Free Thinking Through the Fourth Turning with Sasha Stone
Free Thinking Through the Fourth Turning with Sasha Stone
Why Trump, Why Now

Why Trump, Why Now

"I Told You So 2024"

“It is important, likewise, that the habits of thinking in a free country should inspire caution in those entrusted with its administration, to confine themselves within their respective constitutional spheres, avoiding in the exercise of the powers of one department to encroach upon another. The spirit of encroachment tends to consolidate the powers of all the departments in one and thus to create, whatever the form of government, a real despotism.” - George Washington

It’s not hard to notice the universal whining about the inevitable rematch between Trump and Biden. Biden is too old, they say, as if that’s the worst thing about his presidency.

Those who hate Trump and see him as an existential threat (yes, still) have never devised any concrete plan to get us out of it, beyond forcing us all to participate in their ongoing mass delusion that Trump is second only to Hitler as the Greatest Threat Facing Humankind in All of History.

We’re at a crossroads with two different options on the table. One leads to totalitarian rule of the 1984 kind; the other is a more nationalist approach to preserving our country’s identity and uniqueness, resisting the urge to become part of a global community like Oceana.

Running for president now means diving in and having an online presence, like Barack Obama did, like Donald Trump did. Biden didn’t have to bother since he’s really just a placeholder for the Obama administration, and everyone knows it.

Who will claim this powerful new leviathan we’ve built over the past 20 years that has every step we take, every move we make, every post we like, everything we buy, and everything we watch tracked, traced, and stored in a digital file that will now be part of our permanent record?

The Democrats got there first. They amassed an extraordinary amount of power to shape our perception of reality just by controlling Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Wikipedia, and most importantly, the mainstream media narrative which now completely belongs to them as their own state propaganda tool. If you want to be part of this thriving new economy, you have to obey the rules of their Habitus.

Sociologists call our perception of reality the Habitus, explained here in this video about the Truman Show (minute 5):

And also in this scene from the Parallax View which shows how easily our perception of reality can be shaped by images that enter our mind’s eye without our even knowing it.

Our Habitus is a whole separate reality from the rest of this country. I know because I was once inside of it. I thought it was the only reality. I was shocked to discover that it wasn’t. It was an insulated, isolated utopia where we all saw life exactly the same way. We followed the same rules of language. We knew which words we couldn’t say. We were trying to build a pristine new world inspired by Obama’s goodness, or so we thought.

What is “normal” life to most Americans? Well, it depends on what news you watch, who your friends are on social media, and what comedians you find funny.

Trump punctured the sanctity of our Habitus in 2016, which is why it felt like the world was ending for most us. It kind of was. In the years that followed, we saw what happens to a society when the Habitus is disrupted. It felt like an invasion, a kind of war.

Naturally, all cultural and corporate institutions that wanted to participate in the new economy online had no choice but to side with the Left. Then came the purges and persecutions as the citizens of the Habitus were forced to become authoritarians to hold on to their way of life.

Who wore a mask, and who didn’t? Who was vaxxed, and who wasn’t? Who uses preferred pronouns, and who doesn’t? Who supports Ukraine, and who doesn’t? These were all subtle ways the citizens of the Habitus used to ferret out the non-compliant and purge them from the Habitus.

At its most extreme it was 2+2=5, 1984 style, which had us all mandated to accept people can be born in the wrong body and change their genders, and we’re all supposed to pretend this is a biological reality.

Until it became official policy, “Cancel Culture” was limited to institutions and corporations. Now, it’s in government wielded freely by the Biden Justice Department that feels emboldened to persecute and prosecute not just his political enemies, but enemies of the Habitus.

Bit by bit, these authoritarians are eroding our rights as Americans. Think about everything we’ve lost at the hands of the left—the right to due process, or the Presumption of Innocence.

The prosecutors going after Trump have already convicted him as a “rapist” and a “racist” and assumed everything he did on January 6th was due to his need to wrestle the country back to its “White Supremacist” roots. The media freely refers to MAGA as a movement based on “white rage,” which is why none of the January 6th protesters have gotten a fair trial and why Trump won’t either.

