The truth still matters though it is in limited supply. Watching the entire media take a side on the January 6th show trial is frightening. There isn’t even a question of due process or presumption of innocence. They’ve been convicted in the court of public opinion, and that’s all that matters.

Over the past six years, we’ve just become numb to living in a country that disappears perceived wrongdoers. Cancel culture replaced the presumption of innocence and due process with trial-by-mob. Why wouldn’t that hysteria swallow up the government too? Joe Biden has been targeting Trump voters ever since, smearing them as “racists” and “insurrectionists” and “election deniers,” “anti-vaxxers,” and “white supremacists”.

On the Left they believe you should be as forceful and aggressive as possible to fight for your rights. When Trump supporters do it, they’re the wrong class of people. They’re not the ULTRA ELITE. They’re ULTRA MAGA. That’s bad. So they should never try to fight against a government they feel has betrayed them. Not this government. It’s ESG-infused fashionable fascism.

One day the whole story will be told, and history will not be kind. No group of people who dehumanizes another fares well in retrospect. How will you explain the treatment of people who breached the Capitol after so many on the Left have done the same thing? “Oh, they were racists” - is that the plan?

This was the Capitol breach of Wisconsin:

The media is part of the ULTRA ELITE that runs this country by controlling the chosen narrative and micromanaging a manufactured consensus on Twitter. They are the ones who get to say if it’s right or wrong, fair or corrupt. It’s like the end of Chinatown when Evelyn has nowhere to turn because Noah Cross owns the police. The ULTRA ELITE can’t check the media because they are the media.

But it’s one thing if they’re just winning an election, bending the rules with a nudge wink wink, which did more damage to Americans’ faith in “Democracy Itself” than January 6th. It’s entirely different from waging a 9/11-style “war on terror” against anyone who might think about voting for Trump. It is an abuse of power that I believe they will regret one day.

For the President to use such definitive language for people who have not yet been convicted of these crimes would be shocking if we weren’t already used to the idea that the ULTRA ELITE do whatever they want and there are no checks or balances on that power.

There is enough exculpatory evidence to contradict many of the findings revealed in the Primetime hearings, including the Oathkeepers helping Capitol police at least three times to calm down the crowd, hundreds of hours of footage that has never been released. There is video of Trump supporters attempting to stop windows from being smashed, including one of Ashli Babbit punching an unidentified rioter who broke the window just before she was shot.

At best, you have “disrupting an official proceeding” or the “disrupting a peaceful transfer of power.”

That was never good enough for the ULTRA ELITE. They had to dig out something that looked more “insurrectiony,” so they came up with “seditious conspiracy.” That was the first sign our government, at least to me, had become corrupt, that they were now distorting reality to suit the narrative, which is what the media and our politicians did all through 2020.

There aren’t many people brave enough to get the story — the whole story — of January 6th, but a few have. Julie Kelly’s book is a must-read. And over at the Conservative site Epochtimes, they’ve assembled some of the footage never shown to the American public. It’s worth a watch. For all of their sneering at sites like Epoch Times, none of the mainstream journalists have looked at January 6th, or anything else since 2020, with a critical, objective eye.

Two rioters have since committed suicide, probably because our government took away what they valued the most, love of country. If you take that away, you take everything. It isn’t enough that so many of them come from places that have been emptied out and turned into ghost towns all across America. Mom and pop stores were replaced with the same familiar franchises. Anytown, USA became Anybrand, USA. There is no answer from the Biden administration for that.

If you drive across this country, you’ll see much love for Trump everywhere. Tractor trailers festooned with his name across them. The Trump flag is planted on lawns, front yards, and fields. There is no doubt that much of America is Trump country. Not the ULTRA ELITE but the people who help keep this country running, farmers and truckers, waitresses and gas station attendants.

The Biden administration has no way to reach them. After all, he has now demonized them, wrongly, by calling them racists and “white supremacists” and “insurrectionists” - blaming them for COVID deaths because they didn’t wear masks or get vaccines. Now we know masks barely stopped the spread, if at all, and vaccines never did.

So what’s the plan? Just keep scaring the ULTRA ELITE with the ULTRA MAGA? Will that distract people away from their real problems? What happened to the minds of the young during lockdown, what about gas prices, rising rent, inflation? To the ULTRA ELITE, what matters is what they put in their bios on Twitter? The war in Ukraine, their pronouns, BLM.

Yuval Noah Harari wrote in his book, Lessons for the 21st Century, the following:

“Democracy is based on Abraham Lincoln's principal than you 'can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. If a government is corrupt and fails to improve people's lives, enough citizens will eventually realise this and replace the government. But government control of the media undermines Lincoln's logic, because it prevents citizens from realising the truth. Through its monopoly over the media, the ruling oligarchy can repeatedly blame all its failures on others, and divert attention to external threats - either real or imaginary.

