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Santa's Covid Christmas

Houses of the Holy: The New Religion of the Left Threatens the Democrats

Happy Thanksgiving and Giving Thanks

The Kings of Film Twitter

And Now for Something Completely Different

Where I'm Going, Where I've Been

The Horror Movies I Love are Frozen in Time

Operation: Save Joe Biden's Poll Numbers

Getting Tired of the Puritans

Reimagined History: Monica Lewinsky, The Academy Museum, and Kim Kardashian

Listen to: My Unfinished Near Future Sci-Fi Novel on Standby

My Unfinished Near Future Sci-Fi Novel on Standby

Of Migrants, Masks and Emmys

What Happened to You?

How to Think Critically About CRT, and other Fictional Simulations of Our Dual Realities

What is This You Call "Cancel Culture"?

The Blonde on the Treadmill

How One Introvert Blew the Lid off the Empire

America is an Idea Worth Fight For

The GOP Didn't "Pounce" on Critical Race Theory - The Democrats Handed it to Them

Father's Day

Patty's Having Whiteness

Bread and Circuses -- Ellie Kemper and the Wasted Activism of Twitter

Why it Matters if COVID Leaked from a Lab in Wuhan

Why Trump (and Trumpism) Has Such a Strong Hold on the GOP

The Left Pretends to Care about "Cancel Culture" Only When it's Convenient

Will the Real Joe Biden Please Stand Up?

Confessions of a Helicopter Parent

The Oscars were a Wake-up Call for Hollywood and the Left

What It's Like to be the Center of a Swarm

What Easter Means to Me

Fear and Loathing in a Collapsing Nation

Meet the New Religious Zealots, Same as the Old Religious Zealots

The Golden Globes in a Ghost Town

When Cancel Culture Comes for You

The Biden Administration is Reading Twitter, Not the Room

"Why are we Pretending Like What is Happening Isn't Happening?"

Matt Taibbi's Brilliant New Video

I May Have to Go Behind a Pay Wall


Disney was Wrong to Fire Gina Carano

Impeachment Trial Episode Recap

Morning Read

The Big Lies, The Bigger Mistakes

We Can't Stop the Fourth Turning

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The Lincoln Project Goes Full Joseph McCarthy as The Witch Hunt Phase Intensifies

Slight Correction

The Democrats Don't Want Unity

My imaginary Joe Biden Speech

Fear and Loathing in Oceana

I am Not Sacha Stone

Welcome to Corporate Authoritarianism

Banning Trump won't Fix What's Wrong with Twitter and Facebook -  The Platforms Themselves are the Problem

Words to Leave Behind in 2021