Justice Kavanaugh was a convicted rapist with almost zero evidence, all because at that time, we were all conditioned to #believewomen no matter what. Derek Chauvin killed George Floyd because he was a “racist.” Kyle Rittenhouse was a “white supremacist who crossed state lines to kill Black and Brown people.”

They’ve even found a way to eliminate fair representation. Michael Teter and the 65 Project threatened and intimidated any lawyers who might dare to represent Trump in 2020 on his cases against the laws changed to help the Democrats win. Now, they’re doing the same thing, with the 65 Project charging Alan Dershowitz to block him from helping to advise any of the accused in the four indictments against Trump.

The Democrats hate the First Amendment and the Second Amendment. They’ve now abused their power in several states by citing the 14th Amendment to have Trump removed from the ballot because, to them, he committed an act of insurrection against the government. That’s yet more proof that due process no longer matters to them, but we knew that already.

I hate it to break to the Democrats, but protesting their abuse of power in 2020 to fundamentally alter our elections, along with the gathering in DC, and even the violent riot were not attacks against the United States of America. They were protests against the alignment of power that has now overtaken the United States of America and threatened our Democracy.

When Elon Musk bought Twitter, it was the most revolutionary act in the history of the internet. Musk’s rebrand of Twitter to X shows us the alternative to the totalitarian state when he decided to fight for free speech and allow the previously banned dissidents to return. The horror, the evil!

Musk became a target and a threat. But guess what? Twitter/X survived just fine. The pearl-clutchers learned how to tolerate sharing space with people who disagree with them. And so it must go with America.

And wouldn’t you know, Musk himself has now become a target of the government and its puppet press? This is our new normal if we don’t vote them out of power and deliver the kind of shock and awe at the polls they so badly have coming.

But Elon can’t do it alone. We need a win by a candidate prepared to take America into the future, holding fast and true to our principles as a country. It’s going to take someone bold enough to take on the leviathan. It doesn’t have to be Trump, but it does have to be someone who understands the internet and how it has fundamentally altered our country. And why they need to dive in themselves and build a movement online, like Vivek Ramaswamy has.

Trump and Ramaswamy are the two candidates in the race who are selling hope, optimism, and patriotism. Here is a veteran of WWII thanking Ramaswamy for bringing back love of country.

But more importantly, they are war generals prepared to fight to preserve America’s interests at the hands of a political party that really would love to tear our foundational principles down to the studs and rewrite America’s identity as what Senator Tom Cotton once called the “Obelisk of Woke.”

Any candidates on the Right, like Mike Pence, Chris Christie or Mitt Romney aren’t part of the daily churn online. They continue to rely on the media to get out their message. But that just makes them useful idiots for the Left because they’ll only make news if they say something negative about Trump.

The problem with Ron DeSantis is that he’s too orderly. He’s too polite. He should be online mixing it up with the people if he wants to make his mark in this race. Relying on traditional media isn’t going to cut it. Ever notice how when Matt Walsh, Ben Shapiro, Megyn Kelly, and Tucker Carlson trend on Twitter, it only makes them more popular? That’s the only way to cut through the noise.

Yes, Trump can win.

Many Conservatives worry that Trump can’t win. Democrats, they believe, have rigged the system in their favor, and there is no defeating them now so why even bother voting? Yes, that’s exactly where they want you to be. They want the grassroots movement that is MAGA to shut up and sit down and fade into obscurity.

But here’s the truth. Trump can win on the economy alone. He can win on his own record on the economy, which ordinarily would have meant winning a decisive second term.

But guess what? The Democrats face-planted, hard, on the economy. Now, Trump gets to come back and say I told you so.

His entire campaign can be I told you so.

