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Tucker Interviews Jordan Belfort (The Wolf of Wall Street)

Maine's Secretary of State Removes Trump from the Ballot

Tucker's Christmas Surprise

An Ex-Democrat's Case for Trump

Rob Reiner's Misery

Tucker Slams Colorado Decision

Rob Reiner and the Sea of Oswalds

Colorado Supreme Court Bans Trump from Ballot

Tucker's Speech at Turning Point USA

Tucker Talks to Seth Dillon of the Babylon Bee

Have Yourself an "Antiracist" Christmas

Tucker Talks to Kyle Rittenhouse

Tucker Talks to UFO Whistleblower

Rob Reiner's Wilderness of Mirrors

Tucker Carlson News Launches, Video with Kid Rock

Tucker on an American Citizen Tortured in Ukraine

Tucker Talks to Alex Jones!

Yes, DeSantis Won the Debate

Tucker Talks Ukraine Funding with Rep. Thomas Massie

Tucker Interviews Michael Shellenberger

Tucker: Want to be happy? Care only about the opinions of people who love you.

Who Really Won the DeSantis/Newsom Debate

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"Elon Musk Says Go F*** Yourself"

Introducing Hollywood Woketopia

Tucker Carlson Interviews Tim Burchett on UFOs

Democracy will be the End of Our "Democracy"!

Tuckers Talks to Steve Bannon

It's Thanksgiving. Brace for Impact.

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Tucker: Interview with Spain's Santiago Abascal

Tucker Talks to Candace Owens

Meet the Real "Insurrectionists"

A Crisp Salute to the Vets

Joe Manchin is Running for the Middle

Tucker Talks to Douglass Mackey

The Democrats Win on Abortion But Future Generations Might Look Back in Horror

Tucker and Glenn Greenwald

Steven Crowder Gets Confirmation That Hale Manifesto is Legit

New Tucker: Interview with Martin Shkreli

DeSantis Has a Charisma Deficit

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Is it Anti-Semitism or "Anti-Whiteness?"

Tucker Carlson | This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von

Tucker with Nigel Farage

Cancel Culture Warriors Get a Taste of Their Own Medicine

Tucker on Jailing Priests in Ukraine

Tucker Carlson Asks if We're Going to War with Iran

Tucker on the True Story of What Sparked the Summer of 2020

Book Review: Borrowed Time, An American Masterpiece

Tucker and Vivek: How to Avoid WWIII

Once Upon a New York Times: A Cautionary Tale

Tucker on the Border Crisis

The Attack by Hamas Shatters The Lies About January 6th

Tucker Talks About Hamas Attack

Correction: The US Recognition of the State of Israel

Open Thread: Israel Attacked

The GOP Might be Chaotic, but at Least They Aren't Sterilizing Children

Hillary's Dystopia and Other Friday News Bits

Tucker interviews Chris Moritz on "Gender Affirming Care"

Kevin McCarthy Ousted as Speaker in Historic Vote

Gods and Monsters in America

Tucker on Trump's Trial

Tucker's Speech at Intercollegiate Studies Institute

Friday Chat on Big Topics

The Kamala Calamity

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Nicolle Wallace Wants Gulags

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I am Female and I Think About the Roman Empire All of the Time

They Finally Come for Russell Brand

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Why Trump, Why Now

Open Thread on Biden Impeachment Inquiry

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The Counterculture Revolution is Already Here

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The Mugshot "Heard" Round the World

Trump Turns Himself In

Tucker Interviews Trump (Video)

Campaign 2024: GOP Debate Open Thread

Tucker Carlson Talks to Colonel Douglas Macgregor

Hurricane Hillary and The Wicked Queen

Episode 17: Vivek Ramaswamy and Tucker

The Democrats are Paper Tigers

Thread: Another Day, Another Indictment

Tucker Carlson Episode 16: With RFK, Jr.

