Free Thinking Through the Fourth Turning with Sasha Stone
Free Thinking Through the Fourth Turning with Sasha Stone
Too Black to Fail

Too Black to Fail

The lie behind the Left's Greatest Show on Earth

It took us decades, but we finally found religion on the Left. The counterculture initially seemed great: a big bang of movies, civil rights, women’s rights, gay rights, comedy, art, and investigative journalism, all in the pursuit of free expression and objective truth.

My generation was raised on atheism, with the idea that if you pursue happiness, you will be fulfilled. But it doesn’t work like that. Making happiness the goal in life ultimately leads to dissatisfaction because nothing and no one will ever be enough.

After the 2000 election that the Supreme Court ultimately decided, we started building our own private paradise on the Left, one that effectively shut out half the country.

However, we didn’t come together as a movement until Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton faced off in 2008. What started out as a contentious battle for the first female president vs. the first Black president would result in a powerful coalition rooted in identity politics.

We had in Barack Obama not just a political leader, the first US president to build his coalition via Twitter, but a spiritual leader too. Obama became not just sacred to us but Too Black to Fail.

From then on, we had our religion. We were the New Puritans, progressive liberals who made ourselves, our children, our country, and our planet more sustainable, diverse, and equitable. We were going to save the climate, ban assault weapons, make gay marriage the law of the land, and fix healthcare once and for all.

But every religion needs an oppositional threat. Ours arrived in the form of the Tea Party Republicans, the Freedom Caucus, and eventually, Trump and MAGA.

It wasn’t long before they were all deemed racists who were angry and resentful of the nation’s first Black president. Our spiritual leader. Our God. The label stuck.

Demonizing the Tea Party as racists got us out of the jam of solving the immediate problem of a government system too cozy with Wall Street and the banks that were all too big to fail. We didn’t solve the problem of a suddenly awake America fired up and ready to protest the government.

It turns out, though, that it wasn’t a coincidence that the Wall Street meltdown and the subsequent hysteria over racism arrived roughly at the same time. As Vivek Ramaswamy explains here, pivoting to identity politics was their get-out-of-jail-free card.

Whatever happened to Occupy Wall Street?

From VJM Publishing:

The greatest fear of the Establishment was the coalescence of the 99% under one banner. Having previously observed the degree of animosity that existed on account of racial tension, a plan became apparent: to divide the 99% up along racial lines. This was primarily to be achieved by pushing a racial oppression narrative that claimed that white people owed blacks reparations for past injustices.

Because the 1% owns the mainstream media, they simply directed their employees in the media to start pushing that narrative. And they did. The mainstream media everywhere stopped reporting on class issues entirely, and started reporting only on racial ones. Any case of racial injustice was blown up to seem an atrocity, and overcoming it a pressing issue, while class inequality was ignored completely.

The Great Awokening

After the death of George Floyd was seen by millions all over the world within minutes, nothing we’d done up to that point seemed to matter. That we had Obama for two terms didn’t change what our country was - built on the backs of slaves and rooted in white supremacy and systemic racism.

The mass hysteria swallowed nearly every part of American society as mobs chanted through neighborhoods, burned buildings to the ground, and demanded everyone raise their fists in allegiance to Black Lives Matter.

A friend of mine who lived in one of the richest cities in the world joined the protests, and they told him he had to hurl himself in front of Black bodies because the “racist cops” were less likely to shoot a white person.

All of these years later, the opposite is true. The whites at the top are using Black people as shields to protect them from the mob.

After Biden was elected, everywhere you looked were virtual signaling ruling class elites shielding themselves from attacks by placing Black people front and center. They had to be everywhere, or else those at the top would be seen as “racists.”

Black people were used as symbolic shields in advertisements, hosting awards shows, and starring in superhero movies. Absolve us of our sins, the ruling class begged, and thus, they created Too Black to Fail.

A blessing and a curse, Too Black to Fail is a temporary fix to an impossible problem. How to rush equality? Equity. Boost people to top spots based on their gender, skin color, or marginalized status. Then, make it impossible for them to fail, even if they aren’t up to the job.

Kamala Harris was chosen only because Joe Biden wanted to pick “a black woman.” She failed in the California primary and was eaten alive by Tulsi Gabbard. As Joe’s Veep, she is viewed as too risky to run for president. They won’t even allow her to try.

How do I know all of this? As with everything else related to the Left’s insanity and hypocrisy, I was right up in it for years. I was a “woke” blogger before anyone knew what that meant. I believed it was my mission in life to amplify and “platform” Black artists. Nothing else mattered to me.

