Free Thinking Through the Fourth Turning with Sasha Stone
Free Thinking Through the Fourth Turning with Sasha Stone
Why Joe Biden isn't Sweating

Why Joe Biden isn't Sweating

But he should be.

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Fear is trickling down the walls at the White House like blood from a crime scene. They try to wipe it away with a Lawrence O’Donnell monologue here, a Stephen Colbert freak out there.

Any other president at any other time in American history would be sweating. But Joe Biden isn’t.

It reminds me of this scene from the movie Quiz Show where the investigator, played by Rob Morrow, corners the President of NBC, played by Allan Rich, in an elevator. We have finally got you, Morrow says. Oh yeah? Rich says. Then why are you the one that’s sweating?

And so it goes with the Biden administration.

But there is no hiding it. Nate Silver is worried. The New York Times is worried. Politico is worried. Rolling Stone is worried. It’s so bad that they’ve given up toeing the party line and are actually speaking out for the first time since Biden took office. They’re desperate for Biden to step aside and give the job to someone, anyone who will stop Trump.

Here is Bill Ackman touting Dean Phillips instead.

But of course, he must realize that no white man could leapfrog over Kamala Harris. And that is the tell. If they genuinely believed Trump was the Greatest Threat to Democracy America has ever faced, they would sacrifice their woke bona fides and usher in Gavin Newsom.

Why are they doing nothing? Because Joe Biden has bigger plans for his legacy. He will win in 2024 and then step down, elevating the first Woman of Color to President of the United States.

No, Joe Biden isn’t leaving. They’re going to have to rip the presidency from his cold, dead hands. There is no way he is passing up the chance to make history. Years from now, when the dust settles, all that will remain is the face of Kamala Harris right alongside George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and FDR. The person who will get the credit for that is not Harris, who did nothing to earn her place, but Joe Biden.

Kamala Harris, they tell us, can’t win an election in the United States, but Biden will ensure the public must accept her as their leader anyway. And that tells you everything you need to know about what Biden thinks about all of us. His legacy matters more than we do, more than our country does.

His enormous ego means he would never step aside because of public pressure, like LBJ.

Even with a Kennedy looming on the horizon like a harbinger, Biden would never see himself as another Jimmy Carter. Trump isn’t Reagan, he no doubt assured himself, even as he trails Trump in the polls.

Biden Isn’t Sweating the Polls

As long as Team Blue hasn’t changed their minds much, Biden knows he’s covered. He’s not worried about the independents and the undecideds. They will be taken care of with deep pockets and ballot harvesting. They’ll easily bank enough votes in the swing states to win; at least, that is what Biden thinks, and why shouldn’t he? So far, so good.

Polls don’t tell you who will turn out and who will stay home on Election Day. In 2016, polls favored Clinton so much that voters in the swing states stayed home. The polls gave them a good reason not to bother.

Here was 538:

The New York Times gave Clinton a chance of winning by over 80%. In addition to blaming Bernie Sanders, Jim Comey, Putin, Facebook and the media, the Clinton campaign would blame lazy voters who didn’t turn out because they assumed she would win.

That was one of the things the Democrats would take care of heading into 2020. Eliminate the need to motivate voters to turn out. Pick up their ballots instead.

This is what the 538 polling looked like heading into 2020:

Had the Democrats not implemented their ballot harvesting scheme funded heavily by $400 million from Mark Zuckerberg, there is a chance the Trump side could have surged on Election Day. From Politico:

Most of the error came from underestimating Trump’s support, as opposed to overestimating Biden’s. Comparing the final election results to the poll numbers for each candidate, Trump’s support was understated by a whopping 3.3 points on average, while Biden’s was overstated by a point — turning what looked like a solid Biden lead into a closer, if still decisive, race.

Trump had them on their heels, winning not just the bellwether counties, but the all-important trifecta of Florida, Iowa, and Ohio. But there was no way they could catch up to the ballots the Democrats had collected long before Election Day.

Now, as we head into 2024, Trump is leading Biden by almost 2 points. He never led Hillary Clinton in 2016 or Joe Biden in 2020.

