Free Thinking Through the Fourth Turning with Sasha Stone
Free Thinking Through the Fourth Turning with Sasha Stone
Joe Biden's Eternal Nightmare

Joe Biden's Eternal Nightmare

All the lawfare in the world can't make Joe Biden a better candidate.

Don’t let Joe Biden’s creepy grin fool you. He’s not confident. He’s terrified. They all are. Imagine being them right now. Imagine having all of the power, all of the culture, all of the institutions, and most of the administrative and security state; imagine the impeachments, the indictments, the endless attacks against Trump for eight years, and he’s still the frontrunner to be President of the United States in 2024.

Biden knows the system might help him win in 2024 just as it did in 2020. He has to keep the threat of Trump alive, and he may convince low-information voters to pull the lever for Joe. Nothing makes that easier than calling Trump a convicted felon. Yes, they finally got there.

They’ve done everything they can to stop Trump short of assassination, and they’re probably kicking themselves now for not going that far early on. The truth is that they underestimated Trump’s courage and resolve. Trump is a fighter, through and through, and he is not giving up, even if they throw him in jail.

The funny thing is, all they had to do to stop Trump was offer the people something better or even acknowledge them. The problems after the Wall Street bailout in 2008, which sparked two populist movements on the Left and the Right, sent a message to our government that the people’s needs were no longer being met and that they didn’t want to spend their days wasting away to keep the rich and powerful comfortable.

Instead of addressing that, under the Obama administration, America slipped into a Woketopia. Critical Race Theory proliferated in public schools and on college campuses. The rise of social media allowed ideas to spread more quickly into the minds and hearts of the young. Fanaticism moved too fast to be stopped, and by 2016, it was our new way of life.

It felt like we’d remade our country into the shining city on the hill it was always meant to be because, this time, it wouldn’t be to serve white men. This time, everyone had a seat at the table. Now, the fate of that once-mighty Obama coalition rests in the hands of Joe Biden, and he’s fumbling the ball.

The fanaticism wasn’t caused by Trump, but he threatened its survival. What if they didn’t want to live in a fundamentalist country where everyone has to watch everything they say, and we’re all judged not by the content of our character but by our skin color, and our devotion to the cause of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion?

Too bad, they said. You have to accept this new way of doing things or else we’ll call you racists. And that’s what they did to Trump and MAGA, and what they’re still doing, despite Trump’s gaining among Black and Hispanic voters. Racism was the evil that sparked the mass hysteria, along with rape - two of the spectral charges leveled at Trump.

They believe their lawfare will somehow make them or Joe Biden more appealing. It won’t. They believe in terrorizing the non-compliant public by showing them just how far they’ll go with a former president. If they can do that to him, imagine what they can do to you. They are not giving Americans any other option but to choose their Woketopia or Trump.

They don’t call them “show trials” for nothing. They exist as a form of intimidation to an unhappy citizenry. Say nothing, love Big Brother, do not complain or criticize us. We merely have to point and accuse, and down you go.

Juries are never fair when mass hysteria has gripped society like it has the ruling class. How could they be? Trump has to be guilty because they’ve compared him to Hitler. If you don’t convict, you will be responsible for the end of Democracy!

If the New York Times, the Washington Post, or a person of high stature smacked them down for their abuse of power, they would shrink away in shame. But no one ever did. Instead, we get the phony gaslighting day in and day out, all of these so-called experts and professionals and “journalists” explaining why all of this they’ve thrown at Trump is rational and justified.

The felony conviction is all for show. There is no THERE there, and if any reasonable court gets their hands on it, they will smack down all involved. The Democrats know this.

Here is a non-partisan lawyer laying out just why Trump’s case is unconstitutional and why it will blow up in their faces. But of course, they know that too. They just want to win in 2024 to spare Joe Biden the humiliation of losing to Trump.

Sooner or later, “Cancel Culture” was going to get into the courts. Just look at how prominent Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders forced Al Franken to resign with no due process.

Put the court cases in a blue city, add one of their triggers— add a Black prosecutor to get “The White Man,” mix in some rape and infidelity for the ladies of The View to pearl clutch like there was never splooge on the intern’s dress in the Oval Office - and a guilty verdict is forthcoming.

The Democrats Embrace Their Inner Fascist

It turns out that after all of their complaining about it, the Democrats realized that fascism isn’t so bad after all. Who needs fair trials and all of that? Isn’t just easier to accuse people of things? Do we really need due process? Do we need freedom of speech? Do we even need justice and the rule of law? Isn’t Rachel Maddow’s opinion enough? An angry mob on Twitter instead of a jury?

Turns out, lurching toward fascism is easy. Just like lying to the people is easy. It will be a bloodbath! He’s a dictator! Those who exist in the ruling class will never dare challenge those lies, just as they will never challenge what is obvious corruption of the criminal justice system.