But in so doing, I expected allegiance in return. When I started pushing back against “cancel culture,” I was called out on Twitter as a “racist” and a “white supremacist,” I expected people would treat me differently because of my history, because of how much time I’d devoted to advocacy for women and people of color in the film industry and the Oscars. “What do you want,” someone told me, “a cookie?”

I realized that I did see myself as a “white savior,” that I was attempting to absolve my white guilt, and that I knew if I kept calling everyone else a racist, no one would call me one.

Tyranny Unbound

The Left’s empire isn’t collapsing because they’re sane and rational people who can be trusted to lead this country. No, it’s collapsing because they have become unmoored from objective reality.

And nowhere is that more clear than the lawfare against Donald Trump. It perplexes most people in the real world unless you can see it from the perspective of the Left. When Trump won in 2016, it sent us into waves of what can only be described as mass hysteria.

When you understand how fearful we all were that there were racists, racists everywhere, and Trump was the leader of a White Supremacist army with one mission - to remove Black and Brown people from power, it’s easier to understand how we’ve gotten here, to one of the darkest and most dangerous times in our history.

When they have become disconnected from objective reality and dehumanized Trump and MAGA to this degree, there is no bottom. Anything can be done to them, and people like Barbra Streisand, tucked away in her high thread count sheets, cuddling her cloned dog and mainlining MSNBC, will cheer.

Too Black to Fail works for them because it doesn’t matter if DA Fani Willis lied on the stand or if she used public funds to go on a vacation with her lover, Nathan Wade. None of that matters because she will never be held accountable by the people at the top. They need her to fight their battles, to be the shield that protects them from accusations of corruption and lawfare.

Fani Willis is marching onward, trying to fulfill her mission for the Biden administration to be the one who locks Trump up in one of the worst prisons in America. It has to be a Black woman, you see, to serve Trump the revenge the Left believes it has suffered for the past eight years.

Willis came right out and said as much when speaking at a church, played here for Megyn Kelly and Defense Attorney Ashleigh Merchant.

What’s happening to Trump in New York at the hands of the Trump-obsessed Attorney General Letitia James is, by all accounts, egregious and unprecedented. Yet we know it’s all Live-Action Roleplay for the Left, political theater for their base to get what they’ve been promised for eight long years. And, as long as they’re all focused on Trump, no one will be looking at them.

Mara Gay, an editor at the New York Times, seems to have no idea how bad it really is.

But, as Tom Bevan of Real Clear Politics points out, she’s wrong.

There is no way history writes this story without condemning Letitia James. She doesn’t know it yet. Like Fani Willis, she is certain success will be her fate - book deals, movie deals. They know Trump is their golden ticket and that, at least for now, they are Too Black to Fail.

Yet some reasonable people are out there speaking out, Kevin O’Leary.

Too White to Succeed

For the majority of Americans who are white, they have found their options increasingly limited in a society that prioritizes marginalized status. That’s what happens when you eliminate class from the conversation.

It would be one thing if they just ignored and abandoned the working class. But they’ve done far worse than that. The side with all of the power has demonized, dehumanized, and is attempting to disenfranchise the people who have almost no power, no status, and no wealth.

They can throw around the word “Bloodbath” all they want, but their lies led to this incident involving Kyle Rittenhouse. The lie that he was a “white supremacist” was never corrected.

Anyone who is white and on the opposite side is fair game. They seem to delight in humiliating them, stripping them of any power they might have, and charging them for spectral crimes like “helping a fascist.”

How else do you explain the unprecedented jailing of Peter Navarro? Not to mention the protesters of January 6th. They weren’t punished for anything they did. They were punished because of who they supported.

Here is a clip from Glenn Greenwald.

Democrats have no one to blame but themselves for where they are now. They had every advantage - all the money, all the legacy press, all the culture, and nearly all of the social media. Joe Biden has had four years to prove to Americans that he is the better option. But he’s failed.

For the past eight years, the Democrats have been driven only by hate. The Trump side has been driven by the opposite—by love. Even now, some of his supporters are trying to mortgage their homes to help Trump save his properties. They know he’s put everything on the line for them, and even if they aren’t the richest people in this country, their hearts can still fill up stadiums, something Joe Biden, on his best day, never could.

If they really do start seizing Trump’s assets in full view of the public, and they really do put Trump in an orange jumpsuit and shove him into a jail cell, busting through those unprecedented norms that have held our country together since its founding, all because Biden is afraid he’ll lose in November, that will just make Trump even more popular. And they know it.

Maybe they’ve gone so far by now they’ve made even Trump Too Black to Fail.


Free Thinking Through the Fourth Turning with Sasha Stone
Free Thinking Through the Fourth Turning with Sasha Stone
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