Tucker Carlson Episode 15 (High Res)

Yes, David Brooks, You Are the "Bad Guys"

Tucker Carlson Interviews Devon Archer, Part 2

Trump and the Seeds of Mass Hysteria

Tucker Carlson Interviews Devon Archer

Trump Indicted Yet Again

The Devon Archer Testimony

The Two Faces of Joe Biden

Tucker Carlson + Ice Cube Part 2

Episode 10: Tucker Talks to Ice Cube

Of Communism and Oppenheimer

The Politics of Barbie and Oppenheimer

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Summer Book Club: The Fourth Turning Book Update is Finally Here

How Sound of Freedom Dominated the Box Office and Embarrassed Hollywood

Tucker Carlson, Donald Trump Speak at Turning Point Action Conference

Tucker Carlson Live Stream in Iowa

Whose Coke Was in the White House?

The Day Journalism Died

Episode 9 - Tucker Carlson Interviews Andrew Tate

How Hollywood Destroyed Itself

How Hollywood Destroyed Itself

When Tucker Met Russell

Tucker Carlson on with Russell Brand Tomorrow

Welcome to Hollywood Woketopia

What I Love About America

Welcome to America's Religious War

Tucker Carlson Episode 8

Tucker Carlson Episode 8

Open Thread - SCOTUS Overturns Affirmative Action

How to Manage Notifications

Tucker Carlson on Twitter - Episode 7

America at the Hands of a Cult

Open Thread: "I'm Sitting Here with My Father," Per Joe Biden Corruption Scandal ...

Tucker Carlson, Episode 6

Tucker Carlson Episode 5 - On Hunter Biden's Charges

Happy Father's Day

Tucker Carlson Episode 4: Wannabe Dictator

Help Shelby Steele's Finish "White Guilt" Documentary

Can Daniel Penny Get a Fair Trial? (open thread)

Tucker Carlson Episode 3

The Big Lie About Trump

Tucker Carlson Episode 2

Open Thread: Trump Indicted on Federal Charges

"What is a Girl?"

Open Thread: Tucker's Latest

The 2020 Election and The Fog of War

Succession Finale Gave Its Audience What it Craved: Moral Superiority

Open Thread: A Delusional Fantasy

The Media's Bacchanalia on the DeSantis Twitter Launch

Status Update

Open Thread - What did the FBI Know and When did They Know it?

The Left's Incurable Munchausen by Proxy

January 6th and the FBI

Open Thread - The Durham Report

Open Thread: Happy Mother's Day

Open Thread: Road Trip Time

Fox News Goes the Way of the Landline

Open Thread: GOP Oversight Committee Announces Corruption Probe of Biden Family

Open Thread: Tucker is Back!

Joe Biden's Ghost Ship

Open Thread: New York, RFK Jr. and an American Revolution

Schumer, AOC and Rupert Murdoch Unite to Silence Tucker

Tucker Breaks Silence

Open Thread: Why I Canceled My Fox Nation Subscription

Tucker Carlson Ousted Before He Could Respond to 60 Minutes and Ray Epps

The Democrats Have Abandoned an America in Crisis

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Open Thread: Friday Fun Time

Open Thread: The Blue Checks Are Losing It ...

No, Elon Musk Did Not "Ruin" Twitter

Open Thread: Katie Porter, Street Takeovers and the Failure of the Left

We Need to Talk About Audrey Hale and Riley Gaines

On the Issue of Pronouns...

Open Thread: Saturday Night Live Mocks TDS

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Biden's America - A Society That Has Given Up on Itself

Open Thread: The Madness of Indecency

Sorry, Democrats, You're Not the Good Guys Anymore

Open Thread: A Guide to Understanding the Hoax of the Century

Interview with Hal Ginsberg

The Trump Hunters Celebrate Not with a Bang, but a Whimper

Interview with James Strock and an Explainer

Democrats Have Nothing Left But Trump

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The Pledge of Allegiance to the "Woke"

How I Knew The Democrats and The Media Were Lying About January 6th

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The Best Film of the Year that Won't Win Best Picture

Biden Gets Trumped in East Palestine, Ohio

Who is Pulling the Strings?

Did I just Leave a Cult?

Caligula at the Grammys

Caligula at the Grammys

How the Legacy Media Lost My Trust

The Death of Comedy

The Great Reset vs. The Great Uprising

Harmeet Dhillon Offers a Better Future for the GOP and Will Attract Voters Like Me

The Kavanaugh Delusion and the Hillary Democrat

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The Fall of Hollywood's Empire

A New Year, a New Hope