They trot out Adam Schiff to sound smart, and Joy Behar pees her pants in Costco while buying Keurig coffee. Stephen King can finally sleep at night. Rob Reiner can spend what’s left of his life persecuting Christians. It’s a win-win. Maybe we don’t even need elections. Fascism. That’s the answer!

People don’t turn to fascism for nothing. They land there when their desire to hold onto power is bigger than anything else they ever stood for. That’s where the Democrats are now. They won’t stop until they are stopped. And we must stop them.

Tik Tok users on the Trump verdict:

What scares them is something we can all see around us every day. Celebrities are liked less. No one is watching the movies or reading the news. Their fear and desperation are about holding onto what they had, what is now a crumbling empire slipping through their fingers.

Convicted by the Rational State by Glenn Ellmers, John Marini

Joe Biden Can’t Lose

Nothing they do to Trump can make Biden a better option. That’s the part they still don’t seem to get. A better candidate in 2016 would have made it easier to mount a strong offense. By 2020, though, Joe Biden was the Chosen One. He’s not giving that up for anything, not even the American people.

Boring old Joe, company man Joe, go-nowhere-Joe was finally somebody when he became Obama’s wingman. Still, when he was called upon to save this country from a Hitler-esque figure, he rose to a level of greatness he never could have imagined was in store for him at the end of his long career as a swamp creature.

Joe Biden has never been more afraid than he is right now. The end of his career can’t be the tragedy that he was the guy they chose to save them from Trump, only to fail on the job and allow Trump back. Do you think Biden has any limits on what he would do to prevent that from happening?

He has no checks on his power. The New York Times, MSNBC, CNN, and the Washington Post all have his back. He knows that. His “just watch me” promise means he’ll do whatever he wants, and no one will dare stand up to him.

He knows where the bodies are buried. He knows how to skim off the top and evade responsibility. He’s at the end of his life and his career. There is nothing they can do to him. He’s been deemed too old and too feeble to stand trial. But more than that, he is going along with the wild-eyed fanatics who control his administration and dream of yet more absolute power.

This is what the 2024 election is really about. It isn’t about these two candidates. It’s about what this country will be going forward.

But the one thing we know for sure is that the desperate and unprecedented lengths the Democrats have had to resort to to remove Trump in 2020 and stop him from winning in 2024 has left the American people holding the bag. What about what we want? Don’t we matter at all in a so-called democracy?

No, as Martin Gurri writes:

The whole process stinks of desperation. If the progressive elites who run the Biden administration felt confident they could defeat Trump at the polls, we would hear Homeric laughter ringing from the White House and its pet organs in the news media. But Biden is terribly unpopular, even among his base. America’s elites fear and mistrust the American voter. They have lost faith in democracy, a system that in 2016 delivered the power of the presidency to the monstrous Trump, and they dream of a rising class of Platonic guardians, people exactly like themselves, with the right pedigree, the right opinions, the right manners, who rule not because they have won an electoral lottery but in perpetuity, as a reward for their superior virtue.

And “the progressive elites have turned their backs on representative democracy and now seek an aristocracy of virtue. The forms will remain the same but the substance, with a wink and a nudge, will respect caste and breeding.”

This is the moment to draw that line and say not on my watch. We might not have as much power as they do but our power as American citizens is not nothing. We’re still meant to be a government for the people, by the people, and of the people.

Vote for Decency

After 2016, the Hillary army fractured into groups - Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Michael Bloomberg. But I chose Joe Biden. I was among a small group of online influencers who put our faith in Joe as the only person who could unseat a one-term president with a strong economy.

I believed in Biden as a decent man. My father had died from dementia a year earlier, and I believed I saw the same decency in Joe. I defended the accusations of harassment and assault and of racism. I knew he was too frail and gentle-spoken for Trump’s attacks to land, and most of all, I knew voters trusted him because he was the Veep for eight years.

I even made this video tribute.

But I was wrong about Joe Biden. I was wrong about Hillary Clinton. I believed in them. I believed they were good people and ethical politicians. But they’ve destroyed themselves and anything they might have stood for in their obsession with bringing down Trump.

Here are some voices from TikTok on the Trump verdict:

I can’t believe I am a Trump supporter now. I know most of my friends will never forgive me for that. And when I think about how hard that is, I think about Trump. I think about what he’s gone through and how he somehow remains optimistic in the face of it. And I know that optimism is exactly what this country needs to finally end the long, dark winter of Joe Biden and the Democrats.

They have nothing to sell to the American people that they want. They can’t sell hope or optimism. They can’t sell a better country. All they can do is wall themselves off in their castle in the sky and pretend the cries for help down below are nothing more than white noise.


Free Thinking Through the Fourth Turning with Sasha Stone
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