When you live under such an oligarchy, there is always some crisis or other that takes priority over boring stuff such as healthcare and pollution. If the nation is facing external invasion or diabolical subversion, who has time to worry about overcrowded hospitals and polluted rivers? By manufacturing a never-ending stream of crises, a corrupt oligarchy can prolong its rule indefinitely.”

Harari was referring to the first war on terror, but his words apply to Biden’s abuse of power to distract from his failed Afghanistan exit, his inability to stand up to the insane Left, and a crashing economy.

Like it or not, Joe Biden is Ashli Babbitt’s president too. He’s the President of every desperate Trump supporter who showed up on that day fighting for Trump. He owes them the same protections as he would give the protesters over the Summer in 2020.

Pride goeth before the fall

If history is any indicator, we’re witnessing the collapse of the once-mighty empire of the counter-culture Left. They took back power using resources most Americans don’t have access to. They showed us what an America under their rule would look like. They might clean it up nicely on cable news and on their Twitter feeds but the reality is dystopian.

The media simply ignored all of the warning signs heading into 2020. We had good reason to be worried about what might happen if the rising madness on the Left got into government. So many victims of that Summer that were never even mentioned by the Democrats at their convention or even now. They just don’t care, just like the dead soldiers in Afghanistan.

Like the abuse suffered by police officers in Portland.

Like Two women were arrested and charged with beating a US Senator in August.

Publishers, editors, and professors were all being fired. The hysteria was whipped up every day online. This was starting to scare Americans away from the Left. That, more than anything, is why Trump won as many millions of votes as he did and won Iowa, Ohio, and Florida, and would have won the election if not for the banked votes the Zuckerberg army had amassed.

By August, Trump had something new to campaign on, which is what he’s campaigning on even now. It was handed to him by the insane cultural revolution that took hold over the Summer of 2020, and how so many corporations caved to pressure. Trump has a good instinct for what people care about but isn’t being covered by the mainstream media. That is probably one of the reasons why he’s resonating even now. The reality the ULTRA ELITE give Americans daily doesn’t match their reality. But if they hear Trump talk about it, they think - wow, someone has the guts to say what everyone thinks.

He gave a speech at Mt. Rushmore that was the first time any major public figure had talked about what was happening in a critical way :

1776 represented the culmination of thousands of years of Western civilization and the triumph of not only spirit, but of wisdom, philosophy, and reason. And yet, as we meet here tonight, there is a growing danger that threatens every blessing our ancestors fought so hard for, struggled, they bled to secure. Our nation is witnessing a merciless campaign to wipe out our history, defame our heroes, erase our values, and indoctrinate our children. Angry mobs are trying to tear down statues of our founders, deface our most sacred memorials, and unleash a wave of violent crime in our cities. Many of these people have no idea why they’re doing this, but some know what they are doing. They think the American people are weak and soft and submissive, but no, the American people are strong and proud and they will not allow our country and all of its values, history, and culture to be taken from them.

Enough people were noticing to drive votes towards Trump, particularly as we headed out of the Summer. In many states, early mail-in voting had started in late September. And in the swing states, very early as well.

There wasn’t time to overcome the massive lead of early, mail-in voting. They had stockpiled enough that they knew they already won even before the count started. But in the end, Trump's strength showed a shift was happening. That is why elections should be held close to Election Day, so candidates can make a strong case for Americans to choose which direction they want to take the country. That didn’t happen in 2020. They were given a government they never asked for.

The Left has become so insane they are making the case for any Republicans to vote them out. The Democrats think selling fear, panic and hysteria is the way to drive their movement forward. It isn’t. Americans need optimism, hope, patriotism, law and order and every other tried and true campaign pitch.

The media have never been held accountable for their ongoing distortions in 2020.

Sharyl Attkisson has collected the definitive list of the media “mistakes” during the Trump years. I think it’s safe to say that journalism has collapsed. That’s a big part of the empire of the Ultra Elites. Eventually, it will all be coming down. There is no surviving if they’ve lost access to the truth, and they have.

There are many examples of this, but let’s just pick one. When the story broke that Trump had used teargas to clear the area for a photo op, it took A YEAR for that story to be corrected. This story was a lie that the media ran. The weird part was, that no one among the ULTRA ELITE cared. They wanted Trump out. Everything else came secondary.

But they paid too high a price for their collusion. The media has lost all credibility now among the public. Or anyone who isn’t a member of the ULTRA ELITE.

Have you No Decency?