Afghanistan - I told you so
The economy - I told you so
Biden’s corruption - I told you so
Fake News - I told you so
World War III - I told you so
The “Deep State” - I told you so
Woke insanity overtaking our schools, institutions, and sports - I told you so
Cognitive decline - I told you so
Crooked Hillary - I told you so
”Cancel Culture” - I told you so
Joe’s Gotta Go - I told you so

Even after everything they did in 2020, spending a billion using dark money, manipulating the media narrative, and gaslighting Americans, Mark Zuckerberg’s expertise in finding just the right voters in just the right areas, changing election laws to make it all much easier for Democrats to collect votes and even censoring Big Tech to bury the October surprise of the Hunter Biden laptop — after all that, Biden still just barely won.

Trump still won Ohio, Florida and Iowa, not to mention all the bellwether counties in Ohio. That only happened one other time, in 1960 when JFK narrowly defeated Nixon.

Trump was not going to walk away from such a close election and had every right to take his case to the Senate, which is what he planned to do on January 6th until, conveniently, a riot magically appeared to hand absolute power to the Democrats and shut down Trump’s legitimate claims.

In addition to every other terrible and corrupt thing the administrative state did to take Trump out of power, they insisted on putting the economy in an artificial coma using COVID as the excuse. And it worked. They killed the economy. And it’s never been brought back to life, not like it was. If Trump reminds voters of that every day until Election Day, he can win.

And yes, ballot harvesting and early mail-in ballots are essential now. The Democrats made this bed, and now they’ll have to lie in it, just as they’re doing now with the impeachment inquiry. How embarrassing to watch the obedient press again do the Biden administration's bidding by repeating the phrase, “no evidence.”

So get your giant bags ready to stuff them full of ballots like chipmunks storing acorns. Get ready to urge all of your voters to mail those ballots in early, no matter what Trump or anyone else tells you. The game must be played to win until those laws are changed.

The Democrats want a Wall-E election, just like they want a Wall-E country. They want us numbed out and compliant. Never mind that participating in a Democracy means being motivated by candidates who inspire us to vote for them. Take control of the system or the system will take control of you.

Reality 2024

It’s not just a fight for control of this powerful new frontier, what the rules of language, ideology, and freedom of speech will be going forward — but we’re fighting for reality itself. Who gets to decide that for the rest of us?

What we need is reality back. REALITY 2024.

I can make the argument that, regardless of how you feel about Trump, whether you think he’s a good person or not, if you care about freeing this country from the ongoing mass delusions of everything from “gender-affirming care” to “Trump is worse than Hitler and Stalin,” then a vote for him is a message to the establishment to stop destroying our country with your enforced delusions. Stop lying to us. We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore.

And yes, Trump can only serve one term, but that is enough to shut down the mass delusion and restore reality.

Trump isn’t the only candidate who can adequately smack down the encroaching authoritarianism, but he is their target today. Everyone else is their target tomorrow. A Trump win is a win for the people against the monopolies and oligarchies that have assumed power that never belonged to them.

Most importantly, Trump offers so many people in this country who have been abandoned, ignored, and exiled from the Habitus in the New America online the one thing Biden can’t: hope.

Hope for a free America. Hope for a prosperous America. Hope for an escape from the madness of the Left.

The MAGA energy is unstoppable, especially if they’re mobilizing to clear their names, which is what they should be doing, and all of us who still believe in the presumption of innocence and who reject convicting people on “spectral evidence,” what we believe exists in their minds and hearts instead of the reality of who they are.

Here is the reality of the MAGA I know. They aren’t violent. January 6th was the only time, conveniently, they were ever seen throwing the kinds of violent riots the Left routinely does. They are patriots. They love this country more than anything. They believe in its founding principles. They seek to protect all of us in this country. And trust me, if there is ever a hot war with Russia, they are going to be the first sent to die for this country.

That their patriotism has been distorted, that they’ve been discarded as terrorists and extremists by the most corrupt administration in my lifetime, is unacceptable.

But none of this can win the election for Trump. There is only one thing that can. It’s the economy, stupid. I told you so, 2024.


Free Thinking Through the Fourth Turning with Sasha Stone
Free Thinking Through the Fourth Turning with Sasha Stone
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