So why isn’t Biden sweating? If Trump is so dangerous, as they all insist he is, why are they playing with fire? Because it’s been a long con from the beginning. They never believed Trump was dangerous. They didn’t want someone in power they could not buy off or control. It was an unreality foisted on the American people as their actual reality.

They didn’t like that he gave a voice to the working class they had abandoned long ago. It was never about Trump; it was about the people he brought into the room, people whose needs they did not want to address - people they routinely throw away like human garbage. As Batya Ungar-Sargon explains:

Living in Unreality

Ever since 2020, America feels like a ghost town, with all of us numbly going through the motions and pretending that this is what our country is supposed to be like. It’s not.

When the Democrats took control of the media narrative, for fear of the now-defunct blue-check army on Twitter, none of us could have a shared reality. Each side is told a completely different version of the day’s events.

A new counterculture might be building outside the system on sites like Rumble and Substack, but for now, the Big Tech overlords have almost complete control of our perceptions of reality. They don’t care about the older generations; they are targeting the young people coming of age online. They believe if they can condition them not to be RACISTS, they can change the world.

Sounds good, right? But the price we all pay is a disconnect from reality, like having a president who is too old but can be carefully edited and delivered to Gen-Z in meme form. Who would ever be the wiser?

Unreality is what defines the Left now. If you watch this interview with Taylor Lorenz, who is wearing a mask outside, and Libs of TikTok’s Chaya Raichik, Lorenz can’t even say no, images of blow jobs should not be in elementary schools. This is not hard. Yet, the unreality must always be where they land.

It’s like Google Gemini. They don’t tell you the truth about the past, present, or future. And they shame you for even knowing there was once such a thing as a white family, a white scientist, a white leader, as though the word “white” is somehow evil.

Here is a search I did before they apologized and tweaked the algorithm.

But if you think Gemini is the only Big Tech AI out there that is “woke,” think again. This is the entire worldview of the Left. This is our new normal if we don’t find a way to stop it.

Corruption Unbound

Any one story about what’s happened to the Biden presidency since the disastrous exit from Afghanistan would have brought down any other president. But Joe Biden is either too powerful or his former boss is too powerful for anyone to notice or to care.

While the corruption scandal involving Joe Biden and son Hunter is heating up, an overt cover-up is going down at CBS News. This is worse than the Watergate break-in if it turns out either Joe Biden or his former boss, Barack Obama, are involved.

CBS is refuting the story, as reported in AdWeek. Only Conservative outlets have been reporting on it, at least for now.

It’s hard to believe CBS would fire such a good reporter as Herridge, but perhaps she was saying things the administration didn’t like. A viewer captured this story just before Herridge was fired.

It’s hard not to think of Michael Mann’s The Insider, a film made by an industry that still believed in holding the powerful to account and was not too afraid to tell this story.

The GOP in the House is hot on the trail, doing the job investigative journalists used to do.

Joe Biden isn’t sweating. Be he should be.

The Trump side doesn’t have to do much to close the gap in the swing states. They do have to compete with money, ballot harvesting, and mail-in ballots. But if they can do that, Trump can win.

The true story of the rise of Donald Trump has never been told in the mainstream. Instead, they’ve sold a dangerous lie. They keep selling the lie because they know there is no chance the people they think matter will ever want to know the truth.

Even if you don’t like Trump, or you think he’d be a terrible president, or you think he lies, whatever Trump is, he’s not what they’ve said he was.

They have lied about him, which means we’ve all been living with this lie, which has destroyed us, divided us, and made it impossible to see what is real and what isn’t. To the Left, to get rid of Trump will mean they get their utopia back.

And that is how a society gets to gulags, concentration camps, and segregation. We’re almost there now. That so many of the country's richest and most powerful people have gone along with this grand delusion means there are no safeguards against the worst inclinations of our species.

Once the deception unravels and the truth becomes unavoidable, the people will be angry at Joe Biden. Nobody likes being duped. He said he was a moderate, but it turned out to be anything but. He cared more about his legacy than the safety and protection of the American people. He said he would unite us, but we’re more polarized than ever.

The only thing propping Biden up is the shared delusion on the Left that guarantees fear, because fear is the only reason anyone would vote for Joe Biden.


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