In 1954 Joseph McCarthy went too far with the McCarthy hearings. He decided to showcase them on Primetime television, just like the January 6th committee. Even though much of his work had been valid - there WERE spies in government and Marxist zealots in Hollywood - by 1954, he had become paranoid. He was drinking too much and he went too far.

That was when Eisenhower stepped in. He helped discredit McCarthy, a fellow Republican because he could see it was destroying unity and American morale. Americans were starting to turn on each other. This was explored so beautifully in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible and in The Monsters are Due on Maple Street.

Without access to the truth, there would never have been a Twilight Zone. We live in a time that would produce the most interesting books and screenplays, but the ULTRA ELITE will prevent those stories from being told. If you are a white male, you mostly can’t get a writing gig or a directing job unless you’re a big name. And since white people are still the majority, that makes for a very odd hiring pool.

But even if they could get work, the strident limits on storytelling is oppressive and strange. We get these rigid self-conscious movies depicting the ULTRA ELITE's ideal utopia. Their casting is always multiracial because that helps them look like they’re doing the work of “antiracists.” But it often sets storytelling off in strange and unpredictable ways.

They tell us to think about nothing but the racial dynamics between white and Black people; then they cast them in a way that tells us we should not even see color. The microaggressions we’re supposed to be aware of suddenly disappear when watching a movie, television ad, or TV show. They want us to always think about race or never think about race. Which is it?

Access to the truth is Edward R. Murrow speaking out against McCarthy - this speech could apply today to Merrick Garland, Joe Biden, Liz Cheney, Jamie Raskin, and all media that have sold out their profession by their failure to look at this story with any objectivity. We don’t have any leaders in Washington like Eisenhower, that’s for sure, and we certainly don’t have members of the media like Murrow.

One of the reasons so many people watch Tucker Carlson, and listen to Ben Shapiro and Joe Rogan is that they are looking for people who will tell them what they think instead of speaking in the measured, guarded tone of the forever frightened ULTRA ELITE. How refreshing to hear someone just rip through the hypocrisy of the most uptight puritanical oligarchy this country has known since its bloody revolution from King George.

Carlson is not on Twitter. He says his main touchstone is a waitress in Yosemite who tells him what she’s going through as an ordinary American citizen. That makes him more able to relate to Americans than the cable news hosts who live online in the cocoon of the ULTRA ELITE.

Trump supporters don’t have many people who will stand up for them. They definitely have one strong fighter in Carlson. He shows no signs of fear toward any of the ULTRA ELITE. He ruthlessly mocks high-status media, and both political parties, and seems to have a soft spot for the people with the least power. He is most definitely Public Enemy Number One for the ULTRA ELITE.

I bring him up because he is among the very few voices on cable news who, to quote Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman, takes a flameflower to this place. You get called a racist and a bigot if you watch Carlson, but I’m still waiting to see this kind of fearlessness anywhere else.

The Way Out

Biden and the ULTRA ELITE can continue to ratchet up their authoritarian control, then turn around and warn Americans against the authoritarianism on the Right. There is no question about who is the bigger threat. 2020 gave us a glimpse into our potential future. It looks a lot like 1984.

It is heartbreaking to see the once formidable movement of the late 60s become the sellouts they used to hate. What happened to the protest songs? What happened to sticking it to The Man?

They became the Lotus Eaters. They found their Lotus Plant on Twitter, which felt too good. How powerful they are to control the media narrative and the Democratic politicians. How else is a guy like Adam Kinzinger going to get so much instant feedback? The likes! The sweet, juicy likes! None of them have emerged from that Lotus Plant looking very good.

The only way out of this mess is for the hysteria around Trump to dissipate. When that happens, we will likely have found our way through our darkest days. Those who think they can do battle with the “woke left” but still draw the line at Trump saying things like “but the far right is worse,” haven’t yet understood that it’s all the same thing.

If Joe Biden was a great leader, he would understand what Trump experienced for the four years he was in power, and how undemocratic it was for our media, government, and the blue-checks to treat him the way they did. Biden could bring the country together that way. But you know he isn’t a great leader and doesn’t want to unite the country. The ULTRA ELITE only seeks to purge or reform the non-compliant ULTRA MAGA. Same old story, eh?

Either way, I figure the Democrats are seeing their last desperate days, particularly if they go through with an indictment for Trump. They would have served the blood thirsty blue-checks what they most wanted but it will come at a great cost for the country. America will turn on the Democrats. And after what they’ve done with January 6th, they have it coming.

We need a leader who can bring the country together. We have tough fights ahead with other countries, future pandemics, and who knows what else. The ULTRA ELITE have overstayed their welcome. It’s time for them to shrink back into the shadows.

Power to the people.